Current Version: 0.98
Last Tested Build: 1.54

Inspired by Seita Scrim Lobby, this mod has been written from the ground up to be an easy-to-use, highly customisable and featureful tool for conducting scrims.

This project is a work in progress and more features are in development. Please let me know if there are any bugs, feedback or features you'd like added.


Turn on only the features that you want in the Workshop Settings page. Almost every feature can be disabled and/or tweaked. The keybinds used can also be changed to your liking.

Note: The default "Command" button is Interact. That means that every feature uses a combination of Interact and another button (e.g. Interact + Reload to ready up).

Ready Up System

By default, the Assemble Heroes phase has been removed. Instead, the game will immediately begin in Setup, where the timer has been extended to one hour. The match will commence when both teams are ready.

There are two modes available:

  • Captain-Only Mode: Only the players in the first slot of each team ("Captains") will have to ready up
  • All Players Mode: Every player will have to ready up

The default keybind to ready up is Interact + Reload (Default: F + R).

Once all players or Captains have readied up, the setup timer will begin counting down from 5. If anyone unreadies during that time, the timer will reset to one hour until both teams are ready again.

There is an option to require readying up for every round, and the Ready Up System can be disabled entirely.

Adding Time as Captain
When the Ready Up System isn't active (e.g. Round 2 onwards), players in the first slot of each team ("Captains") can add 30 seconds to the Setup timer, up to a maximum of 1:30.

The default keybind to add time is Interact + Ultimate (Default: F + Q).

The amount of time added and the maximum setup time can both be adjusted, and this feature can be disabled entirely.

Teleporting for Defending Team

For convenience, players on the Defending team can teleport between the objective and spawn during Setup time.

The keybind to teleport is Interact + Jump (Default: F + Space). This feature can be disabled entirely.

Map Completion Mode

To reduce the necessity of manually swapping teams and restarting when the attacking team does not complete the map, turning on Map Completion Mode ensures that the other team will be able to attempt attacking the full map during the next round.

The match will immediately end after both teams have attacked, regardless of results. This feature can be turned off, and Map Completion Mode can be disabled entirely.

Per Seita's advice:

  • If the attacking team failed to finish the map on assault: no need to reset the map
  • If the attacking team got full hold on hybrid: no need to reset the map
  • If the attacking team got stuck on escort or pushing the payload in hybrid: the defending team will hear an annoying beeping sound after the payload goes past the yellow marker which I cannot do anything about, I would suggest you to reset the map like you would do normally in your scrims.

Spectator Scoreboard

A small scoreboard, only visible to Spectators, will be created at the top left of the screen if enabled.

The default keybind for the Host Spectator to toggle the scoreboard on/off is Disable Camera Blending + Modify FOV (Default: Z + B).

The statistics displayed are different for each role. The legend is as follows:

Damage Final Blows Deaths Hero Damage Dealt Damage Taken Offensive Assists Ultimates Used
Support Final Blows Deaths Healing Done Damage Taken Offensive Assists Ultimates Used
Tank Final Blows Deaths Hero Damage Dealt Damage Taken Damage Blocked Ultimates Used

This feature can be disabled entirely.

Log Generator
This is a feature that will be included in the near future.

Localised Versions

  • Simplified Chinese - Translation by Zesty, full localisation in progress
  • Traditional Chinese - Work in progress
  • Korean - Work in progress

While this mod was inspired by Seita Scrim Lobby, no code was copied, modified or reused.

No credit necessary for usage of this mod. I politely ask that you include credit if you directly modify or otherwise use my code in a significant way.

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on Battle.net at Caldoran#1123 for any help, feedback or requests.

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What will the json file will do?

Caldoran creator

Log files will open up the possibility of summarising and analysing detailed match information, such as kills, damage, ability usage, Ultimate usage, and etc.

An example would be logs.tf (https://logs.tf/), used for Competitive TF2 matches. A scoreboard of the match is created using logs generated by the server, so you can see how each player performed.

As of now, no such website exists for Overwatch, but I think it's an inevitability with the new log file feature on PTR.


and what do you plan to do with that

Caldoran creator

Once the log files are fully functional, they'll be open to anyone who's looking to create a website or tool similar to logs.tf. I might give it a go myself!

Update Log (3)

This is a major update involving several new features, and will be the last one before 1.55 (barring any bug fixes and minor adjustments). Version 1.00 will include the Log Generator.


  • Several categories and options have been renamed for simplicity and brevity
  • New configuration options have been added (see below)


  • Every feature can now have its keybinds adjusted in Workshop Settings
    • For example, instead of readying up with Interact + Reload, you can change it to be Crouch + Ultimate instead
    • All onscreen prompts will adjust themselves accordingly

Ready Up System

  • Can now be disabled entirely


  • Captains can now add 30 seconds to the Setup timer, up to a maximum of 1:30
    • Only available when the Ready Up System isn't active (e.g. Round 2 onwards, or if it's disabled)
    • The amount of time added and the maximum can both be adjusted


  • The Host Spectator can now display or hide the Spectator Scoreboard with Disable Camera Blending + Modify FOV (Default: Z + B)

This is a minor update.

  • Improved the defender teleport to spawn system to workaround a bug with D.Va
  • Improved the defender teleport to objective system to avoid placing players inside props on maps like Hanamura and Temple of Anubis
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