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This lobby is intended for tier1-tier3 teams to use in their scrims for maximum efficiency, statistics for coaches/vods, requires the lobby host to be active: change the map manually and restart the map when needed etc, if you are looking for automation or care about seeing the play of the games etc this lobby is not for you.

Join the discord to give feedback, report bugs and for my other workshop modes: https://discord.gg/DMvpEy3 (also v1.3 beta available in discord)

Always on statistics for spectators:


  • Stats explained:
  • DPS and Tanks: Damage done - Damage taken - Ultimates used - Deaths
  • Supports: Damage done - Healing done - Ultimates used - Deaths

The reason why I'm only showing stats to spectators is that I want the players to 100% focus on gameplay and not get distracted by the stats between rounds.

Controls (for all players):

  • Interact + Crouch: Ready or unready your team (if both teams ready up the timer will go to 5 seconds) [1 second cooldown]
  • Ultimate: Adds extra 20 seconds to the setup clock, maybe you have the wrong comp or need to go over a certain detail before you are ready to start [2 second cooldown]
  • Interact + Ultimate: Adds extra 5 minutes to the setup clock [10 second cooldown]
  • Melee: Teleports the player closer to first point defense position (This keybinding only works while the game has not started and the player is in the spawn room on the defense side)
  • Hold Reload: Sends the player back to character select. (This keybinding only works while the game has not started and the player is on the defense side) (got the idea from Dab's version of the lobby) Melee

Modifying first attackers team score:

This lobby will set the attacking teams score to 3 (hybrid/escort) or to 2 (assault) after their first attack even if they failed to complete the map. This is my suggestion on how to efficiently use the lobby setting:

  • If the attacking team failed to finish the map on assault: no need to reset the map
  • If the attacking team got full hold on hybrid: no need to reset the map
  • If the attacking team got stuck on escort or pushing the payload in hybrid: the defending team will hear an annoying beeping sound after the payload goes past the yellow marker which I cannot do anything about, I would suggest you to reset the map like you would do normally in your scrims.

If you want to finish games normally by pushing the payload where the first attacker got it you can disable these two rules:

Ultimate Charge refund on disconnect:

This module is copied directly from easyScrims workshop mode by MrPig100 and MrMoustachioo and it is disabled by default to lessen the server load during gameplay because it is really rare that someone disconnects in our scrims, you can manually enable it by enabling all of these rules in the workshop (if disconnects are a constant thing in your games I would also suggest you to turn on "pause game on player disconnect" from the lobby settings, I have this off by default for quality of life reasons (makes switching players etc smoother between maps):

Copying the preset to another server:

If you want to copy this (or any) workshop from live to opr / ptr:

  • Log in to live, load the code, press button "Copy settings"
  • Log in to the other server, press button "Import settings"


For latest updates and my other workshop modes follow me on twitter: Seita_ow

Categories: Practice Mode, Scrims, Tools
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.2.2



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