Configurable Rotating Camera Module by Provoxin#1418

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Rotate clockwise using Primary Fire, and counterclockwise using Secondary Fire. All camera parameters are configurable within the first rule, and the conditions under which it activates and deactivates are configurable in the second, third, and fourth rule. Uses wall detection to avoid clipping through solids. Uses 8 rules and player variable C.

Setting up Conditions

If you want to activate and deactivate the camera with the same conditions (eg: pressing interact once will activate the camera, and again will deactivate it), use the second rule, titled "rotating cam toggle". Replace the condition there with your own. Otherwise, turn off or delete this rule and use "rotating cam activation condition" and "rotating cam deactivation condition". Replace the conditions in these rules with what you want to activate and deactivate the camera (eg: being frozen will activate the camera, and being unfrozen will deactivate it). Both the toggle rule and the activation / deactivation rules can be used at the same time.


This is the list of what each value in player.C is for. These are modifiable in the first rule.


[0]: camera turn speed, 1/(value * 10) = seconds to fully rotate once (default 0.035)

[1]: camera height, based on feet of player (default 2.5)

[2]: horizontal distance between camera and player (default 5)

[3]: camera smoothing speed (default 25)

[4]: height the camera looks at, based on feet of event player (default 1.5)

[5]: horizontal position of the camera, pi [3.141] is behind the player, 0 is in front (default pi*)

[6]: is camera active (t/f) (default false)

*will also have to be changed in "rotating cam deactivate" rule

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