Currently on version: 1.0.1

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Highlighted components are the modified changes
Heat Street Highways! Play other variations of Heat Street Talents that alter the game so greatly that they're made into their own arcade-esque type gamemode!

How To Play

Fight for survival against an overwhelming force! Your enemies are numerous and are hunting you down. Can you survive all waves? The AI is able to play 20 different heroes, each filled with unique gimmicks and are a force to reckon with. Are you worthy enough to power through the intensities and chaos?

This is Heat Street PvE: Renaissance

  • You are sent to Rialto with up to 3 other players to capture and escort a payload and survive the attack
  • You're to select one of the heroes to play at the beginning of the game. Once selected, you are NOT allowed to change heroes
  • Each hero has a modified kit with a unique gimmick
  • Play by the objectives which are shown at the top of the screen
  • As you advance later into the game, enemies become more difficult and use more abilities
  • Players automatically start to regenerate HP after 2.5 seconds of not receiving damage
  • When a player dies, they are downed until revived by another ally. Revival takes 5 seconds straight without leaving the area to successfully revive
  • Enemy assault intensity and remaining enemies are shown at the top of the screen. When the last few enemies are deployed, remaining enemies will start to retreat
    • While enemies are retreating, all downed players instantly revive
    • Depending on difficulty, there will be up to 20 seconds of no enemies before the next assault starts
    • When there is an assault lock, assault intensity will constantly increase and enemies will not retreat unless circumstances are met

Please note that if the game slows down, that is the anti-crash measure taking place. However, if the server does crash, it is best to close the current lobby and create a new one. This is a bug, unfortunately.


Tier 1

Hero Name Effect
Trooper Low health and damage. No special properties.
Outlaw Low health and damage. No special properties.
Shield Low range and high damage. Holds a barrier.
Sentinel Low health and damage. No special properties.

Tier 2

Hero Name Effect
Grenadier Trooper variant with high range and damage. Can unleash a smoke blast that will blind players nearby for several seconds.
Professional Outlaw variant with high damage and speed. Can unleash a lingering smoke screen that will blind players inside it.
Paladin Shield variant with high health and speed. Holds a larger barrier and can heal enemies.
Breacher Sentinel variant with high range and damage. Fires long-ranged railgun blasts that can pierce through players.
Sniper High range and damage. When Infra-Sight is active, enemies will aim for headshots instead of bodyshots, and will be able to see invisible players.
Medic Medium health and damage. Can resurrect nearby enemies when they die.
Combat Medic Medic variant that can deploy matrixes that double the damage of enemy projectiles.
Landscaper Medium health and damage. Can deploy platforms and shoot from above.
Skirmisher High damage and range. Flies in the air.
Hoverbird High damage and speed. Flies in the air and towards players.
Spook High damage at close range. Can wraith through walls to pursue players.
Taser Low damage and medium health. Can tase players, hacking and forcing them to fire their weapon uncontrollably until taken damage. When using EMP, the Taser will flash purple. If any damage is taken during the flash, EMP will be cancelled.
Camouflaged Taser Taser variant with doubled health and will spawn invisible, unable to use any attacks or abilities until detected or she reaches a player.
Renegade High health, speed and damage. Can throw dynamite at close combat. When on fire, the Renegade will shoot faster.

Tier 3

Hero Name Effect
Cloaker Trooper variant with high health, speed and damage. When using Tactical Visor, the Cloaker will pursue his target at high speeds, and will knock them over for several seconds, ignoring all other players. Meleeing as the Cloaker attacks will cancel their charge. Limited to 1.
Desperado Outlaw variant with high health and damage. Throws a flashbang at enemies nearby. Can use Deadeye that can deal massive damage to players if not interrupted or avoided. Limited to 1.
Warden Shield variant with high health and damage. When using Rally, the Warden will become more aggressive and grant armour to other enemies. When the Warden holds up her barrier, she will glow and prepare a shield bash, and will knock down a player she bashes into. Limited to 1.
Paragon Sentinel variant with high health, speed and damage. When using Overclock, all Sentinel variants will become aggressive and target one player, who suffers increased damage. In this state, aggression will not end until the Paragon dies or is forced to disengage. Limited to 1.
Scrapper High health and damage. No special properties.
Shredded Scrapper Scrapper variant with more health and can heal itself when low.
Bulldozer Very high health and range. Moves slowly when shooting.
Fortified Bulldozer Bulldozer variant that constantly uses Fortify while shooting.
Assault Unit E54 Very high health and damage. No special properties. Limited to 1.
Shrike Sniper Sniper variant with high damage, healing and range. Can throw Biotic Grenades that mitigates player healing.
Playmaker High speed and damage. When below 40% health, the Playmaker will drop a Pulse Bomb and teleport behind her target.
Haymaker Playmaker variant with higher health and drops 3 bombs in a large area.
Yakuza High range, health and damage. When out of sight, The Bowmaster will use Dragonstrike. When below 50% health, the Bowmaster will shoot faster with Storm Arrows. Limited to 1.
Shinobi High speed and damage. When below 50% health, the Shinobi will use permanently Dragonblade. Limited to 1.
Witch High health, healing, and range. Throws bouncing orbs that could damage players or heal enemies. When using Coalescence, the Witch will lock onto a target and constantly pull them towards her, and will temporarily incapacitate them if not interrupted. When using Fade, the Witch will disappear and escape from battle. Limited to 1.

Boss Enemies

Boss enemies spawn once per game. When a boss spawns, the assault intensity greatly increases and the assault will be locked, meaning enemies will not stop spawning until the boss is killed. Upon killing the boss, a retreat is instantly called.

Hero Name Effect
Greater Crusader Very high health and damage. Holds a large barrier that can heal himself and other enemies. The Greater Crusader's shield does not regenerate and he takes double damage after it is broken. Will use Earthshatter often, which will stun and propel players back, and can be followed up by a Charge attack.
Greater Tyrant Very high health and damage. Will switch between Omnic and Nemesis form, which his behaviour will adjust accordingly. The Greater Tyrant receives reduced damage in Omnic form, and he will enter Annihilation permanently when under half health, constantly draining the health of all nearby players while in this state.

Player Abilities

  • Players restore their health after 2.5 seconds of not taking damage
  • Revive downed players by standing inside their revival ring for 5 seconds uninterrupted


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Fear Toxin Interact Ana applies fear toxin to her biotic rifle. Enemies hit by her biotic rifle run away in fear.
Lifesteal Passive Throw 2 Biotic Grenades at once. Ana gains health regeneration when hitting enemies with biotic grenade proportional to the number of enemies hit. Heal blocked enemies can't be revived and heal nearby allies when killed.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Gambler Passive Ashe has a 40% chance to refund the bullet with each headshot, a 15% chance to stun the enemy with each hit and a 10% chance to be healed instead of damaged each time Ashe is hit. Dealing damage increases the chances..
Lucky Streak Interact Ashe instantly reloads her weapon and triples her chances.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Revive Interact Baptiste instantly revives a downed ally. Revive has 10 meters range and does not require line of sight.
Swan Song Passive Instead of getting downed instantly when reaching 0 health, Baptiste can keep fighting for 4 seconds with a 50% speed penalty before going down. If Baptiste is inside his Immortality Field at the end of Swan Song, he will restore his health and can keep fighting normally.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Smoke Grenade Interact Deploy a smoke screen that slows enemies in it.
Evasion Passive Cassidy is 75% less likely to be hit while in the smoke. Allies are 50% less likely to be hit while in the smoke.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
ECM Overdrive Interact D.Va fires an electricmagnetic laser that jumps between up to 4 enemies, getting weaker each jump. Tasered enemies are immobile and fire uncontrollably.
Counterstrike Passive Enemies are more likely to target D.Va while in she's in her mech. Taking damage has a chance to counter-attack and tase attackers.
Shockproof Passive While in her mech, D.Va becomes immune to tasers, cloaker charges and blindness.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Gauntlet Capacitor Passive Overhealth receives increased damage, but resets Power Block when it breaks. Meteor Strike blocks health regeneration.
Bloodthirst Interact Double your damage dealt and restore ammo and cooldowns with every ability hit. Effect resets with every killing blow.
Extinction Event Passive Activate Meteor Strike before going down. Avoid death by killing an enemy with it.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Overdrive Interact Echo reduces her ability cooldowns. gains infinite ammo, and moves faster.
Copycat Passive While Echo is duplicating an enemy she deals 100% more damage to all enemies on the same hero she is duplicating.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Parry Ability 2 If Genji deflects an enemy quick melee he parries it causing all enemies in front of him to be stunned. Genji can't parry Brigitte's and Reinhardt's melee attacks. Deflect duration is shortened but Genji can deflect for longer while using Dragonblade.
Counter-Attack Primary After parrying Genji can perform a counter-attack, damaging and knocking down hit enemies. This also restores his health.
Taunt Interact Cause nearby enemies to be more likely to melee.
Sixth Sense Passive When an enemy is about to melee Genji can hear a sound and see a ring closing around the enemy, reaching the center when they melee.

Junker Queen

Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Bulletstorm Passive Kills grant extra ammunition. While above max ammo, abilities will reset at the cost of 1 ammo. Rampage resets at the cost of 12 ammo.
Ammo Effeciency Interact Automatically generate ammunition and don't consume any ammo.
Reverse Polarity Secondary Jagged Blade pulls back enemies around the target and deals extra damage.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Tether Interact Junkrat tethers all nearby enemies to him. If they move too far away from Junkrat, they are stunned and pulled back. Junkrat takes 20% less damage for every enemy tethered for the next 10 seconds.
Chainsplosion Passive Killing an enemy causes them to explode dealing damage to nearby enemies.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Shinobi Tactics Passive Boost damage and healing by 50% after climbing a wall. Enable gliding while in this state.
Tricky Shuffles Interact Send out a fan of blades. Lock Shinobi Tactics and slow all enemies actively targeting you.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Bossa Nova Passive Soundwave strength scales through your horizontal speed. Hit enemies with Soundwave to put a rhythm mark on them.
Synchronize Passive Deal extra damage to marked enemies. Dealing damage to marked enemies will share the damage to all other marked enemies. Eliminating a marked enemy resets cooldowns.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Permafrost Passive Weapon applies up to 3 levels of frost per enemy. Level 3 frosted enemies are greatly slowed.
Brittle Shatter Passive Icicles detonate frost and freezes enemies based on their frost level. Restore health based on frost level.
Cold Snap Passive Health regeneration is blocked in Cryo-Freeze. Mei frosts nearby enemies when Cryo-Freeze expires.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Ground Pound Hold Crouch in air Pharah stabilizes in mid-air and targets a point below her. After the blue ring reaches its maximum size, Pharah can launch herself towards it to deal area damage (by releasing the Crouch button). Releasing the Crouch button before it is fully charged aborts the Ground Pound. Ground Pound activates automatically after the white ring disappears.
Thunderbird Passive Eliminations refuel Pharah's Hover Jets and reduce her ability cooldowns. Pharah regenerates health while moving faster than 10 meters per second.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Epicenter Ultimate Earthshatter travels in all directions. Deal 50% more damage to enemies stunned or frozen.
Crusader Ability 1 Charge allows you to jump and can pin multiple enemies at once. Heal health and reduce Charge cooldown for every pinned enemy


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Berserker Passive Reaper deals 1% more damage for every 1% of his health missing. Wraith Form blocks his automatic health regeneration.
Frenzy Interact Reaper locks his health and prevents himself from being damaged or healed.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Juggernaut Interact Roadhog removes all stun effects on him and resets his cooldowns. Roadhog causes up to 3 nearby enemies to run away in fear.
Terrifying Presence Passive When Roadhog kills an enemy in close range, he has a chance to cause nearby enemies to run away in fear. Roadhog deals 50% more damage to enemies in fear.
Sluggish Passive Automatic health regeneration is disabled.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Gravitator Passive Gravitated enemies are suspended upwards then slammed back down, damaged and stunned for 10% of their current health. All damage dealt has a 10% chance to gravitate enemies
Gravity Rift Ability 1 Sigma gravitates enemies in front of him and gains shields for every enemy affected. Activate Cosmic Hysteria.
Cosmic Hysteria Passive Killing blows send you into hysteria, increasing Gravitator chances and gain a chance to banish low-health enemies.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
ECM Jammer Interact Place a jammer onto an enemy, tasing enemies around them when they die.
Shock And Awe Secondary Railgun blasts will heal health and bounce between enemies in a 15m radius.

Soldier: 76

Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Convert Interact Soldier: 76 converts a tier 1 enemy (Trooper, Gunsligner, or Shield) to fight on his side.
Command Interact Soldier: 76 commands his converted enemy to follow him or to defend their position.
Stockholm Syndrome Passive When Soldier: 76 is downed, his converted enemy will try to revive him. They can't revive any other players.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Ambush Passive While Ambush is active Sombra deals 200% more damage and can stun enemies with melee attacks.
Optical Illusions Passive Manual unstealthing is instant and grants 3 second of Ambush to Sombra. When Sombra activates EMP she gains enhanced invisibility and Ambush for 8 seconds. During enhanced invisibility Sombra is able to attack normally and can't be detected by proximity or Infra-Sight.
Ghost Passive Sombra gains 20% Ultimate Charge after hacking an enemy. Stealth has a maximum duration of 15 seconds and prevents Sombra from reviving allies.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
High Value Target Interact Tracer marks an enemy causing them to take 50% more damage.
Trigger Happy Passive Tracer gains a 4% damage bonus for each headshot and a 2% damage bonus for each hit to marked enemies. Tracer becomes invincible for 0.1 seconds after each headshot.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Widow's Gaze Interact Widowmaker immobilizes and hacks all enemies in front of her.
Graze Primary When Widowmaker critically hits an enemy with a scoped shot, it deals its damage in a 1.5 meter radius around the bullet trajectory and restores 30 health to her.
Body Expertise Passive While Infra-Sight is active Widowmaker can trigger Graze with scoped shots to the body.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Fusillade Interact Zarya loads her Particle Cannon with one cluster blast that heavily burns enemies. Burning enemies ignite nearby enemies when killed.
Unstoppable Passive Zarya forces enemies to attack her while she is using her personal barrier. Her personal explodes and ignites enemies when expired. Her personal barrier blocks her automatic health regeneration.


Name Default Hotkey Ability Info
Salvation Passive When Zenyatta is downed, an Orb of Discord is tagged on his killer. Zenyatta instantly revives when his killer dies.
Duality Orb Passive A still orb spawns with every killing blow. While in Misfortune, all enemies in sight are applied with discord. While in Unity, the orb will send healing energy to allies.
Perfect Balance Interact Stun nearby enemies and bring the Duality Orb to your position. Swap the orb type between Misfortune and Unity.


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