★★New Dead By Daylight with faster gameplay!

Based on the official Dead By Daylight game, with a few changes & overwatch-inspired twists added to make it faster & more fun!

In this mode, up to 6 survivors must escape from 1 deadly killer by fully reparing 5 of the 7 generators around the map! While the survivors have no way of defeating the killer by their own hands, they can instead use pallets and vaults around the map to run away from the killer! Use your survivor's custom abilities, either based on the original game or a completely new concept, to aid this!

If you're playing as a killer, use your own custom abilities to defeat survivors and place them on hooks!

While other Dead By Daylight modes already exist, this version was created to offer a more fast-paced version of the game. Furthermore, this version is also much more optimised - allowing me to create more complex and impactful abilities for both survivors and killers.

The Heroes

Each hero has their own custom abilities - each one bringing different playstyes!


Your gun is disabled, but your melee downs survivors in 2 hits! Carry downed survivors to hooks to slowly kill them, using your abilities to help you do so!

Killer Hero Description
Moira Place portals with ability 2 that you can instantly teleport to with your fast-charging ultimate! Survivors can destroy these. (Default fade also enabled)
Ashe With full ammo, snipe a survivor with your gun to chain them! Hold secondary fire to reel in chained survivors, but don't let the chain break on the wall! Your dynamite stuns survivors instead of damaging them.
Ana Sleep dart marks survivors hit. If it hits an already marked survivor, it slows & hacks them! Survivors can remove this mark by finding a purple orb on the map. Ability 2 teleports you where you're facing!
Roadhog Secondary fire throws a projectile that turns into a cloud after a delay! Survivors inside are slowed and revealed, but can destroy these clouds by standing on the white orb in the centre! Ability 1 lets you select a cloud to damage, hack and reveal all survivors stood inside it!
Genji Hold secondary fire to release an endless barage of shurikens! 10 shuriken hits will take 90 health from a survivor. Landing shurikens charges your ultimate, allowing you to unleash one giant, faster, shuriken stream. Reload shurikens at hooks!
Sombra Ability 1 allows her to be invisible for 6 seconds. Ability 2 creates a fully controllable fake survivor that mimics all her actions and can even be used to attack survivors! She can press ultimate to teleport to it, or interact to destroy it.
Widowmaker Ability 2 places an orb, you can have up to 5 orbs on the map at a time! Ability 1 makes all these orbs fly forward, damaging players they hit and revealing enemies nearby!
Junkrat Ability 1 lets you charge forward up to 2x in a row! Hit a survivor while charging to grab them, slam them into a wall to deal damage! Press ability 2 while charging to throw the survivor at someone, damaging both of them if it lands!
Reaper A flying reaper ghost spawns on the map, chasing & attacking survivors near it! Ability 2 teleports it to where you look, while wraith form allows you to fly forwards through walls and floors!
Sigma Ability 1 lets you swap between being visible and invisible. While invisible, secondary fire instantly teleports you to the pre-spawned orb nearest your reticle! Survivors can disable orbs by standing near them, but are then marked until they walk to another marked orb!
Soldier 76 Secondary fire fires an explosive projectile, raising the stalk metre of survivors hit and granting you ult charge! Survivors can lower their stalk metre by staring at you. Hitting a survivor with a full stalk metre will instantly down them. Press ultimate at any time to turn invisible! This drains your ult charge.
Winston Injure survivors to gain ult charge. You may also gain ult charge by picking up blood orbs they leave around the map! While using your ultimate, hold m2 to charge at fast speeds, one-shotting survivors you hit!
Echo Hit survivors with your beam to infect them, preventing them from being healed! Infected survivors can cleanse themselves at a white orb, turning it red! Pick up one of these orbs to make your beam deal full damage for 20 seconds!
Mercy Hold ability 2 or secondary fire to charge up a teleport! The more you hold for, the farther you'll travel! When the teleport is over, you can either charge a 2nd teleport or press ability 1 to instantly teleport back to where you started.
Symmetra Hold crouch to build up a charge, then press secondary fire to run forwards, giving you increased speed! Press ability 1 over a downed survivor to place a trap on them. Trapped survivors will be automatically hooked after 50 seconds unless they remove it at one of the four orbs around the map - but only one of these orbs will work!
Cassidy Ability 2 creates a line of spheres that damage and mark survivors hit! Ability 1 lets reveals all marked survivors, then teleports you to the one nearest your reticle! Periodically, a box spawns on the map. If a survivor finds it, all marks are removed! If you find it, all survivors are marked.
Kiriko 30 red orbs spawn across the map. Ability 1 lets you enter teleport mode. While in teleport mode, press ability 2 to travel to the orb nearest your reticle! Build up ultimate by damaging survivors. When your ultimate is ready, all survivors are blinded and your ability is buffed!
Ramattra Hold ability 1 and move to create a path. A bot will spawn that follows it to the start! When a bot spots a survivor, it will chase after and shoot at them! Press secondary fire to teleport to a bot that is chasing a survivor.
Lifeweaver Ability 2 can regress generators or block pallets from a distance! Ability 1 lets you fly forwards in the air & over pallets, hold jump or crouch to change the height of this flight! Ultimate teleports a downed or carried survivor to a random hook on the map!


Repair generators around the map by standing inside them, then escape through an exit! Outrun the killer using pallets, vaults and your own special abilities! Work together to reach the end!

Survivor Hero Description
Cassidy Gain a speed boost after falling from a large height! Press ability 2 to trigger one of 11 random effects!
Mercy Unhooking a survivor grants you a single use of Guardian Angel! Hold ability 2 while stood still or downed to heal yourself!
Sombra Translocator creates a clone of yourself that walks forwards for 2.5 seconds! Press again to teleport to it. Ability 1 lets you be invisible for 4 seconds!
Junkrat Blue orbs spawn across the map that you can pickup for ult charge! When you touch a generator, your ult charge is transferred into progress. Ability 1 has 2 charges and lets you perform a short, invincible dash forwards!
Widowmaker Hitting the killer with your mine freezes them and grants you a speed boost! Gain ultimate charge from working on generators. Your hook is also enabled.
Ana Healing allies heals you for more! Your ultimate charges passively and instantly heals/revives targeted allies! (Sleep dart is enabled, duration is only 2 seconds)
Reaper You are notified whenever the killer is looking in your direction! Wraith form places a ring that makes all survivors inside of it completely invisible!
Brigitte Armour pack fully heals a non-downed survivor to full, but costs your own health & requires 3 charges! You unhook yourself after 3 seconds if you've unhooked another player before! (Whip Shot also enabled)
Tracer When unhooking a survivor, grant a speed boost to both of you! Standing near a survivor being carried increases your speed & their wiggle progress speed! (Recall also enabled)
Moira Ability 2 creates a healing ring that disappears after either 20 seconds or when the killer touches it! You automatically use Fade when the killer attacks you!
Genji Use ability 1 near a hook to disable it for 15 seconds! Gain ultimate charge by being near the killer - attacking them with it stuns them once per ultimate! (Deflect also enabled)
Doomfist Rocket Punch makes you dash forward rapidly, granting invincibility! Gain ultimate charge by hitting the killer with Uppercut - using your ultimate teleports you to the hook you look at!
Torbjorn Ability 1 creates a brand-new pallet at your position (after a delay)! You can drop each pallet twice before they're destroyed!
Mei Taking 3 hits near other survivors grants you 90 health in shields! Ability 1 only lasts for 0.5 seconds, but it heals all non-downed allies near you!
Ashe Your dynamite has a longer fuse but gives you a speed boost if it hits you, and ult charge if it hits the killer! You may also snipe the killer to gain ult charge. Use your ultimate to shoot an orb that travels through walls, unhooking survivors it hits!
Baptiste Your hook timer is paused if any player is near your hook! Heal survivors to build ult. When your ult is full, you won't lose 20% hook progress the next time you're hooked! (Ability 2 also enabled)
Symmetra Ability 1 has 5 charges and lets you add more time to the hook timer of any survivor! Ability 2 creates a new vault at your position that lasts for 20 seconds!
Zenyatta When unhooked, heal to full and disable the hook you were on for 60 seconds! Ability 1 tags a player. When near this player, you both gain healing over time! Hold crouch to teleport to the tagged player.
Lucio While downed, you are healed faster and can crawl away! You can wallride, but it is on a resource metre.
Roadhog When hit by the killer, they are pushed away from you and into the air! Hit the killer with your hook to force them to turn around. (Ability 2 also enabled, only heals 30HP)
Pharah You gain a speed boost if a survivor near you is attacked! While working on a generator, press ability 2 to place a mine on it, stunning the killer if they stand near it! (Abiltiy 1 & secondary fire also enabled, but nerfed)
Bastion You can press reload to give items to other players! Ablity 1 lets you cycle through items. When you use your ultimate, you receive this item! Secondary fire super-boosts your next jump, making it much higher & giving you a speed boost!
Lifeweaver Ability 1 marks a hook. When a survivor is unhooked from this hook, they gain 10 extra seconds of invincibility and you are fully healed! You heal non-downed survivors faster and can use Life Grip!
Illari Press ability 2 while working on a generator to mark it, revealing the killer to you whenever they are near it! Hold secondary fire and shoot the killer to lower the cooldown of Outburst! Outburst has increased knockback but an increased cooldown.
Junker Queen Hit the killer with Carnage to gain shields, a speed boost and ult charge! Hit the killer with Jagged Blade to gain ult charge. Your ultimate places a green ring, boosting the mobility of survivors inside!
Venture You can see the positions of all chests and open them instantly! Your ultimate spawns 3 chests around you!

Extra Stuff

This isn't everything - I'll be updating this mode over time with new killers, survivors and maps!

  • Version 3.0.1 currently features: 19 killers, 26 survivors and 12 maps.
  • If you have any suggestions, please don't be afraid to throw them in the comments! This mode was made and balanced based on feedback.
Players | 1 - 7
Categories: Boss Mode
Heroes: Doomfist, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, Zarya, and 22 more...
Maps: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis, Kanezaka, and 1 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.1.1


Interact + Near a pallet
Drop the pallet, stunning the killer if they're nearby!
stand still + next to team
Heal other injured survivors by standing still near them!
+ Near a pallet
Drop the pallet, stunning the killer if they're nearby!
stand still + next to team
Heal other injured survivors by standing still near them!
+ Near a pallet
Drop the pallet, stunning the killer if they're nearby!
stand still + next to team
Heal other injured survivors by standing still near them!
+ Near a pallet
Drop the pallet, stunning the killer if they're nearby!
stand still + next to team
Heal other injured survivors by standing still near them!
+ Near a pallet
Drop the pallet, stunning the killer if they're nearby!
stand still + next to team
Heal other injured survivors by standing still near them!

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