Zombies (Survival)

Fight againts an endless horde of powerful Zombies
How long would you be able to survive?

Controls: Use the “interact” key to: Buy heroes, new areas and upgrade your damage, health and healing done

You will heal yourself when killing a Zombie, crouching and over time when not taking damage in a while…
(5 players recommended)

Mode upgraded and edited by Hannon#21462
Original mode by: Pug https://youtube.com/@333puggles333

First thumbnail fanart by: Scebiqu https://www.deviantart.com/scebiqu/art/Torbjorn-609592515

Second thumbnail fanart by: ninjakimm

Hero changes (Special effects/Special abilities)

Passive: Slightly damages close enemies
5% faster than the average
•Biotic grenade:
When using "Biotic grenade" you'll heal 50 health to nearby teammates and yourself in a 15m radius
•Sleep dart:
Landing a sleep dart succesfully will kill the Zombie you landed the ability on and nearby Zombies

She damages nearby Zombies (20hp over 1s on a 5m radius) everytime she reloads

•Immortality field:
Using this ability will make you and your nearby allies in a 10m radius invincible for 5s

Passive: Invincible for 3s while using: "Configuration: artillery"

10% faster than the average
You heal allies and damage enemies in the radius of: "Rally"

•Combat roll:
Using this ability makes you invincible for 1s and you heal 25hp
It also knocks down nearby Zombies for 1s (3m radius)
•Dead eye:
Cassidy gets a speed boost for 0'5s when using it

Mech disabled
Passive: She heals 8hps
12% faster than the average
•Self destruct/SPECIAL ABILITY: "Ez mode"
"Ez mode" does 120hp of damage to nearby Zombies (7m radius)
Knocks down nearby Zombies for 3'5s
It also relads D.Va ammo and recharges special abilities
•Defense matrix/SPECIAL ABILITY: "Bunny hop"
This ability makes D.Va do a jump (direction up+forward)

Passive: Heals 5hps while using "Flight"
•Focusing beam:
Frezes neraby Zombies of your initial target for 0'5s in a 5m radius

Makes genji invincible for 2s and it also heals him 50hp
Damage Zombies over time (20hp over 1s)

Passive: Invincible while using: "Dragonstrike"

Passive: Invincible for 3s while using: "Rip-tire"

•Sound barrier:
Makes allies in a radius of 30m completely invincible for 3s

Freezes nearby enemies when using this ability
It also instantly heals her 125hp and restores her ammo

Mercy is invincible while using "Resurrect"
When finishing a res, allies in a radius of 10m become invincible for 3s and get heal 120hp
It also stun enemies within a 10m radius for 3s
•Guardian angel/SPECIAL ABILITY: "Angel hop"
Makes Mercy launch herself forwards without needing to target a teammate
(Must be crouching for the special ability to work)

When she comes out of "Fade" nearby allies and herself become invincible for 2.5s and get healed for 50hp

She moves 45% faster and self-heals 25hps while using it

Passive: Invincible while using her ultimate
•Concussive blast
Damage Zombies for 30hp and heals Pharah 5hp for every target she hits the ability with

•Shadow step:
Reaper becomes inmediatly invincible for 2s while using: "Shadow step"

10% faster than the average
•Barrier field/SPECIAL ABILTY: "Protector"
While activating the ability nearby allies become invincible for 5s
Nearby enemies become rooted in place until the ability ends
Instanlty heals himself and nearby allies for 25 hps in a period of 4s

•Take a breather:
Stuns enemies in a radius of 7m for 2s and restores his ammo

5% faster than the average
•Kinetic grasp:
Heals himself for 60hps during the entire duration and aplies an upwards impulse if he jumps

-Soldier 76:
Heals for 5hps while sprinting

Hacked enemies become stunned for 2.5s
Hacked enemies become stunned for 2.5s
Heals all allies for 10hps during the entire duration of the ability
•Stealth/SPECIAL ABILTY: "Fuerza sombría":
Duration 7s
Makes her move 45% faster
Heals her for 50hp
Restores her ammo
Makes her invincible for the entire duration

•Photon barrier:
Slowly heals allies and damages enemies in a 50m radius

Heals for 5hps while using it

•Pulse bomb:
Gravity of the ability: 0% (it goes forward until it touches something)
Freezes nearby enemies when she finishes recalling

Passive: Damages nearby enemies
•Venom mine/SPECIAL ABILTY: "Poisonous field"
Freezes the target that her venom mine hits (If it hits multiple targets it will freeze the farthest Zombie)
The frozen Zombie will damage other Zombies within a 10m radius for 75dps over 5s

•Barrier projector:
Heals nearby allies and damages nearby enemies when deploying it

•Particle barrier:
Heals herself and moves 45% faster while using it
•Projected barrier:
Periodically heals the targeted ally for the duration of the ability

Passive: Heals for 10hps allies in a 10m radius
5% faster than the average
Periodically damages enemies in the ultimate radius for its duration


-Jump boost:
Applies an impulse upwards
(Activation: Crouch+Jump)

-Self revive:
It revives you
(Acitvation: Automatic after dying)

Makes you invincible for 5s and heals you 200hp
(Activation: Automatic after health decaying under 35hp. you need to be moving or it will not activate

-Guardian angel (Deactivated)
Spawn a Mercy bot that follows the player that called her
It heals and resurrects the player that called her and also other players if she comes close to their soul
It has a duration of 30s
(Activation: I need healing/i need help + crouch button)
This special ability can only be used once per match (per player)

-Healing area (Deactivated)
Creates a healing area around the player that activated the ability that least 10s
Range: 15m
Hps: 20Hps
(Activation: I need healing/help + Crouch button)

-Magical sphere (Deactivated)
Creates a magic sphere that fires it's enchantments to Zombies dealing a high amount of damage
It has a duration of 60s
(Activation Group up+Crouch)
This special ability can only be used once per match (per player)

-Freezing punch:

When hitting Zombie with the melee, it freezes that Zombie and nearby Zombies for 3s (5m radius)
(Activation: Crouch+Melee)
Must hit an enemy with the Melee for the ability to work


Follows and shots Zombies dealing damage to them
It can also teleport
(Activation: Automatic at the start of the match)
The host player of the match (aka the moderator) can disable the Kirikorb by holding down the interact key/button for 10s

-Low gravity:

Decreases gravity momentarily
(Activation: Reload + Interact)

-Change player POV:

Hold interact + crouch to change the POV of your camera
Press and release for 1st person
Hold 0'5s for 3rd person (hold for 3s more to raise the angle of the 3rd person camera)

-Weightless dash:
It launches you in the direction that you're looking and removes your gravity and collision with the Zombies momentarily
Activation: Interact+Melee

-Self-healing burst:
Heals you 40hps for 7s
Activation: Crouch+Reload+Melee


Increase the damage done by players when picked up
Duration: 75s

Adds uninterruptible passive healing to players when picked up
Duration: 75s

-Freezing area:
Frezzes nearby Zombies every 8s when picked up
Duration: 60s

-Infinite ammo:
Players gain unlimited ammo when picked up
Duration: 60s

-Unlimited ultimate ability:
Players regain their ultimate ability every 2s when picked up
Duration 45s

Points earned by players get increased when picked up
Duration 45s

Players can hold (reload) while standing still to learn about special abilities and power-ups in-game

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Survival, PvE
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 27 more...
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 6.7

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