Hi! I'm Izzi (formerly known as Miscreant). I am the creator of D.va Mystery Egg, colloquially known as "Dva Egg" by the wonderful folks who play it most, and I dabble in making other cursed things in the Workshop from time to time. Check out my stuff!

D.va Egg

D.va Mystery Egg, colloquially known as Dva Egg by those who play it most, is a mode I've been working on since the Workshop PTR days! You spawn as D.va, but upon being de-meched, a random hero pops out! Who'll be YOUR mech pilot?

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Workshop Codes made by Izzi

D.va Egg - 2019
by Izzi
Categories | Miscellaneous
⚠ Possibly expired
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

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