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D.va Egg 2

Everyone plays as D.va. However, something isn't quite right... I don't think it's D.va piloting that mech... Who is it...? You'll have to crack it open and find out!

Mech Pilot HUD

In the top-left corner of the screen while in-mech, you will now be able to see what hero you will come out as. On the top right, you can also see what heroes your teammates will come out as, and their Call Mech charge.

You will be able to see who your teammates will de-mech as by the icon above their mechs.


When you de-mech, your hero will be replaced by the hero indicated in the Mech Pilot HUD. De-meching can be done manually by spamming the Ultimate key while in mech to damage it until it explodes, or simply by fighting other heroes until it is destroyed naturally.


When your Call Mech Charge reaches 100%, you will be able to use Call Mech by hitting the Interact key. A physical mech (a dummy D.va bot) will fall from the sky and drop in front of you, which your hero will then walk towards and get inside. The mech itself deals 250 damage to players within a radius of 5.

Call Mech Cancelling

The re-mech process can be cancelled by any stun abilities used on your hero (not the mech itself). Additionally, the mech can be destroyed by other players at any point during your re-mech process. This also cancels the re-mech. When your Call Mech is cancelled by any means, you will have to charge your Call Mech again from 50%.


Your Burnout meter is located on the right. Your Burnout will go up after you reach 100% Call Mech charge. Once that reaches 100%, you will start to burn. The burn won't damage much at first, but doubles every few seconds! Eventually, you won't be able to outheal it!

Known Issues (Last Checked 12/16/22)

  • HUD texts get weird when using emotes or Ultimates that change the player's POV and/or FOV. It's possible to fix, but I haven't decided if I ever will.
  • Player is allowed to control their character during re-mech process
  • Using the de-mech button currently de-mechs D.va in only two hits. This is because of the change to the damage received.
Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.2


(In-Mech) Damage Mech
(Out-Of-Mech) Call Mech
(In-Mech) Damage Mech
(Out-Of-Mech) Call Mech
(In-Mech) Damage Mech
(Out-Of-Mech) Call Mech
(In-Mech) Damage Mech
(Out-Of-Mech) Call Mech
(In-Mech) Damage Mech
(Out-Of-Mech) Call Mech

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