D.va Mystery Egg


Welcome to D.va Mystery Egg! In this mode, every player spawns as D.va. When their mech health reaches 0, they will pop out as a random hero with their Ultimate available!

Call Mech

In the top left corner of your screen, there is a Call Mech Charge meter. This will start increasing once you have left your mech. Once the meter reaches 100, you will be able to "Call Mech", and become D.va again, after a small delay. This is interruptable by stuns, so be careful!

Damage Yourself

When you're still D.va, you can hit the Ultimate button to damage your mech. Do this repeatedly and you will be able to force yourself out of mech at any time.


Underneath your Call Mech meter, there is a meter labeled "Time Until Burnout". Once your Call Mech charge reaches 100, this timer begins to tick down from 8. Once the timer hits 0, you will start to burn until you press your Interact key to get back in mech. Every 6 seconds you spend out of mech, the damage taken by Burnout doubles, starting at 40. (Initially, you will take 40 damage, after 6 seconds you will take 80, after another 6 seconds you will take 160, etc.)

Let me know what you think in my Discord server!


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Update Log (11)


  • Defense Matrix Maximum Time increased from 40% to 100%
  • Defense Matrix Recharge Rate decreased from 10% to 5%


  • Fixed the HUD not switching between the D.va HUD and the Non-D.va HUD after a recent Workshop update
  • Fixed an issue where the Current Hero HUD would not display due to leftovers from the Workshop Setting to disable it
  • Removed a Booster Fuel progress bar I had placed for testing that I forgot to remove

Workshop Settings

  • Removed option to disable the Current Hero HUD element


  • Call Mech charge will no longer be awarded for using your Ult while out of mech during setup time
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