D.va Mystery Egg


Welcome to D.va Mystery Egg! In this mode, every player spawns as D.va. When their mech health reaches 0, they will pop out as a random hero with their Ultimate available!

Call Mech

In the top left corner of your screen, there is a Call Mech Charge meter. This will start increasing once you have left your mech. Once the meter reaches 100, you will be able to "Call Mech", and become D.va again, after a small delay. This is interruptable by stuns, so be careful!

Damage Yourself

When you're still D.va, you can hit the Ultimate button to damage your mech. Do this repeatedly and you will be able to force yourself out of mech at any time.


Underneath your Call Mech meter, there is a meter labeled "Time Until Burnout". Once your Call Mech charge reaches 100, this timer begins to tick down from 8. Once the timer hits 0, you will start to burn until you press your Interact key to get back in mech. Every 6 seconds you spend out of mech, the damage taken by Burnout doubles, starting at 40. (Initially, you will take 40 damage, after 6 seconds you will take 80, after another 6 seconds you will take 160, etc.)

I really hope you enjoy this mode, and if you have any serious issues with it feel free to add me on Bnet and let me know.


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Update Log (8)



  • Burnout now makes a warning sound when the timer is lower than 5 seconds, and two warning sounds after it hits 0.

New Mechanic: Booster Fuel

By default, D.va's booster cooldown is 0, with a small caveat: There is limited fuel! By default, D.va starts out with 500 fuel (but you can increase or decrease this in the Workshop Settings), and one full use of the Boosters costs 100 fuel. After 0.75 seconds of not boosting, you begin to replenish your fuel at a rate of 35 fuel/sec. Fuel can also be replenished by visiting the spawn room. Boosters cannot be used if your fuel is below 50, and if you do not have enough fuel to complete a full use of Boosters, you will be stopped when your fuel hits 0. Booster fuel is displayed as a percentage.

Workshop Settings

Using the new Workshop Settings functionality, a number of settings are now available:

  • Assemble Heroes Time
  • Setup Time
  • Enable/Disable Burnout
  • Time Between Burnout Doubling Phases
  • Burnout Max Time
  • Enable/Disable Damage Mech Button
  • Enable/Disable Booster Fuel Mechanic
  • Max Booster Fuel Amount
  • Enable/Disable Current Hero Display
  • Show/Hide Version Info/Changelog
  • Amount of Call Mech Charge gained from using ultimate


  • De-mech mechanic now uses "Is In Alternate Form" functionality
  • Removed some variables and references to the old system for checking for Baby D.va
  • Damage Mech button now takes 1.5 to 5.5 presses to de-mech, instead of a guaranteed de-mech at 2
  • Fixed a rare issue where the purple re-mech orb wouldn't disappear after returning to mech
  • Changed some vocabulary to be more immediately readable
  • Radius of the re-meching visual effect has been increased from 5 to 10
  • It is no longer possible to stun out of Call Mech
  • The re-mech process now takes 2 seconds instead of 1
  • The player will be fully stunned for the full duration of the re-mech
  • Mech Charge now resets to 0 on death

Call Mech Charge Calculation

  • Call Mech passive charge has been increased from 1.5/sec to 1.75/sec
  • Call Mech charge gained by dealing damage has been increased
  • Call Mech charge gained by using your ultimate has been decreased from 30 to 25

These changes are intended to make the mode slightly more fast paced and in-queue friendly.

Burnout Changes

  • Burnout HUD will no longer display until Burnout timer has begun
  • Burnout HUD now displays in the top middle of the screen under the warning text
  • Changed some Burnout related text to be more immediately readable
  • Big Messages will no longer display regarding Burnout
  • Changed some language in the script

This revision is functionally identical to 4.2.0.

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