RhythmWatch: Packing Pests

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How to Play

Have you ever wanted to play a Rhythm Heaven minigame in Overwatch? No? Too much lag? What do you mean?

Help Sigma catch Junkrat's incoming grenades and swat away those nasty spiders!


  • The Volley is simple! Use Kinetic Grasp to catch Junkrat's grenade, followed by one Primary Fire shot to destroy an incoming Spider (Widowmaker) as she falls from the apex of her flight path!

Double Up!

  • The Double Up is denoted by Sigma saying "Incoming!". You will also see "Double Up!" above Sigma's head. Catch Junkrat's first grenade, then give those spiders the ol' one-two punch (Primary Fire followed by a Quick Melee!)

Go for a Perfect!

  • The pink "P" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen will stay on-screen for as long as you have continued to hit every input! If you take damage at any point, the pink "P" will turn into a grey "X" for a second, and then disappear! Try for a perfect, I dare you!

If you desire to play without this mechanic, you can simply turn it off in the "Workshop Settings" page of the Custom Game settings.

! Disclaimer !

The Workshop does not allow for events to perfectly match any given tempo, and therefore while you can play through this minigame from start to finish, you shouldn't expect to be able to actually play through it alongside the music without serious desync. I did some creative editing to make it work in the video featured at the top of this page. Below is how the mode plays out in-game:

Disclaimer But Slightly Smaller

Its uncertain whether or not I will ever continue the RhythmWatch series, simply because of the massive limitations going forward. However, it is incredibly unlikely that I won't at least TRY at some point!

The version number of this mode will always match the version number of its Sequel!!

Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Sigma
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.5

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