Island kill-to-GROW BossFightBattleRoyal

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Mode based on Foren's Kill to Grow: https://workshop.codes/RONRY
Made by jamesrader (AKA: IVAVI)
What's new about this mod?
This mod made several changes to the original KtoG gameplay.
The objective is to make Size have more impact on combat, and make the gameplay a boss fight battle royal where anyone could become the boss in an instance.


  1. The defult map is workshopisland, but also playable on workshopexpense.
  2. You start off as 1M tiny working your way up to 200M. Win by having the highest points(height + continuest kill count) when timer runs out.
  3. Growth/shrink is now a continues process. Smaller you are the faster you grow/shrink. Thus when killed, you will respawn with your original size and slowly shrink to about 1/10 of your starting size.
  4. Size difference have new impact on combat: Melee will knockback heros less than half your size. Giants more than 60m will create landing impact, damage and knockback tinies around them. 60m+: create a ring of dust and minor damage. 100m+: create a crater and medium damage. 150m+: shatters the ground and large amount of damage.
  5. A rare Red Orb which makes player go rampage (melee attack has no cool down) for about 15s, which grow them to 120 meter, and heal super fast (near unkillable). but it will prevent you from growing any bigger and make you smaller than before after the rampage.
  6. A yellow orb gives a minor heal, and make you GROW! or add experience toward your next GROW! depending on your current height,
  7. White sphere marks the edge of battlefield, if you touch it, it will cause a rebound, sending you back towards the center. (use this to avoid falling in water)
  8. AI bot will appear when the server load allows it, they target the first hero go above 10m, after that, they target the highest hero.
  9. Killing(last hit) a giant as tiny will transfer the height to tiny. So whoever last hit the boss becomes the boss.
  10. Killinarow makes hero vulnerable, killing a hero before the killinarow timer expire will reset and extend the time.
  11. several cheat skill for the host player, you could find them in https://www.deviantart.com/jamesrader/art/Kill-to-Grow-Size-Matters-IVAVI-901673359.

There is one problem i was unable to fix, when testing, the lobby server tend to overload when there are 8-9 players, which result in looby reboot. I simply don't know how to fix this.

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Free for all, Boss Mode
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.0.1

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