Kill to Grow 👑


This is an agar.io style FFA deathmatch for 12 players with one BIG difference.

You start as a tiny dwarf with low HP and small damage. But with each level up you increase in size and become more powerful.

Grow to TITAN size and crush your enemies like insects!

  • Kill enemy heroes to gain EXP. You get more EXP for a bigger enemies
  • For those who like to solve problems peacefully, there are yellow orbs all over the map. Collect orbs to gain EXP
  • The healing efficiency decreases with each level. But you fully restore your HP when you level up
  • There is a shelter for level 1-5 players on the field. You take no damage while standing inside this shelter. But beware, the shelter changes its location!
  • I also added a jump pad to make some heroes more useful

Work in progress. I made a lot of balance improvements to adapt heroes to the new gameplay. All changes make sense, even if they make a hero feel too weak or OP compared to a regular Overwatch. Feel free to share your suggestions for improving balance!


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how to make heros voices back to normal?


How do I get version 1.14 instead? I am trying to use code RONRY, but it is not allowing emoting to count for xp. Even when the emote is done to completion.
My discord is Jackieee#0511

Foren creator

You only get exp when you emote in special zones with yellow sparkles. It works the same way in versions 1.14 and 1.18.

What you described looks like a modified version of the Kill to Grow made by another player. In some of them, you can endlessly gain exp for emoting anywhere on the map. Players like to have a free exp without doing anything, but in the end, it makes the game totally unbalanced and boring. If you like this kind of gameplay, you should find a lobby with this modified version and save it as a preset. It's called something like "Kill or emote to grow"


Hello! I have a few questions,
How to rename orbs?
Also, how make slowmo time smaller after winner? And is it possible to create more orbs if there is >6 players? Thank you!

Foren creator


  1. You can rename the orbs in the "beginning of the game" rule. Just replace the old names.
  2. Change the "Set Slow Motion(20)" action to "Set Slow Motion(50)" in the "show the winner" to shorten the slowmo time.
  3. This is possible only if you add new rules, actions, and variables similar to "orb 1", "orb 2", and "orb 3" in different places, it's a little harder to explain in words

How do you make it so you keep your level on death

Foren creator

Disable "Event Player.level = 1" action in both "player spawned 2" and "player died" rules + add this action to "player spawned 1" rule


Hey how do I make it grow/kill to grow?

Foren creator

Your questions are not very clear. Contact me via Battlenet (add to friends first) and I will help you. My battletag Foren#2660


I did I’m waiting for you to add me sorry


Hey, i have one question, how can i start the gametimer so it's a FFA with maximum kills wins?

Thanks in advance, love this game mode

Foren creator

I've replaced the kill counter with the player's current level, so you need to get it back.

You have to disable a "game pause" rule + disable both "Set Player Score..." actions in "resize" and "player got elim" rules.

If you do everything right, it will work as a normal FFA.


Thank you very much! It workes just as you said.

Me and my friends will enjoy this mode!


i got a question about the thing can i have ur discord
the one in the map doesnt work


also my discord is cash#7247

Foren creator

Foren#2660 is my battletag. Add to friends through the battlenet and I will answer your questions there


ive been seeing these maps with kill to grow 10000x, and it had this code, but whenever i put this code in its the normal kill to grow, how do i make it 10000x?

also, how do you make one hero bound to owner? i really like genji and i wanna know if you can do that

Foren creator

If you want to play the modified x10000 version, save the game you want through the Game Lobby (Press "L" -> Settings -> Save preset) and then create a new game with this preset.

I already wrote about how to make a hero selection below in the comments.


my friend made it so he can press f as the owner of the game and level up for nothing how do u do that im trying to troll my friend with it


i will use it in a only in a only friends lobby
since i only want to troll my friend with it

Foren creator

This is not the first time I have been asked about something like this. Sorry, I don't want to give a code that allows players to cheat. I'm afraid that many broken lobbies will appear in the game, and other players will copy their settings, thinking that this is the normal version.


How do I make it so you can pick a hero instead of randomly get it

Foren creator

Settings > Modes > All

Allow hero switching > Enabled
Respawn as random hero > Disabled
Respawn time scalar > 30 % (so that you can change heroes during respawn)

But it makes the game boring and unbalanced


Great game mode. Hosted a lobby today for 8 hours and only one time a player managed to get to level 45, others mostly lvl 20-25. Balancing is defo better in the newer versions.

The only thing I personally disabled is the "slow motion" event when someone uses megapunch. I feel that can be jarring when lvl 1s are megapunching each other, its kind of irrelevant to focus on that. Maybe only have the cam focus/slow mo when a giant 20+ is hit with it.

Another suggestion is maybe a time based aging mechanic. For example. When a player hits level 40, He will start decreasing XP. But if players attack him and then he will attack back regaining XP. At the same time this could lead to a crazy giant attacking everyone to keep his level . Possibly a interesting mechanic if thoughtout right. I do not know the limitations of the Workshop engine though.

Foren creator

Thanks for the comment about slow motion! I wanted this to be a signal to all players to start an attack. But I didn't take into account that so many players would use mega punch against small targets. I will definitely change this in the next update.

The aging mechanic looks interesting, but I have the same concerns about the crazy giant attacking everyone. I am currently considering a few other ideas that should motivate big players to get small again by their own will.


lol A whole 180 there +anti lvl 10 jk
Nice update


Is there a way to make host level up for free?? I'm trying to make a game with peaceful giants but literally everyone targets me before I can get to level 10 so I can't control the game.


I personally host and spectate lobbies when I can, to keep the bullies/abuse out and keep it fun. It would be beneficial If I could sprinkle some love (XP) on a struggling player or someone positive. OR even some poison on a bully! However, this could be abused if lobbies are passed to the wrong person or could just be seen as unfair. So it's a no go !

but, I don't see things that give someone a advantage being supported natively in the game mode. You'll probably have to do your own hackery! Your idea seems relatively simple to do yourself.


Dude thats kinda assanine

Foren creator

I didn't add any special features for the host, because that would be unfair to other players.
You can try adding the rule yourself using the "Event Player.reward" variable and "Event Player == Host Player" condition.


I love the mega punch dude
Fog was A little too good at killing larger targets
Maybe give the top 2/top 3 biggest heroes in the fog speed buffs depending on their level? anyways this lil agar.io thingy ya got here is turnin into its own game 👍

Foren creator

Thanks, dude! I'm glad you like the mega punch. It works really well. But I die inside every time I see players using this against level 1 instead of real giants.

Many players don't understand how invisibility works and leave the game. So I decided to remove the fog and concentrate on new features like the grappling hook. Maybe I will change the fog and return it later in a different form.


Thank you for replying


Could you do Kill to grow except on teams? I've been trying to do this but I'm not very good at scripting and do not know how to balance it so that if the other team is really far ahead the dwarfs can make a comeback (maybe if when the other team is at 25 kills ahead they get a buff?) - basically what I've made so far is that at 50 kills one team wins, I'm also using a older version of kill to grow so most of you're updates are not there.

Foren creator

Yes, it will be very difficult to balance. Maybe I'll try something similar after finishing everything I came up with for a regular Kill to Grow. But so far, I don't think teams will make this game more fun.


Could you maybe make a version of this where level is maintained even when dying? A sucky player like me cant seem to get past level 5 without the 10+ bullies stomping all over me

Foren creator

In this scenario, the bullies would become even more dangerous. Because when you get to level 5 they will take level 30 and never get small again. I have considered various options for maintaining exp after death, but they all harm the game in some way.

A few tips for you:
• Use the shelter more often
• Always look around and listen to sounds to notice the big exp orb before anyone else
• When you see two big players fighting, hit both, and then attack the bigger one. Whoever wins you will get exp for another one


This games is really fun but at Level 30 and up the peacefull giants can attack when ever they want. At least this happened to me.

Foren creator

You probably played some old version of the game without this feature (1.00 - 1.07). Most people create lobbies by copying settings from older versions. But I recommend using the "RONRY" code to create a game.

Giants can cheat in newer versions too. Some of them come close to other players to take damage and become aggressive again. The best way to punish such players is to leave them alone in the lobby and go to another one.

I don't want to put any more restrictions on big players. Because being able to crush everyone around is the main reward for winning this game. But players use this reward in different ways.


Feels much better so far. People have adapted, but some games still go where the lobby ignores the top player.

Strategies I've seen win are:

  • Sombra stealths around
  • Tracer blink meeles everything to death
  • Ranged heroes with damage mitigation (healing/meatshield) kill from the edge of the map (Soldier [heal], Baptiste [heal, disk], Ashe [Bob as meatshield], DVa [get back in mech], Ana [self ult]

I think some heroes need a bit of a boost:

  • Bastion: everyone's favorite easy kill
  • Sigma: can't compete with long range
  • Torbjörn: I wouldn't think he'd be bad, but I've never seen someone do well with him
  • Lucio: I hesitate with, but at least disable the ult if it's going to be useless
  • Zarya: you need range for this mode, unless you can hit with right click you're ineffective
  • Symmetra: what range?
  • Doomfist: the weird cooldown mechanic with punch can leave you stranded to die, cannot compete with ranged heroes
  • Hanzo: once you get big it becomes nigh impossible to hit small targets at range
  • Reinhardt: everyone's second favorite target that struggles to hit anything
  • Moira: I've never seen a Moira reach a medium size, range and self healing issues
Foren creator

Thanks for the detailed feedback! This was very useful for me!

It's my fault that I didn't notice that Lucio's ult is useless. I'll fix it.

I will make all heroes on your list much more playable in today's 1.0.8 update. Except for Symmetra and Zarya. They become very annoying after growing up.

I'm also going to test the new mechanic for giants, so this will change the way we think about big players in the lobby.


Recently very popular, starts off interesting but can quickly devolve into the top players playing favorites with the lobby or just one tapping every player, unable to ever be contested by others as there is no upper limit.

Foren creator

I added an upper limit of 25 levels in version 1.02, so players win if they reach level 25. But there are still many open games with the old rules.

The best tactic for dealing with big players is to shoot them together from the house. But first, collect yellow orbs to raise your level to 3 or 4.

It takes time for players to learn to team up against a big enemy

Update Log (12)

Become a star

"Kill to Grow" is about getting big. But after becoming big, the player loses the goal of the game. I want to motivate the winners to start over from level 1 and continue to compete with other players. This is why I added a new feature.

After becoming a peaceful giant, you can hold down the "R" key (Reload) for 1 second to become a star. You will die after that, but a star with your nickname will appear in the sky. Multiple wins will give you multiple stars. These stars will be visible even if you leave the game, so everyone will know about your victory.

After each respawn, you will receive one additional level for every star you own (up to three free levels). For example, you have reached level 20 three times and created three stars. This means that after each death you will immediately respawn at level 4 (instead of level 1). Each additional star (4th, 5th, etc.) will give an additional +1 exp.

Other changes:

  • Mega Punch slows down the time based on target size.
  • Fixed a bug where the numbers above Sombra's head remained visible during stealth.

Climb the giant

"Attack on Titan" becomes real. All heroes have a grappling hook now!
Press F (Interact button) near the giant to climb on it.

  • You must be level 1-10 to use the grappling hook.
  • The giant must be at least 10 levels bigger than you to be able to hold you.
  • You cannot use the grappling hook at the same time as other abilities.
  • The hook has a small cooldown.
  • You will fall if you hit your carrier.

If you are a giant and someone climbed onto you, just crouch (Ctrl) to get rid of the parasites.

You can cooperate with the giant by becoming a turret on its shoulder (imagine a Bastion flying on Echo). Or hide on the Widow's butt and use a Mega Punch when she least expects it. Keep experimenting!

I hope this feature will entertain you and change the way you see level 20+ players.

Mega Punch

All players in the lobby must work together to defeat the giant. But not all players understand this. That's why the giant becomes unkillable after a certain level.

I want to give a solo player the power to show that a giant is not invincible. And this power is Mega Punch!

You can now pick up a special buff called Mega Punch. When you have it, your next melee will deal damage equal to half of the enemy's current health. No matter how big the enemy is, you can take down half of his HP with one hit. It should inspire other players to attack together. Just wait for the right moment to use your secret weapon.

If you see a player on fire, stay away from him, because that means he has a Mega Punch.

Share your EXP

Say "Hello" while looking at a level 1-3 player to give him 1 EXP. This only works if you have at least one yellow circle at the top left. You can support small players during the attack on the giant. Or, you can become a good giant by giving EXP to your little followers. There are many more ways to use this feature and I'm wondering how it will affect the gameplay.

Please note that you need to wait about 5 seconds after the previous communication before saying "Hello".

P.S. Blue fog is turned off by default as it annoyed players. But it's still available in the game settings

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