Kill to Grow 👑


This is an style FFA deathmatch for 12 players with one BIG difference.

You start as a tiny dwarf with low HP and small damage. But with each level up you increase in size and become more powerful.

Grow to TITAN size and crush your enemies like insects!

  • Kill enemy heroes to gain EXP. You get more EXP for a bigger enemies
  • For those who like to solve problems peacefully, there are yellow orbs all over the map. Collect orbs to gain EXP
  • The healing efficiency decreases with each level. But you fully restore your HP when you level up
  • There is a shelter for level 1-5 players on the field. You take no damage while standing inside this shelter. But beware, the shelter changes its location!
  • I also added a jump pad to make some heroes more useful

Work in progress. I made a lot of balance improvements to adapt heroes to the new gameplay. All changes make sense, even if they make a hero feel too weak or OP compared to a regular Overwatch. Feel free to share your suggestions for improving balance!


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Azelous *

Recently very popular, starts off interesting but can quickly devolve into the top players playing favorites with the lobby or just one tapping every player, unable to ever be contested by others as there is no upper limit.

Foren creator

I added an upper limit of 25 levels in version 1.02, so players win if they reach level 25. But there are still many open games with the old rules.

The best tactic for dealing with big players is to shoot them together from the house. But first, collect yellow orbs to raise your level to 3 or 4.

It takes time for players to learn to team up against a big enemy

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