Kill to Grow 👑

The original and most balanced "Kill to Grow" game mode

Kill to Grow is an agar.io style FFA deathmatch with random heroes.

Start small and weak. Get bigger and stronger the more you kill.

Grow to TITAN size and crush your enemies like insects!


Kill enemy heroes to gain exp. You get more exp for a bigger enemies.
For those who like to solve problems peacefully, there are yellow orbs all over the map. Collect orbs to gain exp.

Health and shields

The healing efficiency decreases with each level. But you fully restore your HP when you level up.
Also, all heroes have regenerating shields.

The shelter

There is a shelter for level 1-5 players on the field. You take no damage while standing inside this house. But beware, the shelter changes its location!

Removing boring heroes

Remove heroes you don't want to play by pressing Q + E. You can remove up to 7 different heroes.


Use any emote inside EMOTE=EXP sparkling area to get free exp.
You get 1 exp for every second you perform an emote. But you only get it after animation ends, so be careful! Bigger players gain exp more slowly.
Kill your opponents who are trying to collect all the sparkles or dance with them to share the reward.

Peaceful giants

The player wins after reaching level 20. But the game doesn't stop. The winner will become a peaceful giant.
He cannot attack anyone until someone hits him first. If the giant does not receive damage within 5 seconds, it becomes peaceful again. A green outline around a giant means it is peaceful.

You can change the level of becoming a Peaceful Giant in the game settings.

Mega Punch

You can pick up a special buff called Mega Punch. When you have it, your next melee will deal damage equal to half of the enemy's current health. No matter how big the enemy is, you can take down half of his HP with only one hit. It should inspire other players to attack together. Just wait for the right moment to use your secret weapon.
If you see a player on fire, stay away from him, because that means he has a Mega Punch.

Climb the giant

Press F (Interact button) near the giant to climb on it with a grappling hook.

  • You must be level 1-10 to use the grappling hook.
  • The giant must be at least 10 levels bigger than you to be able to hold you.
  • You cannot use the grappling hook at the same time as other abilities.
  • The hook has a small cooldown.
  • You will fall if you hit your carrier.
  • If you are a giant and someone climbed onto you, just crouch (Ctrl) to get rid of the parasites.

You can cooperate with the giant by becoming a turret on its shoulder (imagine a Bastion flying on Echo). Or hide on the Widow's butt and use a Mega Punch when she least expects it. Keep experimenting!

Share your exp

Say "Hello" while looking at a level 1-3 player to give him 1 exp. This only works if you have at least one yellow circle at the top left. You can support small players during the attack on the giant. Or, you can become a good giant by giving exp to your little followers.
Please note that you need to wait about 5 seconds after the previous communication before saying "Hello".

Win and become a star

After becoming a peaceful giant, you can hold down the R key (Reload) for 1 second to become a star. You will die after that, but a star with your nickname will appear in the sky. Multiple wins will give you multiple stars. These stars will be visible even if you leave the game, so everyone will know about your victory.

After each respawn, you will receive one additional level for every star you own (up to three free levels). For example, you have reached level 20 three times and created three stars. This means that after each death you will immediately respawn at level 4 (instead of level 1). Each additional star (4th, 5th, etc.) will give an additional +1 exp.


You get special quests from time to time. Complete them to gain additional exp. But keep in mind that you only have a few minutes to complete the quest before it disappears.


A blue orb called Wings allows you to fly like a bird and kill your opponents from the skies. Hold the Space bar to get off the ground. The smaller you are, the higher you can fly. But don't fly too high, the sun can burn you!

Old Gods

Shadows of old gods appear on the battlefield from time to time. Emote near these shadows to summon the old gods. For every second of worship, you earn favor points. If you get killed, you will lose half of the points. When the old god is summoned into this world, he will give his power to the player with the most favor points.

Once you have been chosen, you can use your Melee to mark a target for the old god. Manage to destroy your enemies before the old god leaves this world!

The only way to kill the old god is to kill all of his followers. When you kill the player with the most favor, the old god gives his power to the next player with the most favor.

Hocus Pocus

Pick up the Hocus Pocus power-up and use Crouch to disappear like Houdini. After a couple of seconds, you will appear in another random place on the battlefield. This ability is restored after each level up.

Treasure Hunt

Want to find some treasure? First, you need to find a treasure map. You will be able to open the map only after the next respawn. The location of the treasure is marked with a spray. Find your spray on the battlefield and use Melee to dig it up. Treasure chest gives a huge amount of EXP. The more players in the game, the more EXP you will find!

Please note that you cannot change heroes during the treasure hunt. And don't place another spray on the ground because the original spray will disappear.

Work in progress

I made a lot of balance improvements to adapt heroes to the new gameplay. All changes make sense, even if they make a hero feel too weak or OP compared to a regular Overwatch. Feel free to share your suggestions for improving balance!

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.24

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