Overwatch, but ALL Heroes have stuns!

Stun them with both your looks and your powers.

Stuns are pretty dreadful in Overwatch 2. Cass' Flashbang, Brigitte's Shield Bash, and many others suffered from having their stuns removed in the transition from Overwatch to OW 2. And since then, stuns have been a topic of hot debate. Because if one hero has a stun, they're basically the most broken hero to ever exist (At least until Blizzard nerfs them.) But, as the age-old saying goes...

"If everyone's broken, then nobody's broken."

So what if every hero had a stun? That's what this Workshop game mode plans to find out!

Check out the video here!


  • All heroes have a gauge on the top left that indicates their Stun Meter. Fill it up, and the next hit you deal to your enemy will stun them! Yes, it's really that simple.
  • Heroes which previously had stuns in Overwatch 1 have them return either in their (semi) original glory, or in a revamped fashion to better fit their new abilities.
  • Heroes that never had stuns before get to reap the enjoyment of stunning their opponent! Most heroes now have some way of stunning their opponent, be it with their abilities or the aforementioned Stun Meter.
  • Some heroes even have unique, new abilities specifically designed for stunning...

Expect some bugs, mainly with the HUD.

Specific Hero Features


Sleep Dart
  • Lasts twice as long.

Biotic Grenade
  • Provides overhealth to allies.

  • Enemies affected by Biotic Greneade take posion damage over time.

Regenerative Burst
  • Now stuns enemies.

  • Provides slight overhealth to you. (This doesn't affect allies.)

Whip Shot
  • Now stuns enemies.

Shield Bash
  • Now stuns enemies.

Swift Step
  • Enemies near Kiriko after Swift Step's teleport are stunned.

Protection Suzu
  • Now stuns enemies and grants brief invincibility to affected enemies.

  • Now stuns enemies.

Sound Barrier
  • Now stuns enemies within Sound Barrier's activation raidus.

Caduceus Blaster
  • Now stuns enemies.

Caduceus Staff
  • Healing or Damage-Boosting passively generates Stun Charge for you and your healing target.

Biotic Orb
  • Damage Orb now briefly disable enemy abilities.

  • Stuns enemies near your after reappearance.


Workshopper Comments: Lifeweaver's a bit of a buggy mess within the Workshop, so I came up with cooler use-case for his abilites.

Thorn Volley
  • Hits now slows enemies.

Afflictive Thorns (New Ability)
  • Replaces the Stun Meter.

  • Build it up to further slow down a single target.

  • Provides slight overhealth to you upon activation.

  • Now stuns enemies within its activation raidus.

Orb of Discord
  • Enemies afflicted by Orb of Discord have their abilities disabled everytime they take damage.

  • Additonally, they are stunned should you deal damage to them.

  • Now stuns enemies within its radius every 1.5 seconds.


The Viper
  • Scoped shots set enemies on fire.

Coach Gun
  • Now stuns and sets enemies on fire,

A-36 Tactical Grenade
  • Now stuns enemies. A direct stick stuns for longer.


Workshopper's Note: Welcome back, Flashbang. We did not miss you.

Magnetic Grenade
  • Stuck enemies are stunned and cannot heal for the duration of the stun, but have slight damage resistance whilst the stun lasts.

Focusing Beam
  • Now slows and disable enemy abilites as long as they are over half health.

Swift Strike
  • Now stuns enemies.

  • Now stuns enemies.

Sonic Arrow
  • Stuns enemies and sends them flying at a vertical angle.

Storm Arrows
  • Now briefly stuns enemies at the cost of less arrows and reduced damage while active.


Workshopper's Note: Why is it called Concussion Mine if it doesn't even concuss the enemy?! (See also: Pharah)

Concussion Mine
  • Now stuns enemies.

Steel Trap
  • Has an additonal, electric Damage Over Time.


Workshopper's Note: Mei finally tuned her Endothermic Blaster to freeze her enemies again. However, she had to ditch her Stun Meter in order to do so.

Endothermic Blaster
  • Now freezes enemies. Replaces the Stun Meter.

Cryo Freeze
  • Freezes enemies nearby upon activation. Heals a flat 50 HP. You cannot stay in Cryo Freeze.


Workshopper's Note: Why is it called Concussive Blast if it doesn't even concuss?! (See also: Junkrat.)

Concussive Blast
  • Now stuns enemies.

The Reaping
  • Dealing damage while at full HP grants slight overhealth at the cost of reduced Stun Meter charge.

Wraith Form
  • Staying near enemies while in Wraith Form will freeze them after a short while.

  • Alt Fire will always stuns enemies.

Disruptor Shot
  • Siphions your enemy's Stun Meter and charges your Stun Meter.

Soldier: 76
Helix Rockets
  • Now stuns enemies and reduces Biotic Field cooldown upon dealing damage. Reduces primary fire damage while cooldown is active.

  • Grants brief damage resistance for a short time.


Workshopper's Note: Since Sombra's all about being sneaky, why not add an ability that compliments her stealth? Trust me, it's more balanced than you think it is.

Backdoors (New Ability)
  • While within dectection range (When the Dectected! text pops up), press your melee button Backdoors. This will stun the closest enemy and hack them. Goes on a cooldown.

  • Now stuns enemies within activation radius.


Workshopper's Note: Symmetra doesn't like the unsophisticated Stun Meter. Thanks to some Vishkar upgrades, she has her own stunning mechanism: Gleaming Light.

Gleaming Light (New Ability)
  • Replaces the Stun Meter.

  • Dealing damage charges Gleaming Light. When full, the affected enemy is stunned and rooted for a short while.

Sentry Turret
  • Can contribute to Gleaming Light Charge.

  • Dealing damage while in Overload will set enemies on fire.

Deploy Turret
  • Now sets enemies on fire while Torbjörn is in Overload.

  • Now stuns enemies nearby after Recall.

Pulse Bomb
  • Now stuns enemies at the cost of temporarily reducing your damage.

Drill Dash
  • Now stuns enemies.

  • Now stuns enemies.

Tectonic Shock
  • Now stuns enemies.

Widow's Kiss
  • Scoped Headshots now stun and apply a poison Damage Over Time at the cost of reduced damage.

Venom Mine
  • Affected enemies cannot use their abilites for its duration.

  • Enhances Widow's Kiss: Scoped Headshots while using Infra-Sight stun for longer and deal more poison DoT.


Seismic Slam
  • Now stuns enemies.

Rocket Punch
  • Now stuns enemies.
Micro Missiles
  • Now briefly stuns enemies. Damage is reduced.

Light Gun
  • Each shot with Light Gun stuns. The weapon is briefly disabled for each shot landed.


Workshopper's Note: Ramattra's abilities are pretty oppressive without stun, so instead, he has a unique stun meter.

Nano-Bot Swarm (New Ability)
  • Replaces the Stun Meter.

  • Any damage Ramattra deals (minus Melee) builds up Nano-Bot Swarm. When fully built, the affect enemy is Rooted and takes damage over time. After being activated, Nano-Bot Swarm is disabled for a short while before being reactivated.

Junker Queen
Commanding Shout
  • Enemies within Commanding Shout's activation radius are stunned.

  • Now stuns enemies.


Workshopper's Note: Have fun!

Energy Javelin
  • Deals electric damage over time.

Javelin Spin
  • Now stuns enemies.

  • Now confuses the enemy, and then stuns them. For longer, of course.

Fire Strike
  • Now stuns enemies and applies a burning damage over time.

Take A Breather
  • Now provides a small healing aura for teammates.

Chain Hook
  • Roadhog stole some of Mei's technology. Now freezes target.

  • Freeze gives target damage reduction. Because Roadhog might've overtuned the freeze effect.

Pig Pen
  • Now roots any enemies hit by Pig Pen.

Kinetic Grasp
  • Will always provide slight overhealth regardless if any damage was absorbed.

  • Now uses a mixture of minerals that knock enemies unconscious upon contact.

Jump Pack
  • Now stuns enemies within radius.

Primal Rage
  • Deals 50% more damage and stun with each hit Each swing has a cooldown.

Wrecking Ball
  • Any damage dealt while in Ball Form will stun enemies. Yes, that includes Minefield.

  • Now stuns enemies.

Cardiac Overdrive
  • Enemies within Cardiac Overdrive's activation radius are stunned.

Particle Cannon
  • Secondary Fire now provides a stun.

  • Secondary Fire now has a cooldown after firing. (1.5 seconds.)

Particle Barrier
  • Any damage dealt while using Particle Barrier is given an electric damage over time.

Projected Barrier
  • The same as the above is applied when any ally has Projected Barrier.

This gamemode was made public May 11th, 2024, and last updated May 11th, 2024.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: Version 1.01


Interact + While In Spawn
General Gamemode Information + Hero-Specific Changes
Melee + While In Spawn
Hero Specific Changes
Melee Stun
+ While In Spawn
General Gamemode Information + Hero-Specific Changes
+ While In Spawn
Hero Specific Changes
Melee Stun
+ While In Spawn
General Gamemode Information + Hero-Specific Changes
+ While In Spawn
Hero Specific Changes
Melee Stun
+ While In Spawn
General Gamemode Information + Hero-Specific Changes
+ While In Spawn
Hero Specific Changes
Melee Stun
+ While In Spawn
General Gamemode Information + Hero-Specific Changes
+ While In Spawn
Hero Specific Changes
Melee Stun

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