Partner Puzzles (Busan)

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General Information

This is edition 3 of the Partner Puzzles series, if you haven't yet I recommend you try the first two versions before doing this one as certain elements require assumed knowledge of game mechanics from the previous versions.

You and a friend must work together to find your way to the exit (the green vortex effect) in order to complete a challenge. Challenges are intended to be cryptic in nature and expect players to determine what to do in order to proceed. The gamemode will start once both players have spawned in.


  • DO NOT HOST PUBLICALLY! This mode does not support players leaving/joining midgame and will break some things if this occurs
  • This gamemode is designed specifically for two players! DO NOT ADD MORE

Recovering Lost Progress

Check the Workshop Settings tab and input the challenge number and mystery orb count you were up to.

Feature Updates

This version brings a few new additions:


Earn score by completing challenges or finding mystery orbs. The faster you are, the higher the score. Your score is evaluated at the end and you are given a rank depending on how well you did


The match timer now tracks how long you've been playing. It even tracks hours!

Known Issues

  • None at this time


If you find a bug, want to provide feedback or see what's upcoming next for the Partner Puzzles series check out my discord! Link here.

Categories: Minigames
Heroes: All
Maps: Busan
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Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.4

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