Partner Puzzles (Busan)


General Information

This is edition 3 of the Partner Puzzles series, if you haven't yet I recommend you try the first two versions before doing this one as certain elements require assumed knowledge of game mechanics from the previous versions.

You and a friend must work together to find your way to the exit (the green vortex effect) in order to complete a challenge. Challenges are intended to be cryptic in nature and expect players to determine what to do in order to proceed. The gamemode will start once both players have spawned in.


  • DO NOT HOST PUBLICALLY! This mode does not support players leaving/joining midgame and will break some things if this occurs
  • This gamemode is designed specifically for two players! DO NOT ADD MORE

Recovering Lost Progress

If in the event something goes wrong, use the "Force Specific Challenge" dev tool to reload the game at a challenge.
1) Enable the rule "Force Specific Challenge (DEV TOOL)" by ticking the box next to it then clicking the button with the two circles at the top of the editor
2) Disable the rule "Start Gamemode!"
3) Change the challenge variable to the challenge number you were up to
4) Change the subroutine in the "Start Rule" action to the number you were up to (this will load the challenge)
5) If the challenge is greater than 7, enable the action "create dummy bot" and the action below it
6) If the challenge is greater than 9, enable the action which sets "Bot Control" to true
7) Start the game then once both players have spawned in, press interact and crouch together as the host player

Feature Updates

This version brings a few new additions:


Earn score by completing challenges or finding mystery orbs. The faster you are, the higher the score. Your score is evaluated at the end and you are given a rank depending on how well you did


The match timer now tracks how long you've been playing. It even tracks hours!

Known Issues

  • There's no big message for Challenge 1


If you find a bug, want to provide feedback or see what's upcoming next for the Partner Puzzles series check out my discord! Link here.

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Current version | 1.0.3

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Hi again!

My friend and I were stuck on level 13 and I think we grabbed the blue orb too soon and got a message saying that we "decided to jump" and the orb shattered. It did not respawn again. Did we bug out?

TehFoot creator

Oops I think I made another mistake trying to fix the other one lol. Patched it.


Hey, me and a friend has beat the entire game with mystery orbs too and we cant seem to figure out how to beat the last optional phase for collecting the mystery orbs.


Big fan of the series. Keep up the great work ☻


hey i haven't played this map yet but me and my friend have played the last 2 puzzle maps and gotten the secret level on Havana. I just wanted to say that we love them and if you ever need to people on ps4 to play test anything we would love to do that. can't wait to play this one.

Update Log (4)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a mistake caused by previous patch resulting in a softlock on challenge 13 if a player touched the blue orb before certain criteria was met

Bug Fixes

Fixed an oversight allowing players to connect the blue orb prematurely resulting in a softlock on challenge 13


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the dummy bot would sometimes not spawn in the correct position in challenge 7
  • Fixed a mistake in the steps for recovering lost progress
  • Fixed a typo in the general description
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