Dead Ops Arcade WIP


This is a unfinished mode of dead ops arcade, I plan on finishing it but i Wish to see how much traction it gets and if people are intrested in it ill focus it more.

Currently, there are a few things involved.

3 perks, a mystery box and a ammo machanic

Ammo is bugged but its meant to be currently a team ammo pool but it always starts with random amounts.
There are 2 ways of moving, 1 will be your default movement, which is after you shoot you face north but when youre shooting you always face the zombie meaning you should always hold S to run away while shooting

Sadly the aiming is tricky due to the game not being able to seperate the players looking position and the cameras position. while that being said, there is no aiming and you have total aimbot from a bird eye prespective.


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