Currently, there are a few things involved.
This mode is a top down shooter survival, you play as soldier 76 and have auto aim.

Use Crouch and interact to use the store, which is the perks in the bottom right HUD

  • 3 perks, each time you ultimate as soldier you get to become a new hero for 30 seconds
    and when you die as that hero you will switch back to soldier.

  • Manual aim mode is used for abilities and aiming ultimates, please dont use for regular play

  • fixed several stability issues, you will notice score acting slower and zombie spawn rates dropping at higher player numbers

currently, theres different bots each 5 waves, up to wave 70,

  • brig zombies
  • torb zombies
  • rien zombies
  • doomfist boss zombie
  • genji blade zombies During challenge waves, they dash at you after they swing

  • Mini primal winston zombies During challenge waves they jump at you when they are too far away

  • moira zombies She teleports at you no matter what wave, making her a bigger threat than winston

  • zenyatta zombie Uses trans when he falls below half health, and discord orbs the nearest player. kicks if close

eventually will add boss types between each 10 rounds

The 3 perks:

  • Damage, is the obvious go to, but its not the only, Juggernaut doubles your health once, and you need to rebuy it when you go down.

  • Healing dealt is important due to the fact that your passive healing dealt is effected by it, If you buy 300+ healing dealt your passive health regen starts much sooner, making you survive much more attacks.

  • juggernaut doubles your health, but use it wisely due to the fact you will lose it when you get downed, sometimes its more wise to get damage first off since wave 5 is hard to beat at low damage.

Now includes cheats: change score, set what wave you start at, and what hero you start as. just open the settings and click workshop settings, the orange one and set things how you like. really useful if the gamemode crashes!

Players | 1 - 7
Categories: Survival
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 26 more...
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Last updated:

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