Guardian Angels: Revived


This mode introduces a new role where players apply buffs to their teammates instead of fighting directly. This role is called the Guardian Angel role. Holding Interact for a few seconds will swap you to the Guardian Angel role. After switching you'll have the option of selecting a hero that has a Guardian Angel version. Once you select a hero you'll be spectating a teammate. Using your abilities will affect that player in different ways depending on what ability and hero you choose. You can change the target of your abilities by looking in the direction of the teammate you would like to use your abilities on and moving forward or moving backwards to select a random teammate. You can hold Interact at any time to switch back to the player role. Each hero in the Guardian Angel role has their own unique set of abilities. Here are a few:


Primary Fire - Heal the player you're spectating

Secondary Fire - Damage Boost the player you're spectating

Ability 1 - Apply a flash of blinding light to the player being spectated causing enemy fire and abilities directed at them to miss for a very short time

Ability 2 - Apply a burst of additional healing to the player you're spectating. This can be stacked with your primary fire and will persist to the end of its duration even if you switch targets

Jump Ability - A small upward bounce is applied to the player you're spectating

Ultimate - The player you're spectating is resurrected. This can only be used when you're spectating a dead player


Primary Fire - The player you're spectating briefly sets enemies on fire when they deal damage

Secondary Fire - When the player you're spectating is attacked 50% of the damage done will also be done to their attacker

Ability 1 - When the player you're spectating does damage they'll be pulled in the direction of the player they dealt damage to

Ability 2 - The player you're spectating gains 50% life steal for the duration of the ability

Jump Ability - The player you're spectating is pushed away from the nearest enemy

Ultimate - The player you're spectating gains a 300% damage boost

There are a few things that are worth noting about Guardian Angel abilities, so you can utilize them properly. Main abilities, which are abilities triggered by the Guardian Angel player's primary and secondary fire buttons have no cooldown, but can't be used at the same time. Multiple players can't use the same Guardian Angel ability on one player at the same time. Multiple players can trigger both versions of one Guardian Angel hero's main ability at the same time. For example if two Guardian Angel Mercy players are spectating the same player and both try to use their primary fire heal ability the healing won't stack. If one of those two Mercy players switches to their secondary fire damage boost ability the player they're spectating will be healed and damage boosted at the same time. This mode is a little complicated, but it can be quite fun once you figure it out!


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Update Log (2)

  • Sombra and Dva are now available to play as Guardian Angels!
  • Guardian Angels are now visible as a small hero floating behind the player they're spectating!
  • There's now a limit of 1 Guardian Angel per player by default, but this can be changed in the settings!
  • The bug that prevented switching roles before the match started has been fixed!
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