Partner Puzzles (Eichenwalde)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.


The sixth edition of Partner Puzzles has finally arrived! You and a friend must step between realities in order to make your way to the exit (vortex effect)! Challenges are intentionally unclear on their objective but the tools to solve them are there, you just have to figure out what they do and how they assist you. Teamwork is key in this as the solutions will almost always require you both to do something (unless I messed up somehow). Will you be able to get through all 13 challenges?



Earn score as you find secrets and complete challenges. The faster you are at completing them, the more score you get. Your final score is assessed to give you a ranking. Can you get an S-rank?


The mode tracks your time, shown by the ingame match timer. Not shown is how many hours spent, which is shown at the very end. While under testing, blind runthroughs averaged 1 hour and 10 minutes of gametime.

Message Log

Missed a message? That's not a problem anymore! Simply open the workshop inspector to see a history of all the messages. For those unaware, open the escape/pause menu, click "Workshop Inspector" then simply look to the right.


Stuck? Don't need to pester me about what to do anymore (if my hints are actually any decent). Simply communicate "I need help" or "I need healing" to display a hint!


These are hidden within the mode, inside and outside of specific challenges and can unlock additional content! (Or you could just cheat, but that's kinda boring)

Extreme Edition

Want a harder experience? Check it out here!



In the event of interrupted play, such as requiring to leave or having the gamemode spontaneously die on you, you can recover your lost progress under the Workshop Settings tab. This includes recovering the amount of mystery orbs found (if you have no idea what those are, leave it at 0)


You can now change bindings for certain abilities in this mode if the default layout is unintiuitive for you. Certain options aren't allowed and when attempted to load with them set as such then the mode will throw an error code (see below). The controls displayed are the default bindings.

Other Settings

Skip Introduction (self explanatory)
Display Score Breakdown (decides whether to show the different categories score was accumulated from)
Loading Throttle Percentage (decides the amount of slow down the server undergoes while loading a challenge. The higher this value the faster the loading times get at the cost of server stability, potentially risking a crash)
Orb Hunt Mode (disables the exit until the respective challenge's mystery orb is obtained. Additionally, hints are modified to assist in finding them)
Challenge Creation Mode (if this is on, disable it as it prevents the mode from starting)
Allow Hint Pinging (decides whether to allow hints to be displayed)

All other settings in the "Developer" category should remain "OFF". However, aside from the first, these settings can be enabled if you'd wish to.

Error Info

The following errors will prevent the gamemode from starting. This table provides a list indicating what each error means and their workarounds.

Error ID Cause Solution
01 Two or more bindings were set to the same button Change binding settings in workshop settings tab then restart match
02 One or more bindings were set to a non button value Reimport code. If the issue persists, contact me ASAP
03 The "Drop Connection Beam" binding was set to Interact Change binding settings in workshop settings tab then restart match
04 No hint data for current status of challenge Active/deactive one or more switches/puzzle assets.

Known Issues

  • At the start of challenge 11, players are booted back to hero select briefly
  • There is no legitimate way of accessing the UX Challenge
  • Some challenge assets persist between challenges
  • Sometimes in the EX Challenge, some features don't work. This is fixed by exiting and re-entering the menu
  • If timed perfectly, a player can shift planes between challenges
  • The script contains hint data for the removed Shadow Orbs
  • The script contains various references to a secondary Orb Hunt Mode, however it is inaccessible (unless I royally messed up)
  • It may be possible that some hints reference the original design of a challenge as opposed to their reworked design
Players | 2 - 2
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Zarya, Ashe, and 11 more...
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.5


Plane Shift
Reset Dummy Bot Position
Call Dummy Bot To Position
Drop Connection Beam
Plane Shift
Reset Dummy Bot Position
Call Dummy Bot To Position
Drop Connection Beam
Plane Shift
Reset Dummy Bot Position
Call Dummy Bot To Position
Drop Connection Beam
Plane Shift
Reset Dummy Bot Position
Call Dummy Bot To Position
Drop Connection Beam
Plane Shift
Reset Dummy Bot Position
Call Dummy Bot To Position
Drop Connection Beam

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