Zombies Remastered

Zombie survival

In this version of zombies we have 7 different kinds of zombies coming at you. first they are slow walkers, then they get stronger and faster slowly, and then get abilities along the way, but every 5 waves they use their ultimates so watch out for stuns and crazy stuff happening! We also have a power switch added, new balanced economy, higher stability serverside, a ray gun (lucio), and much more! theres plenty of tricks to the gamemode but just remember its always nice to have a tank so you can have the zombies focus someone and live!

Theres also cheats you can try out inside the workshop settings tab

Points work by:
10 per hit
50 body kill
100 headshot
130 melee kill
40 points per second of healing

Zombies stats of zombie
briggette 24 Per swing
Torbjorn 49 per swing AND 142 DPS ultimate
Reinhardt 48 a swing AND 195 on a charge
mini winston 80 damage a swing and is smol
Genji 60 damage a sword hit, and use reflect after hitting player
Moira 60 damage melee, and fade if more than 8 meters away

when you die you lose your extra health, (And pack a punch if not revived) 200 points and 20% of your points if you have over 3000 and if you dont get revived you lose your hero and switch back to cassidy.

  • Your melee now does 300% more damage relative to the set damage of that hero
  • You can only ult once per wave and when you switch to a new hero you will have a ultimate as well.
  • Tanks and healers work amazing together
Perks All perks only buyable once unless the player dies
Juggernaut Gives you double health
sprint burst sets the players default movement speed to be 105% and when you get hit its 180%
healing dealt & health regen sets healing dealt to deal 400% more and your passive healing when you take damage gives you 400 health instead of 100 health
double-mag reloading only uses half a magazine instead of a full magazine
Self revive revives the player once when playing in multiplayer
headshot maniac headshots let the player deal 10% extra damage but bodyshots cause you to lose 2.5% damage scaling up to 400% damage and as low as 50%
pack a punch causes player to deal 2x damage AND sets players ammo to 20 magazines, which helps give more ammo

New wonder weapon added!

  • Winston is now the wonderwaffle, all enemies within 6 meters of the person last stunned will beam freezing to the next person over but winston has lower health and super vulnerable but can forever instakill until he runs out of ammo

Hero changes
Mystery box hero only:have no cooldown on sleep darts and 50% shorter cooldown on biotic granade deal 50% faster healing (all healers)
buyable 1250 points: using bob causes ashe and bob to deal 300% damage
buyable 1250: deal 50% faster healing (all healers) regenerative burst has 25% cooldown
buyable 1750: 50% more damage and reconfiguring ignores the reload
buyable 1750: shorter cooldowns and deal 50% faster healing (all healers)
Buyable 1750 : Now has infinite dva mechs but VERY low health outside of mech AND can shoot without a movement speed deduction also has 300 health maximum (all tanks)
Buyable 1000: 50% shorter cooldowns and no reload on left click
Buyable 1250: deals 300% damage during ultimate and takes 50% less damage
Buyable 1250: has a massive lunge range and no ammo usage on storm arrow
buyable 1250: immune to damage during ultimate and deals 250% damage
Buyable 30,000: has explosive rounds that do 100 damage in 2 meter radius and heals 250% faster AND when pack a punched can deal knockdown to enemies using boop
mystery box only: deals 30% damage and combat rolling uses half a magazine AND pack a punch lets mccree do 420 damage AoE damage in 5 meters and gain 50 magazines when pack a punched
Buyable 1750: is now a flamethrower, does 300% damage and takes 5% of zombies health per second and burns for 10 seconds AND pack a punch causes burn to deal 10% per second for 10 seconds
Buyable 1250: Deals 350% damage and can rez every 2 seconds but doesnt give immunity to teammate while putting self at risk of dying. deal 50% faster healing (all healers)
Buyable 1250: fade has a 200% cooldown time and deals deal 50% faster healing (all healers)
Buyable 1750: has no movement speed nerf when shooting, and has 300 health maximum (all tanks)
Buyable 1000: cant fly but can use boost jets and can deal 250% damage
Buyable 5000: uses half a magazine using wraith but has 175% damage and 20 bullets per clip
Buyable 1750: 200% damage dealt 250% healing recieved and no cooldown on firestrike and is amazing at brawling but risky without juggernaut
Buyable 1750: deals 30% extra damage and no hook cooldown but only heals 100 hp with take a breather
Buyable 1750: ultimate always insta kills and near zero cooldowns with 300% damage dealt
Buyable 1000: has explosive rounds during ultimate
Mystery box hero only: using EMP stuns all zombies and sets them on fire, has double magazine size and more damage
Buyable 1750: using ultimate gives all teammates 600 extra health for the duration of the ultimate
Buyable 1750: can use hammer infinitely and place turrets and torb stuff. lol idk...
Mystery box hero only: 200% clip size added
Buyable 1000: using ultimate enables all teammates to deal 300% damage for the duration of the ultimate
Mystery box hero only: has no jump pack by default or ultimate AND when pack a punch enables both abilities while letting you insta kill anything you shock but can only shoot once before having to reload
Mystery box hero only: has crazy mobility but cant hang from grapple hook and deal more damage
Buyable 1750: near zero cooldown on bubbles 250% damage dealt
Buyable 1000: using trans allows you to move through zombies

If you are intrested in my content and future maps of this kind of content please take a look at my patreon
any amount would help

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:



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