Zombies Remastered

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In this version of zombies we have 3 different kinds of zombies coming at you. first they are slow walkers, then they get stronger and faster slowly, and then get abilities along the way, but every 5 waves they use their ultimates so watch out for stuns and crazy stuff happening! We also have a power switch added, a electric trap added, new balanced economy, higher stability serverside, a ray gun (lucio), and much more! theres plenty of tricks to the gamemode but just remember its always nice to have a tank so you can have the zombies focus someone and live!

Though, it is punishing as well, when you die you lose your extra health, (And pack a punch if not revived) 200 points and 20% of your points if you have over 3000 and if you dont get revived you lose your hero and switch back to mccree. while it does have a risk reward system, if you want to play higher damage per hit heros you get less points but confirm kills, but if you play tracer for example you'll farm points but at the risk of dying.

To play, just buy doors and all other things by pressing "F" or your interact key, and stand over teammates to revive
Your melee now does 500% more damage relative to the set damage of that hero

What makes lucio so special? he does 400 damage per 4x shots and can PaP for more. but most importantly, he is the key to immortality, atleast mostly. after you buy healing dealt you can get over 200 health per second (his default healing dealt is 250%), instantly recovering all damage taken and even get charged by rein and go back to full HP instantly.

You can only ult once per wave and when you switch to a new hero you will have a ultimate as well.

Tanks and healers work amazing together
Points work by:
10 per hit
50 body kill
100 headshot
130 melee kill (120 plus the hit)

Damage of zombies:
briggette = 24 per swing
torb =49 per hammer - ultimate does 142.4 damage per second
rienheart =48 per swing - 195 on charge

The waves go:
1-5 = briggette
6 - 10 = torb - briggette
11 - 20 = Torb
21 - 30 = Torb - Rein
31 - ALL = Torb - Rein - briggette

New perks added!
headshot maniac:
if you land a headshot you get 10% more damage, if you land a bodyshot you lose 5% starting at 50% up to 400% but can not be combined with pack a punch and can be lost if you go down, much more high risk high return for only 4000 points

Self revive:
as the name implies you can now revive yourself in multiplayer but you can only buy and use it once for 1000 points!

New wonder weapon added!
Winston is now the wonderwaffle, all enemies within 6 meters of the person last stunned will beam freezing to the next person over but winston has lower health and super vulnerable but can forever instakill
Mei's ultimate also in effect can insta kill!


  • added pack a punch machine instead of flat damage boost (makes for much harsher high rounds
  • made mccree have explosive rounds when pack a punched (buggy during challenge waves)
  • soldier 76's ultimate does explosive rounds since his ult felt useless
  • mei now has left click again but does 30% damage, with 5% health per second from enemy and lights them on fire while no longer freezing, with PaP you do 10% damage per second with a longer linger
  • buffed reaper, as his damage felt underwhelming even with his short cooldowns
  • healers now do 150% healing while tanks recieve 50% healing (roadhog 33%) to balance them out and make healers feel important
  • all zombies will get their ultimates around 4 hits if the players dont kill them at any round to make tanks feel pressure even if they are high health with regen
  • buffed headshot maniac to start with 200% to feel more viable
  • just a little more bot movement to keep them from seeming too small brained. now they move right, left and crouch every so often, with a little backwards.
  • buffed lucio - now can pack a punch to have the thundergun effect (knock down enemies infront of him for 4 seconds)
  • HUGE FIX FOR LATE WAVES- made all waves past wave 12 only have 28 zombies due to the low count of standing zombies out at a time, to keep a flow going
  • added in new ultimate mechanic. you will only be able to ultimate once per wave, but if you switch heros you can get a new ultimate. -fixed effects -passive healing is now a 1 time purchase of 6000 points and can be lost on death to feel more consistant with other perks. but now sets your healing to 400% healing dealt -fixed passive healing bug
Categories: Survival
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Maps: King's Row
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