[V1.3] Saving Mercy (PvE Game mode)

Older versions:

  • Version 1.2: NX4EP
  • Version 1.1: EZKNY
  • Version 1.0: MWPYY


Version 1.3:

  • Updated GUI
  • Bosses and zenyata bots got nerfed
  • Now there's 3 terminals in the game instead of 4 to decrease the play time
  • Now the game uses the default timer instead of a custom timer
  • Decreased the server load by optimizing the core
  • Fixed a bug when mercy can't sleep before reviving her
  • Fixed a bug where the objective description shows two different tasks
  • Fixed a bug that the game teleports players two times at the begining of the match to spawn them
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.2:

  • Added a weird orb that damages nearest players in the locations of terminal 3 and 4 to make it a little bit harder to unlock them
  • Now players can change the hero and get heals in the custom spawn room
  • Fixed a bug when sometimes zenyata bots and bosses get stuck
  • Fixed a bug that caused zenyata bots explode before they reach mercy
  • Now the game will warn players not to escort the payload and group up with mercy

Version 1.1:

  • Fixed a bug that caused mercy to be kicked from the game if a player joins the match
  • Now the game will show a warning if the selected map is not Dorado
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.0:

  • First release


In this game mode, players have to protect wounded mercy by killing zombie zenyatas and getting the potion to revive her. to get the potion, players have to kill 4 bosses. When they die, they should grab their keycard and enter them in the terminals. after unlocking the terminals, they should pick up the potion and give it to mercy to revive her. after reviving mercy, they should follow her and defeat the final bosses to finish the game.


  • Lobby
  • Which map: This game mode is only playable on Dorado map.
  • Which team: All of the players must be in Team 2, otherwise the game won’t start and a warning will be showed to the players to be in Team 2.
  • Which game mode: Escort (but players should not actually excort the payloads, learn more in the Gameplay - Beginner’s Guide section) also you can practice in the waiting for players.
  • After starting the game
  • Players can practice while waiting for the other players. after all of the 4 slots filled, the game will start automatically.

Gameplay - Beginner’s Guide

The battlefield location is in the room beside the first spawn room of the enemy team in Dorado map (from now on, we’ll call it the main room). When the game starts, Players have to go to the main room (forget about the payload because escorting the payload is not the goal of this game and won’t declare victory by escorting it). Zenyata bots will enter the main room from 3 entrances and they will come to mercy. If they reach mercy, they will be exploded and damage mercy (they also shoot the players but they don’t damage them a lot). Every 2 minutes, a boss (Orisa) will show up from the enemy’s spawn room and she will only aim at the players (she won’t aim at mercy). After Killing the boss, a keycard will be droped and players can pick up the keycard by pressing the Interact button. after that, the game will show the locations of the terminals and the player that holds the keycard should approach to the terminal and press interact key multiple times to unlock it. after unlocking all of the terminals, a potion will be released and one of the players should bring that potion to mercy to revive her. after reviving mercy, she will become your teammate and players have to follow her (she’ll guide the players to the final battle) and then, two bosses will show up and players have to kill them to win the game.


Difficulty will be set based on the number of the players. because a fixed difficulty will be easy to complete by 4 players and it will be hard to complete by 2 players. You can change the zenyata’s difficulty in the Settings/Heros/Zenyata/Team1. but for bosses, you have to change it in the workshop script. There are two rules in the script by the name of “Setting the difficulties for the first boss” and “Setting the difficulties for the final bosses”, you can edit them based on the number of the players.


1. It’s really hard to play!

  • Actually, if players choose at least one healer and a tank, it won’t be too hard to win the game. but you can never win the game with 4 DPSs because of the bosses :slight_smile:

2. What is the best team composition to beat this game mode?

  • For healers, Baptiste, Ana and Moira (Especially Baptiste because of his immortality filed)
  • For DPSs, You can choose anyone but symmetra or torbjorn will be good option because their turrets will prevent zenyata bots to reach mercy
  • For tanks, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Sigma and Orisa are good options (Especially Roadhog because he can prevent zenyatas to reach mercy by his ultimate when the bosses is in the battlefield)

3. Can I edit or use a part of your code?

  • Feel free to edit and use my code. I don’t really mind because I created this game mode just for fun. I’ll be happy if you extend this mode to the other maps or extend the phases of the game.

Known bugs

Version 1.3:

  1. After reviving mercy and before reaching the final bosses, If a player joins the match, mercy will be probably kicked from the game and players will not be able to win the game (Because mercy has to reach the final battlefield) - Actually this is a bug that dummy bots have. I hope blizzard fix this. but you can prevent this bug by changing the lobby’s privacy settings to “Invite Only” after reviving mercy.
  2. In the last battle with final bosses, Mercy might not heal a player with lowest health.

JustMonika#2772 (In one of the rules of the script, I used a rule called “Update closest player to a bot” from another game mode called AI vs Deathmatch (By CaptCapitan) I wrote his name in the name of the rules for credit. thanks to him/her :heart:)

I’ll be happy to hear your opinions and recommendations :slight_smile: Have fun!


Categories: Boss Mode, Survival, PvE
Tags: pve mercy
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Dorado
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.3



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