Disc Golf


Disc Golf in Overwatch! Throw the disc with your mouse, like a real disc, with curving trajectories and varying strength. Be gentle, smooth, and remember to follow through.

Includes two courses: Blizzard World and Eichenwalde.

More to come...

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Tags | golf
Heroes | All
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Current version | 0.6


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Update Log

  • Fix bugs relating to effects and dummy bots. It should be more reliable as players join and leave.
  • Redesign and expand Blizzard World course.
  • Various tidying.
  • Added Eichenwalde course.
  • Various fixes and enhancements.

Several improvements, including additions to Blizzard World course. New Eichenwalde course coming soon...

  • Add more holes on Blizzard World.
  • Fix last-throw HUD.
  • Add 6th hole on Blizzard World.
  • Improve instructional HUD.

Added a 5-hole course on Blizzard World, as well as various other improvements. More to come.

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