The Divisionwatch: Survival


You are cold, and with your partner, you are fighting against others in the raging snowstorm. If you stay outside for too long, you will suffer hypothermia. To keep yourself warm, stay inside or warm yourself by standing near the burning fire clouds (barrels).

In the Survival variant:

Respawn time after dying is extended to 10 seconds.

Bleedout time extended to 30 seconds.

Incapacitated players have more health, to balance the escaping chances.

No Stem Bleeding.

RDD system (Reversed Damage Dealing system) - damage done to the partner will be returned. Killing your partner will knock you down for the time of your partner's respawn.

Scoring system based on The Divisionwatch's FFA Variant - No points for killing teammates.

This is beta version of this gamemode Variant, and it's limited to only 4 prepared maps: Blizzard World (Winter), King's Row (Winter), Eichenwalde (Halloween), Hanamura (Winter)

Gamemode Variant Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kSMHiIjUxY
Gameplay Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brSeXuuHZE8

Categories | Free for all
Heroes | All
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Current version | 1.0.3

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Update Log (8)

Minor bug fixes with Partnering Rules.

Overhaul Update

  1. Players can now be incapacitated whenever their health drops below 40.

  2. Incapacitated players are now 50% less prone to damage, except when freezing.

  3. HUD and Iconing Overhaul applied. You'll see now, who you've been partnered with.

  4. Added HUD text, which can "help you" learn, how to revive your partner.

  5. Freezing now outfaces the healing effects like non-boosted ones.

  6. With 1.5.1 update of the Game, in the Survival Variant, nameplates have been removed.

  7. Survival HUD Hiding - The Hero Hud will be hidden until the player presses INTERACT button.

It's turned off with the uploaded code, and can be easly Turned ON or OFF, along with the Incapaciation Mechanic via interacting with Workshop.

Move and aiming speed is noticeably reduced when the player is freezing.
Freezing players are more prone to damage from other players.

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