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Four intrepid heroes face off against Demon Lord Reinhardt in this 4 vs. 1 Team Deathmatch for the fate of the kingdom! Will you burn the kingdom to the ground as the Demon Lord, or rescue it from his claws as our intrepid heroes? The heroes have numbers and speed on their side, but beware, for the Demon Lord has raw power and a few tricks up his sleeve...

Down the Demon Lord 3 times to claim victory as the heroes, or eliminate the heroes 30 times as the Demon Lord to win!

The Demon Lord

Reinhardt hero icon
Demon Lord Reinhardt
A formidable foe with powerful abilities! In addition to the powerups scattered across the map, Demon Lord Reinhardt also sports augmented abilities and a massive health pool.
  • Falling off the map is no longer always lethal. Instead, if Reinhardt has more than 2000 HP when he falls off the map, Reinhardt will immediately respawn at the cost of 2000 HP. If Reinhardt has 2000 HP or less when he falls off the map, he will die.
  • Base health increased by 2800 from 350 to 2150*
  • Armor increased from 250 to 3000
  • Health/armor total increased from 550 to 6150*
  • Base damage dealt increased by 50%
  • Base movement speed increased by 20%

*Note: In the Arcade, the tank role passive bonus health of 150 base health is applied, whereas the Workshop version does not include the tank role passive bonus health. Numbers shown here are for the Arcade version.

Charge ability icon
  • While charging, set enemies within 5m on fire for 3 seconds, dealing 20 DPS.
Fire Strike ability icon
Fire Strike
  • Now shoots two additional firestrikes in a horizontal spread, similar to Genji's secondary fire.
    (Note: additional firestrikes do not pierce enemies due to Workshop limitations)
Earthshatter ability icon
  • Now affects all enemies within a sphere instead of traveling along the ground in a cone
  • Grants Reinhardt a 50% move speed bonus and an additional 50% damage boost for 10 seconds after successful activation


Powerups are floating orbs scattered around the map that the Demon Lord can collect to gain an advantage in his battle against the heroes.


These powerups are green and have the Tracer blink icon on them. When collected, they will increase Reinhardt's movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Does not stack with the movement speed granted by Earthshatter. Speed powerups take 10 seconds to recharge.

Ultimate Charge

These powerups are orange and have the Earthshatter icon on them. When collected, the powerup will grant Demon Lord Reinhardt 20% charge towards his ultimate. Cannot be collected when Reinhardt is at full charge. Ultimate Charge powerups take 20 seconds to recharge.



*Note: In the Arcade, the tank role passive bonus health of 150 base health is applied, whereas the Workshop version does not include the tank role passive bonus health.

Junker Queen hero icon
Junker Queen
Junker Queen lacked utility when compared with Orisa's kit, so to distinguish her from Orisa's stalwart "stands-her-ground" playstyle, I've introduced changes which should enable Junker Queen to act more as a skirmisher than a stalwart bastion.
  • Base move speed increased by 30%
  • Slows Reinhardt for the duration of the bleed damage. Does not stack with other slows.
Orisa hero icon
Orisa is extremely favorable in a matchup against Reinhardt, and that holds true in this mode. Her cooldowns have been increased to provide Reinhardt with more opportunities to deal damage to her without making Orisa a complete pushover.
Energy Javelin icon
Energy Javelin
  • Cooldown increased by 50%
Javelin Spin icon
Javelin Spin
  • Cooldown increased by 50%


Tracer hero icon
Tracer is already hyper-mobile with plenty of means to deal damage to the Demon Lord while avoiding his attacks. In the interest of maintaining a sense of danger for Tracer players, she is one-shot by Fire Strike, but not by Reinhardt's hammer.
Genji hero icon
Genji is similar to Tracer in that he has many options to avoid the wrath of the Demon Lord, but his ultimate almost requires Genji to be within striking range of Reinhardt. To give Genji a fighting chance while using Dragonblade, Genji will now have more durability for the duration of Dragonblade.
Dragonblade ability icon
  • Increases Genji's base health by 400 for its duration
  • Damaging Reinhardt with Dragonblade slows Reinhardt for 2 seconds
Torbjorn hero icon
With his Overload granting extra move speed and additional damage from his Turret, Torbjörn still provides lots of value to his team despite not having as much mobility as his damage counterparts.


Kiriko hero icon
Kiriko has superb emergency evasion with her Swift Step, and her Protection Suzu can save teammates from sticky situations. Overall, I'm happy with how well Kiriko fits into this mode.
Lifeweaver hero icon
Lifeweaver's fantastic repositioning utilities give him an edge against the Demon Lord, but he needs a little help in terms of providing as much value as his more survivable counterparts.
  • Movement speed increased by 30%
Healing Blossom ability icon
Healing Blossom
  • Ammo requirement removed (infinite ammo)
Thorn Volley ability icon
Thorn Volley
  • Ammo requirement removed (infinite ammo)
Lúcio hero icon
Lúcio already excels at being a very difficult-to-catch hero with decent healing and displacement. Therefore, for the purposes of this mode, Lúcio has not been adjusted.

Source Code

This project was developed using the script compiler OSTW by Deltin. The full OSTW source code and all related files can be found at

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Genji, Torbjörn, and 4 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0



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