Town Traitor - Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery code meant to sequel off my old murder mystery game, "Ace's Murder Mystery". However, this one is a bit better (in my eyes, atleast). There are six maps in this game and a limited roster of heroes (due to them not having a proper primary attack).

Unlike other Murder Mystery codes, this one allows you to use your weapon and melees. Using inventory items (shown later in the description), you can use combos to defeat Traitors or Survivors.

There are some gamemodes which you can try for yourself. Note that they are selected through random chance.


I'm sure you've heard many people talk about this before, but in games like these, it's definitely important. So, let's get it over with.

RDMing - Please don't randomly shoot players to see who the traitor is. For example, if you're the traitor and you get shot down in like 30 seconds, that wastes your turn of being the traitor and that probably would anger you. So, please think about others.

Friendly Fire - Guessing is the one of the main points of this game, but if you're targeting a specific person and do it just to get them out of the round, it isn't really good. Not only this, but you'd also die from friendly firing because of the friendly fire system implemented. You would probably get kicked if someone in the chat complains.

Ghosting - A term that's pretty common in these game genres. Simply put, you die, and rat out the traitor. That's unacceptable.

Teaming - I've seen this a lot in all of the custom games I've hosted. Teaming isn't allowed, especially if it's a Survivor and a Traitor. Now of course, teaming is part of the game, for Traitors, but that's just to give players a better chance of getting the role and to create more gunfights. But please, if you're a Survivor, don't team with a Traitor.

If you see anymore annoying things, please tell me in the comments.


There are two roles, Survivors, and Traitors. Survivors must work together to eliminate the Traitor, and Traitors are the opposite, wanting to eliminate every Survivor. Be sure to choose who you think the Traitor is wisely, because one mistake will hurt you.
You have a inventory in the top left of your screen. You can control what item you can switch, use, and give, on the top of what item you picked.

Secondary Fire - Cycle inventory items
Ultimate - Use
Ability 1 - Give to a player.

All players get a randomized set of survivor gadgets up to 5 items that can help them last longer in the game. Your loadout is in a randomized order that gives you random items in a list. If you're a Traitor, there is another set of llsts that get added to the list of your items. All of this is combined to one big equation that gives you your items.
If you would like to see, here is every item in the game.

Name Description Which role can use this?
Pocket Knife Meleeing a player causes them to take 12 bleed damage for 2 seconds. Any
Medkit Heals 90 player health. Any
Armor Plate Gives 90 overhealth to the using player. Any
Energy Drink Speeds a player up to 180% move speed. Lasts for 23 seconds. Any
Fingerprint Scanner Scans a player's role. Notifies the target that they are being scanned. Any
Handmade Scanner Works the same as the Fingerprint Scanner, but reveals are not accurate (random chance but still reveals.) Any
Regen Kit Heals the player 3-5 hp for 12 seconds. Any
Name Description Which role can use this?
Bear Trap Traps any player who touches the trap. Traitor
Taser Stuns the target player for 2 seconds. Movement isn't limited, and same for weapons. Traitor
Battle Axe Works like the Pocket Knife, but deals double damage. Traitor
Poison Gas Deals 10 hp to players in a 3-meter radius Traitor
Sleep Syringe Meleeing a player causes them to sleep for 2 seconds. Traitor
Fake ID Prevents scanners from knowing your role. (Handmade Scanner excluded) Traitor


This game was made in 5 days, with a few public test runs
There's a developer mode in Workshop Settings that gives every player ingame every existing inventory items.

And that's all! Be sure to comment if you have questions or anything.

Workshop page may be updated late based on if i forget about this.

Players | 3 - 11
Categories: Free for all, Solo, Survival
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 23 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.7

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