Adv. NoClip Script Module v1.5

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Adv. NoClip Script Module

An old NoClip script I created in the past, updated to make use of the newer Workshop system.
Find the original post here on he forums.

NoClip allows you to start and stop flying on command, but also without the restrictions of clipping into or against the environment.

This script is designed to be a module and aims to be a lightweight package so that it can fit into any project with as few side affects and disruptions as possible.

If you're just wanting a way to view the map without including it in your project, the script can work fully standalone, so you're welcome to try it out that way too :)


  • Allow/disallow specific players to use NoClip.
  • Show name tags of the positions of players using NoClip
  • Very easy to set/change the activation method. (Keybind)
  • Fly in the direction your're facing, and even pass through walls into out-of-bounds areas.
  • As you'd expect, you go back to regular form once you exit NoClip, continuing from that position.
  • Allows you to change the global properties such as permissions, name-tag visibility, default speed, boost speed and camera smoothing.
  • Easy to configure - Everything is configurable using the Workshop settings menu.

Controls & Properties:

  • Controls:
    • Toggle NoClip (configurable): Q/Ultimate
    • Up: Space/Jump
    • Down: Ctrl/Crouch
    • Shift/Ability 2: Speed Boost
    • Forwards
    • Backwards
    • Left
    • Right

  • Default Properties (All Configurable)
    • Access - Everyone has the ability to use NoClip
    • Name-Tag Visibility - Everyone can see the position of a NoClip user.
    • Normal flight speed (Meters/s): 10
    • Boosted flight speed (Meters/s): 20
    • Camera Smoothing: 25

Tips & Information:

  • To get the current position of a player using NoClip, it's stored in Player Variable P.
  • To give/take permission from a player, set the value at P.Var N[0] to true or false. A few examples of how this can be used:
    • If there were some kind of currency/shop in your game, you should set this to true when a player purchases it.
    • Having set boundaries where NoClip is/isn't allowed. You could give/take permission once a player enters/exits these bounds.
    • Enabling NoClip for players that have been eliminated from the gamemode - kind of like an alternate spectate mode.
  • To check if a specific player is currently using NoClip, the value is stored at P.Var N[1] (true/false).

Enjoy :)

Created by Xerxes#21917

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.5


Default keybind to toggle NoClip.
Default keybind to toggle NoClip.
Default keybind to toggle NoClip.
Default keybind to toggle NoClip.
Default keybind to toggle NoClip.



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