EDIT 1: This tech between Wrecking Ball and Symmetra's Teleporter has been considered a "bug" by the Overwatch Team and they fixed it unfortunately. (see patch note from 08/04/2020)

EDIT 2: It has been reintroduced after another patch but without making any official note about it, so probably a mistake on their side. Anyway, it seems to be a little bit different as what it used to be, but somehow it still works now. So enjoy while it lasts! ;)

EDIT 3: I've now included Roadhog and you can also create an enemy dummy bot, see below for more infos.
Just re-import the same workshop code to get the new update.

This is a workshop mode I created to practice the trebuchet tech invented by Dyslexia. You've probably heard about it in NoobHunter's videos (see for example this clip or this one from streamer Jay3)

In this workshop mode, your 2nd ability, "Adaptive Shield" (your 'E' ability on PC), has been replaced by Symmetra's teleporters who is an invisible ghost following you with the sole purpose of spawning TPs on-demand 😁👌

So with Hammond, how does the trebuchet tech work?
1) before using any grapple and after each successful super jump, use the teleporters at least one time by just passing through one of them.
2) hook your grapple on a distant surface (the longer the grapple is, the higher will be your take-off)
3) roll to the teleporter from which you want to take-off
4) release your grapple as soon as you enter the teleporter (after pressing the 'F' key, to "interact" with it)

The goal of this workshop was for me to be able to test this new tech without having to find somebody to play Symmetra for me and ask for teleporters everytime. Here's an example of what you can do =>

NEW ! THE "Roadhog" UPDATE

In this update, you can now play as Roadhog, so this time it's the "Breather" (your 'E' ability on PC) which has been replaced by Symmetra's teleporters. So now, it's not you (Hammond) who gets catapulted, but as Roadog it's your target who is catapulted using your Chain Hook ability! <= This was inspired to me by this clip from Korean streamer 안녕나는대양이야.
You can also create a dummy bot in the enemy team by pressing simultaneously the [Melee] and [Interact] buttons.

By the way, that means you could do dwarf-tossing in Overwatch now! Sorry Torbjorn! LUL🤣
But more seriously, I think it could lead to some funny and interesting strategy in real games with your Symmetra partner =>

I'm still an amateur programmer, it's far from perfect in terms of coding and practicability, because, for example, we cannot see how the teleporter is being placed like a normal Symmetra would be able to. For now, you have to aim your reticle approximately to where you want your teleporter to be located at and press E to spawn it. Press E a second time to remove both teleporters. Et voilà!

If you find any bugs with my workshop mode, please let me know in the comments section.

I would like to get rid of Symmetra's voice, but I think it's not possible. Maybe I will add a virtual sphere on the reticle so we can better visualize where the TP spawns, but as-is now, it's pretty simple for me and "it just works" ;-)

Feel free to practice the trebuchet tech on different maps and have fun!

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