Screenshot & Replay Tools (Screentools)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

I use this tool to create Replays for screenshots on the Greenscreen map and others. Defaults to the Workshop Greenscreen map, but you can change maps by going to "Maps" under Settings.

Hold INTERACT key and press...

  • RELOAD to Change Hero
  • MELEE to Create a Marker
  • CROUCH to Destroy Markers
  • ULTIMATE to End Game & Save a Replay
  • JUMP to Make In-Game Instructions Use Your Team Colors
  • SECONDARY FIRE to Hide In-Game Instructions


  • Under Workshop settings you can turn on the rule Disable environmental collision to walk through walls/spawn room barriers. You are still only able to stand on valid surfaces with this rule enabled (i.e. if you fall in water you will die). This is useful if you are using the Team Deathmatch versions of maps for your screenshots.


  1. Emote after you change hero to reset your leg position. When you change hero you are teleported back to the same position with the same facing direction, but your legs may not be facing the same direction as your upper body. Emoting once will reset your legs to the correct position.
  2. If you spam INTERACT+JUMP the Instructions will get jumbled after a while, but pressing INTERACT+JUMP one more time will reset it.
  3. When testing this on PTR the Replay occasionally would not save, but I have not been able to duplicate this bug on Live (Replays always save on Live servers).
  4. I would like to figure out a way to make created markers invisible during match Replays, but for now they are visible.

This workshop repurposes codes from the following modes:

  1. Andy's Green Screen - https://workshop.codes/AND2Y
  2. In-Game Hero Selector - https://workshop.codes/VAE7S

I learned how to write the in-game instructions using this tutorial: How to Make Better HUD Displays by A Shrew's Berry

There were also a large number of Blizzard forums topics about Workshop I read to learn how to make this.



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