Aim training mode is designed to improve your tracking aim and to improve your ability to move while tracking your target, the difficulty auto adjusts based on your performance. 1-2 Players. For my other aim training modes check: Aim training: Flicking NADDS and Aim training and warm up: VAXTA. Join my discord to give feedback and report bugs:

1. Keep your crosshair on the sphere
- Your hero doesn't matter
- You don't need to shoot or use abilities

2. Move your character
- Change direction often enough so you are not easily predictable
- Don't stay still or constantly short strafe

Game mode explained more in depth:

Levels & Aim requirement:

To gain progress on each level the mode calculates each second if you have had your crosshair on the sphere for more than 50% of the time for that second and adjusts the bar accordingly.

Level 1-6 Sphere size is reduced each level
Level 6-16 Bot changes direction more often each level
Level 17 Each level increases the aim requirement by 2%
For example Level 20 requires you to keep crosshair on the sphere 50 + 4*2 = 58% of the time to gain progress.

For levels under 10 you will gain extra progress if you had your crosshair on the sphere more than 50% of the time.

Movement requirement:

If you are moving your character in an easily predictably way which means staying still for too long or strafing in the same direction for too long you will get movement fail orb. At 4 orbs the mode will put you down a level. If you keep changing direction often enough the orb count will go down. If you get hit by your bots Fire Strike you go down a level. Movement requirement can be disabled from the settings up top.

The mode tracks your location:
If you are in the same position you were 0.2 seconds ago = it counts you as staying still or strafing too short
If the game can predict where you are after 0.65 seconds = it counts you as being predictable
Even if you have good movement there could be some movement fails, but there shouldn't be 4 orbs constantly.

Press interact to change the settings, ingame instructions are available by pressing the ultimate button.

Players | 1 - 2
Categories: Practice Mode, Tools
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2

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