Pharah Flying Trainer

This mode has not been updated since the Season 9 Pharah flying changes

This mode can help you to learn how to get high and manage your fuel as Pharah. I've seen a lot of players playing my modes complain about different pharah challenges how they are impossible etc. So I thought there could be need for a mode like this. This mode is playable by 2 players at the same time. Once you master the basics you can load code VAXTA and shoot at moving targets in the Pharah Challenge there.

On the left you can see how long it took for you to reach a certain elevation and how many times you hit the wrecking ball while getting there. First you probably want to practice flying without shooting and once you master the flying, you can start shooting at the wrecking balls. The optimal score is there to show what you should aim for.

Analytics will show you the delay between your rocket jumps' shoot and jump jet, this should be around 0.04-0.06s for optimal elevation. At first you might want to just practice the rocket jump and try to get elevation between 29-30 just with the rocket jump. Under the rocket jump timing is your last 5 fuel uses and gains, you should aim to use fuel for 0.4-0.5s and recover fuel for 0.5-0.6s for optimal air time.

Bot demo

If you are struggling and don't believe this is possible you can use the help of a bot to demonstrate how it's done, go to your circle, look directly down and press Ultimate. Bot will do the flying now, the demo will cancel once the bot reaches the top or you can press Melee to cancel the demo.

You can also find this same information ingame, and pressing Crouch will hide all the stuff on the right:

Players | 1 - 2
Categories: Practice Mode, Tools
Heroes: Pharah
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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