If you are having problems with the mode crashing and you are on US West, go to settings: lobby: data center preference: USA - Central (I have only heard the mode crashing on US West and for some reason the US West servers are weaker than all the others)

This code has 2 different modes built in: a chill aim training and warm up mode and a more intensive challenge mode where you can see your progress as you get better and better at the game and make higher levels. You can also compete for high scores against other players, you can report your high scores in my discord: Also check out my other Aim training modes for Tracking VERYD and for Flicking NADDS.

Warm up mode:

Chill aim training and warm up mode. Practice tracking, flicking, ultimates, anything you can think of in this sandbox. Play as any hero against the heroes of your choice. You can customize bot movement, jumping, crouching, number of bots, visible damage numbers, instant ability cooldowns, ultimates and on by going to the settings -> (orange) workshop settings.

Press Interact on top of the spheres to active and deactive any of the boosts, you can also change the bot movement pattern without going in to the settings.

  • Jump Icon: activates a bounce house effect causing all bots to constantly jump high in the air
  • Very easy - Hard: changes how often the bots change movement direction.
  • 0-100%: changes how often the bots will purely favour strafing left and right. boosts

Accuracy stats:
Accuracy stats are hero based and can't be reseted, for example your Tracer accuracy will not affect your Soldier accuracy stats but if you go back to Tracer your old Tracer accuracy stats will be there if you didn't restart the lobby. It is not currently possible (in workshop) to reset the accuracy stats without restarting the map.

Challenge mode:

You can only activate the challenge mode when you are the only player in the lobby. In this mode you need to maintain high enough dps to reach the required elimination count before you run out of time. As you progress in levels you also need to survive the elements and dodge everything the game throws at you, each level is getting increasingly difficult. If you fail to make the timer (while under the current high score level) you will go down a level instead and all of the bots are healed to full. If you leave the ranged zone, you will get a burn effect as a warning and if you don't go back to the zone you will be teleported and damaged. Bot strafe % is set at 50% on challenge mode.

High scores:
I'm only collecting high scores for the heroes you can see on the high score list. If you think the mode is fun and engaging to play with some other heroes you can let me know and I might add new heroes for the high score list in the future. To see the latest high scores you need to load the code VAXTA again. (in the image you can see high scores before version 2.4)

Normal mode and easy mode:
You can select the easy mode by interacting with "you can't die" text before starting the game and you will not get stunned or damaged by the bots. Only normal mode games are eligible to be updated for the high scores list.

Hero changes that aren't obvious to see:

  • Soldier & Bastion reload time reduced to 0.5s from 1.5s
  • Ana and Illari destroy tire with 1 shot, Kiriko and Zen with 2 shots
  • Bots will use a Melee attack against Genji if the player stays on the ground and in the punching range for more than 1 second
  • Bots will use a Melee attack against Tracer if the player stays in the punching range for more than 1 second
  • Hanzo deals 105% damage in the challenge mode
  • If you are on the ground for longer than 3.3 seconds as Echo you will be damaged 15 + Current level

Levels explained:

  • Target bots will gradually change direction more often as the levels get higher up to level 13
  • Target bots will change direction less often against projectile heroes
  • You can hold interact to go down in levels to your previous healing point and be healed to full (levels: 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 heal you to full)
  • If you beat the level with more than 10 seconds remaining on the timer, you will skip the next level (works while atleast 3 levels lower than the current high score)

Level 2 - You need to dodge the Fire Strikes
Level 4 - You need to dodge or destroy the RIP-Tires
Level 5 - You will be healed to full
Level 6 - You need to dodge the Sigma rocks
Level 10 - You will be healed to full
Level 11 - From here 0.5 seconds is taken off the clock (0.65 for winston) and 0.1s from the firestrike and rock cooldown for every level
Level 15 - You need to dodge or destroy the Minefield
Level 20 - You will be healed to full
Level 30 - You will be healed to full, maximum difficulty reached, after this point it is possible to go infinite on most heroes with enough dps to kill the bots in 20 seconds, If you fail the timer you always go down to level 30

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Solo, Practice Mode, Tools
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.41

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