Orisa Javelin Brawl

Javelin Brawl - M0MYY
Face your friends in a free-for-all javelin-only brawl! -- First to score 150 points wins
Fast-Paced Chaos
  • Movement and jump speed are increased, and all damage will OHKO
  • Fortify is replaced by a forward dash with potential to do serious melee damage
  • Cooldowns are drastically decreased
Unique Score Bonuses
  • Certain actions will grant special score bonuses to push you further ahead:
  • Name Event Points
    Speared! Energy Javelin Kill 1
    Risky Melee! Quick Melee Kill 2
    X-kill Streak! Gain a kill streak of 3 or more Streak length - 2
    X-streak Shutdown! Shut down a kill streak of 3 or more Streak length - 2
    Comeback! Earn a kill after 3 or more deaths in a row 1
    Long Shot! Earn a kill from at least 30m away at least 2
    Grounded! Kill an enemy at least 4m in the air 1
  • All bonuses are visible in an in-game HUD
Provided Statistics
  • Track your skills with these built-in statistics for this gamemode:
    • Javelin Accuracy
    • Current Time Alive
    • Kill/Death Ratio
    • Current Kill Streak
    • Average Points per Kill
  • All of these stats are visible by default but hideable
  • These maps felt the best to play on while playtesting, but any map would work
    • Château Guillard
    • Eichenwalde (Midday)
    • Necropolis
    • Dorado (Evening)
Future Changes
  • Expect to see these additions in the future:
    • An ultimate for Orisa
    • Map-specific props--things like bounce pads or teleporters
    • Tweaks to the kill streak system to make it less steamroll-y
    • Additional stats or improvements to the stat HUD like "best streak"
Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Orisa
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0



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