Boss & Watch was an original 1v6 gamemode of stat upgrades and abilties, with both teams fighting over cash and wins.

With the boss having 3 abilites in the past:

Original Abilities

These abilites are from the original {with the changed one from 2 boss}

1: Ultility Ability
  • At the end of ability 1 : Stun all nearby enemies

2: Attack ability
  • Upon using your ult: Reset all your ability cooldowns and Gain temp stat buffs

  • {Duration scales with enemy players remaining}

3: Defense Ability
  • With 50% ult charge: Crouching and not moving for 3s will intate a healing, Your healing only stops upon: Being meleed, Or reaching full hp. The healing rate increases per enemy alive.

The New Abilities

These are new abilities. They can be bought like the old ones.

1: Battery Ability
  • Holds a charge for your ability 1, The backup charge will recharge passively.

  • To use this charge press ability 1 again while it's on cooldown

2: Info Ability
  • Every 7s : A small ping {!} will show up at living enemy's locations

  • When this happens a sound cue will play

3: Interuption Ability
  • Dealing damage with Ability 2 causes Cancel primary action (Bleed of ability 2 triggers it | Firestrike causes it multiple times )


The attackers also have abilities, Each ranging in effects and power

Hero Condition/Ability Effect New/Replaced/Changed/Modified/Unchaged
Ana Ability 1 When you hit sleep dart you get increased movement speed and jump height. {+100%, +100%}, Also Causes Knocked down instead of asleep (Duration increases with less players alive) Unchanged
Ashe Ability 2 Creates Clones of you that copy actions you do Unchanged
Baptiste Ability 1 Increases damage and healing by 33% for healing burst Modified
Bastion Ability 1 While firing you fly in that direction (High skill floor for attacking with it) Unchanged
Brig Passive (Damage) Gain Over-Armor (Damage dealt = Armor gain) Unchanged
Cassidy Ability 1 Rolling creates a clone. To control the clone's movement. While rolling: Hold Jump to walk foward, Crouching makes him walk backwards. Modified
D.Va Passive Deals more damage the less people alive Replaced
Doomfish Passive Invicible While Using an ability Unchanged
Echo Secondary fire Shoots 2 Waves of bomb Modified
Genji Ult Ult fires Exploding balls Unchanged
Hanzo Storm Arrows (Diffrent on pc And Consle) Causes a short stun and knockback on Hit Unchanged
Illari Ability 1 Healing and Damage charge up the Damage and Knockback of your next ability 1 New
Junkerqueen Ability 2 Hitting carnage duplicates one of the boss's abilities. These abilities have Increased stats or passives bonuses. New
Junkrat Trap set + Death Once you die you will revive once, if your trap is set. The delay is random, It's ingored if you are the last one alive Modified
Kiriko Passive Using an ability grants the phasing effect for 3 seconds New
Lùcio Ability 2 Picks up nearby teamates that you have above you Unchanged
Mauga Ability 1 Phased out while using Ability 1, Dealing damage with Ability 1 causes a burning effect (75dps, 1.5s) New
Mei Secondary Fire Dealing damage with secondary fire has a chance to freeze, Chance increases each time it doesn't, It also slows. Unchanged
Mercy Passive Damage delt is convered into decaying armor. (The decay will stop support passive) It will also reduce Revive's cooldown by 0.5s Replaced
Orisa Ability 2 Works like bastion's special, Speed increases if you also use ability 1 Replaced
Phara Ultimate Invicible while in use Unchanged
Ramattra Ult Dealing damage durring your ult Heals you and gives Bonus health based on the damage New
Reaper Ability 2 After teleporting, While teleport is on cooldown you can recall to where you teleported by pressing it again Unchanged
Reinhardt Ability 2 - Hit Dulpicates a random boss ability Changed
Roadhog Ability 2 While using, Holding jump makes you fly upwards (Scales with Jump stat) Changed
Sigma Ability 2 + Crouch Rock will act as a trap and will not move. Unchanged
Sojourn Ability 1 Starting a slide next to the boss trips them. New
Soldier: 76 Secondary fire Helix rockets shot will have a small window of heavly increased knock back when fired {} Replaced
Sombra Ability 1 Causes 2s of ability hack, (15% minimum ult charge) Replaced
Symmetra Ult Gives your whole team shield health, (The health being equal to yours) Unchanged
Torb Ability 2 + Hit Causes burn. {Damage over time} Unchaged
Tracer Ult Throws 3 Pulse bombs Unchanged
Widow Passive Allows wallhacks on boss Unchanged
Wintin Secondary Fire Causes a disable in the boss's jump and deals extra damage over time Unchanged
Hamptr Ability 1 You are small while in ball form Unchanged
Zarya Ability 2 Teleports you to the person you granted the bubble to Unchanged
Zenyatta Melee The boss's armor stat is ingored and they will take 10% more damage for 5s after being Meleed, It will also increase your speed by 20% for 3s Replaced

Health Packs

Health packs have 2 changes.

Heals a flat % of their max hp

Healing stat increases the ammount of healing dealt by them

Health packs only spawn once

Point Attackers Benfit

When ( Nobody has died | Or | 3 people are alive on attack )
When point appears Attackers will have an advantage

If the boss is not contesting when attack is capping.

The boss will instantly die

If the boss is capping

Their health will naturally drain.

Point helps against the game being stalled by draws.

N/A cost on Ammo

Ammo bugs on heros that lose their max ammo are fixed, These heros cannot buy ammo, Some heros may not get ammo on buying, Ramattra is one of these cases. (ow2 coding is braindead)

Known issues

Unfixable/I don't know how too

Server crashing on manual swap in game

Sombra and Phara unable to buy ammo

Always a work in progress,

Just send a comment telling me what I should change or work with.

I may be hard headed but if you are in game and I see it I will likely agree (If it's broken or sucks)

I will always try to add new heros and give them someone charater fitting abilities (Or if I think the ability is cool and it changes their playstyle (ahem mercy ahem)

Maps other than necropolis do have to be manually enabled


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 2 - 6
Tags: boss pvp 1v
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.6.66 ig


Interact + Look At Button
Buy Selected stat/ability
Crouch + Interact + Look At Button
Buy Selected Stat/Ability Rapidly
Crouch + Hold + Near Cash Bonus
Pick up cash bonus
+ Look At Button
Buy Selected stat/ability
+ + Look At Button
Buy Selected Stat/Ability Rapidly
+ Hold + Near Cash Bonus
Pick up cash bonus
+ Look At Button
Buy Selected stat/ability
+ + Look At Button
Buy Selected Stat/Ability Rapidly
+ Hold + Near Cash Bonus
Pick up cash bonus
+ Look At Button
Buy Selected stat/ability
+ + Look At Button
Buy Selected Stat/Ability Rapidly
+ Hold + Near Cash Bonus
Pick up cash bonus
+ Look At Button
Buy Selected stat/ability
+ + Look At Button
Buy Selected Stat/Ability Rapidly
+ Hold + Near Cash Bonus
Pick up cash bonus

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