Engage in an epic boss fight with this new boss mode : optimized upgrades and balancing, new abilities, cash prize system, auto balancing, auto boss rotation and more !


In Necropolis, fight a boss to earn money as an attacker : damaging him, healing your allies, capturing the money bonus or staying alive are all ways to earn money. Then make good choices and improve your statistics to become even more powerful in the next round. Use your new abilities to give the boss no chance and triumph !

A lot of features :

  • Long work of balancing the heroes provides a fun gaming experience
  • A controlled and optimized game economy
  • An optimized, clear and precise HUD that lets you know exactly which stats you've improved, and which ones you can still improve
  • Many statistics to upgrade : Damage, Jump, Cooldown, Ammo, Armor, Health, Speed, Projectiles speed, Regeneration, and more
  • An unique new skill, specific to each hero (see Abilities section)
  • The regular spawn of a cash prize gives a goal to capture to who wants to obtain it
  • An automatic boss rotation system : a player is randomly designated at each end of the game to play the boss at the next
  • If a player joins while the game has started, he gets as much money as there have already been rounds played to be as strong as his mates
  • The boss is too strong ? No need to lise a round by farming : an automatic balancing system gives you money for free to balance the game
  • Customizable settings to be able to modify the game as you want it to be (see Workshop settings section)
  • A stylized video introduction to script the boss's presentation
  • And much more...


Choose exaclty what type of attacker you want to be : a tank with a maximum of health, a runner who crosses the map at lightning speed, a hitscan that inflicts 5000 damages per hit, a control maker who has his cooldowns up every 5 seconds, or all of that if you really want to show who is the boss, that's up to you !

  • DAMAGE : Increase the damage dealt
  • PROJECTILES SPEED : Increase the speed of the projectiles
  • MAX AMMO : Increase your max ammunition
  • ARMOR : Decrease the damage received
  • HEALTH : Increase the max health
  • REGENERATION : Increase the regeneration value and frequency of an automatic healing (X hp/s)
  • SPEED : Increase the movement speed
  • JUMP : Increase the jump vertical speed
  • HEALING : Increase the healing done
  • COOLDOWN : Decrease the cooldowns
  • SPECIAL ABILITY : Unlock the special ability for the current round


Type Button/Condition Ability Description
Attack Ability 2 Multiple firestrikes Reinhardt lets out 3 firestrikes at the same time
Defense Crouch + 50% ult Crouch healing Reinhardt heals himself by crouching, but costs 50% ultimate
Utility Ability 1 Unstoppable assault At the end of the ability, charge knocks down players around Reinhardt
Hero Button/Condition Ability Description
Ability 1 Years of experience The boss cannot be woken up, and Ana gains movement upgrades
Ability 2 Explosive genesis Ashe creates 2 clones that copy her shots and movements
Ability 1 Gatling gun Baptiste increases his fire rate during the regenerative burst
Ability 1 Bird of prey Bastion can fly in sentry mode
Passive Technician Brigitte gains armor at each hit
Ability 2 + standing Strike Force D.Va gets unlimited missiles when she stands
Passive Phasing Doomfist is invincible when he uses an ability
Ability 2 Bombing Raid Sticky bombs fire more bombs
Ultimate Dragon's Breath Dragonblade fires explosive energy charges
Ability 2 Storm revenge Storm arrows knock back the boss
Ability 2 + trap set Sore loser When the trap is set, Junkrat can revive once
Ability 2 Taxi driver Lucio can carry and escort his allies
Ability 1 Impostor Combat roll creates a clone and makes Mccree invisible
Secondary fire North wind Mei'secondary fire has a chance to freeze or slow the boss down
Ability 2 + Ultimate Another chance Valkyrie gives Mercy another charge of resurrect
Ability 1 Wall pass Moira can walk through wall using fade
Ability 1 Frantic race Orisa gains movespeed and slows the boss down
Ultimate Invincible barrage Pharrah is invincible during her ultimate
Ability 2 Rollback Shadow step allows Reaper to go back to his previous location
Passive Duplication Each hit gives Reinhardt a random ability from the boss
Ability 2 Selene Take a breather allows Roadhog to fly temporarily
Ability 2 + Crouching Rock trap Crouch using Sigma's accretion places the rock as a trap
Secondary fire + Hit Eagle eye Helix rocket's CD is reset if it hits, but increases the next CD
Ultimate Bombing Raid The EMP pushes the boss back in the air
Ultimate Photon shield Symettra's photon barrier gives 100% of their health as a shield to her and her allies
Ability 2 + Hit Pyroclastic flow Torbjörn deals burning damage over time during overload
Ultimate Triple shock Pulse bomb fires 3 bombs
Passive Spider's eye Widowmaker can always see the boss through walls
Primary fire Overvoltage Tesla cannon electrifies, preventing the boss from jumping and damaging him over time
Ability 1 Baby ball Wrecking ball is smaller when rolling
Ability 2 Energy leap Zarya teleports to the ally she has protected
Ability 1 + 50% ult Pegasus Zenyatta can attract the target of the Orb of Harmony to him


* Economy

  1. Boss passive money : Allows the boss to earn money regularly
  2. Boss's passive money value (in $*round)
  3. Boss's passive money frquency (in sec)
  4. Attackers passive money : Allows the attackers to earn money regularly
  5. Attackers's passive money value (in $*round)
  6. Attackers's passive money frquency (in sec)
  7. Money bonus : Allows the regular creation of a cash prize, which anyone can take
  8. Minimum spawn time of money bonus (in sec)
  9. Maximum spawn time of money bonus (in sec)
  10. Automatic bank balancing : Allows automatic balancing of a team that loses 2 rounds, by giving it money
  11. Automatic bank balancing value (in $)

* Gameplay

  1. Boss special abilities : Allows the use of special boss abilities
  2. Attackers special abilities : Allows the use of special attackers abilities
  3. Upgrade time (in sec) : Determines the time given to each player to improve their hero
  4. Boss barrier size (in %)
  5. Automatic boss rotation : Randomly chooses the next boss at the end of a game, and switch the players
  6. Stylized video introduction : Activates the video introduction of the boss in Round 1

Special thanks to Katelynn, GrendoSama and Weedyz for support, help and work !

Players | 1 - 7
Categories: Boss Mode, Survival, New Heroes
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.3.0

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