8 Supports on the same "team" in a deathmatch. Damage eachother by using healing abilities and earn 30 eliminations to win!

AI bots will also have additional behaviours based on the hero they are playing to allow for a more challenging and immersive experience when playing alone!

For all heroes:

  • Health is always 5 less than maximum health to allow for healing to occur
  • Self healing has zero effect, dealing no damage nor healing (self-healing from ultimates ignored)

Ana is well balanced in this type of gamemode! The changes made were to allow Ana to have a way to sleep teammates without being too powerful.

Sleep Dart
  • Disabled

Nano Boost
  • Ultimate generation rate increased to 150% of base rate

  • Instead of powering up a teammate, deal 50 damage and put them to sleep


Baptiste is interesting as his Biotic Grenades heal instantaneously, meaning that he only heals for as much health as teammates would have health missing. Without his primary fire, Amplification Matrix was changed to be much more impactful.

  • Damage dealt to full health teammates will always be at least 20

Biotic Launcher
  • Primary Fire disabled

Amplification Matrix
  • Fires a swarm of Biotic Grenades through the window whilst active

  • When rotated sideways, fires Biotic Grenades in two opposing directions at a slower rate


Brigitte is tough to balance due to her high survivability. To get the most value out of her healing, she now needs to be at a closer range.

  • Healing dealt is dependant on how far away Brigitte is from the healing target, starting from 80% healing dealt within 2 metres to 20% healing dealt beyond 8 metres

Barrier Shield
  • No longer blocks damage

  • Blocks healing recieved from teammates in front of the shield

Shield Bash
  • Can be used against teammates

Repair Pack
  • Start with only 1 Repair Pack on respawn

  • Recharge rate reduced to 90% of base rate

  • Ultimate generation rate increased to 115% of base rate

  • Gain a 10% movement speed boost whilst active

  • Deal 30 damage per second to teammates in range


Illari is mostly balanced except for her Healing Pylon, which cannot be destroyed by teammates. Multiple changes have been added to prevent Healing Pylon from being too overwhelming

  • Can be used against teammates

Healing Pylon
  • Projectile gravity increased to 500% of base gravity

  • Stays active for a maximum of 10 seconds

  • Cooldown increased to 15 seconds

  • Cooldown persists on respawn

  • Immediately destroyed upon death

Captive Sun
  • No longer applies Sunstruck

  • Deals 160 damage to all affected teammates


Kiriko's survivability with Swift Step and Protection Suzu were tricky to balance. A few changes were added to prevent Kiriko from being too powerful

  • Healing dealt reduced to 66% of base healing

Swift Step
  • Cooldown increased to 15 seconds

Protection Suzu
  • Cooldown increased to 20 seconds

  • Starts on 10 second cooldown on respawn


Lifeweaver's lock-on burst healing can be extremely oppressive combined with peeking corners and the use of Petal Platform, so his range was reduced. Lifeweaver is now also able to earn environmental kills from using Life Grip to satiate all of the sadistic Lifeweaver players (me).

  • Healing dealt reduced to 80% of base healing

Healing Blossom
  • Max ammo reduced to 4

  • Max range reduced to 15 metres

Life Grip
  • Applies knockback to a teammate once Life Grip ends at 10 metres per second towards Lifeweaver's facing direction

  • Starts on cooldown on respawn

  • Max range reduced to 15 metres


Lúcio is mostly balanced but can also extremely oppressive in the right hands. His mobility allows him to get out of most situations and to dive in on an already on-going battle.

  • Healing dealt reduced to 90% of base healing

  • Damage reduced to 25

  • Can be used on teammates

Sound Barrier
  • Instead of applying overhealth, deal 50 damage and knock all affected players upwards and towards you, locking movement for 0.5 seconds


Mercy isn't a difficult hero to play, so balancing became a slight issue. Her healing dealt had to be reduced, but her potential to earn two eliminations on the same teammate makes her at least somewhat viable.

  • Healing dealt reduced to 50% of base healing

Guardian Angel
  • Cooldown increased to 7.5 seconds

  • Cooldown increased to 60 seconds

  • Teammates are revived at half of their max health


Moira was immediately a first pick for many players and she easily dominated with vanilla stats, so changes were made to make her still powerful but more strategic.

  • Healing dealt reduced to 90% of base healing

Biotic Grasp
  • Disabled

Biotic Grasp Alt Fire
  • Start with only 50% of maximum Biotic Energy on respawn

  • Maximum Biotic Energy reduced to 50% of base max

  • Biotic Energy recharge rate increased to 150% of base rate

  • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds

Biotic Orb
  • Cooldown increased to 12 seconds

  • Healing dealt reduced by 75%


Zenyatta being able to heal teammates passively forces them to decide whether or not to stay out of line of sight or to hunt down Zenyatta. Changes were made to make Zenyatta much more active.

  • Healing dealt reduced to 75% of base healing

Orb of Destruction
  • Primary Fire disabled

  • Alt Fire allows Zenyatta to levitate whilst held

Snap Kick
  • Can be used on teammates

Soldier: 76

The best support hero.

  • Healing dealt increased to 166% of base healing

Heavy Pulse Rifle
  • Disabled

Biotic Field
  • Cooldown decreased to 9 seconds

Helix Rockets
  • Knockback increased to 300% of base knockback

Tactical Visor
  • Duration increased to 9 seconds

  • Yes, you can shoot your teammates

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Free for all
Tags: ffa
Heroes: Soldier: 76, Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Illari, and 6 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.2


Crouch + Interact + Jump
Spawn Dummy Bot (Host only)
Reload + Interact + Jump
Delete All Dummy Bots (Host only)
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Spawn Dummy Bot (Host only)
+ +
Delete All Dummy Bots (Host only)
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