Partner Puzzles (Oasis)


General Information

A puzzle mode designed to challenge you and a friend to work together to reach the exit (the green vortex effect). Challenges test your thinking skills and require you to decipher what to do with the little information provided. Important information on how to interact with elements within the mode is explained as you go through the challenges. The gamemode will start once both players have spawned in. Special thanks to Parachor for their assistance in coming up with challenge concepts.


  • Never open a lobby with this preset loaded to the public: it is NOT programmed to accommodate players leaving/joining. DOING SO MIGHT BREAK THE MODE.

Recovering Lost Progress

If you experience a problem (such as the gamemode crashing) and as such lose your progress you can use the "Force Specific Challenge" dev tool in the workshop.

1) Enable the rule "Force Specific Challenge (DEV TOOL)" by ticking the box next to it then clicking the button with the two circles at the top of the editor
2) Change the challenge variable to be the challenge you were up to
3) Disable the "Start Gamemode!" rule (as a side effect, the "waiting for other player" text will persist)
4) If the challenge is past 7, enable the actions to spawn the dummy bot and the action below it
5) If the challenge is past 9, enable the action that sets "BotControl" to "True"
6) Start the game then once both players have spawned, host must press crouch and interact at the same time

Other Information

In case you miss some information explained in the gamemode the following will reiterate these messages:

  • Switches are toggled, stand inside one to activate it and leave to deactivate it
  • Blue/Yellow switches are always active once toggled
  • If you can't get the exit to work, try jumping into it. This is because the effect is slightly elevated to appear more visually appealing
  • Press Interact to reset the AI's position
  • Once unlocked, communicate Group Up to command the bot to your position
  • When the bot is ready for its next input, it will say hello

Known Issues

  • Sometimes when two switches are deactivated, the game might revert to when only 1 switch is pressed as opposed to both. To fix, simply activate and deactivate both switches.
  • The slow-mo buffering effect lasts a bit longer than it should
  • The introduction camera effect doesn't complete its journey to the first challenge area

Code Snippet

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Maps | Oasis
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Current version | 1.0.2

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got to level 11 goal, it didnt finish the level i need help


challange 11 was amazing great mode love it and great last credit quote


How tf do i do the lucio one. I think it's number 6, idk if im just stupid but we were stuck on it for so long


Having a problem with challenge 8. Is it perhaps bugged or am I just painfully oblivious?

TehFoot creator

Sorry, a bug was found with challenge 8 and has been patched. You can find the new code up top and follow the steps under “recovering lost progress” to start back at number 8.

Update Log (4)

General Updates

  • Added mystery orbs and EX challenge
  • Added a message when a player who isn't attached to the beam comes into contact of the endpoint orb
  • Inspector is now disabled to improve server stability
  • Updated Challenge HUD to resemble the one seen in Partner Puzzles (Busan)
  • The "Force Specific Challenge" dev tool now removes the "waiting for other player" HUD

Puzzle Updates

  • Updated challenge 9 slightly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where in Challenge 6, the switch would skip a position
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

Added code snippet

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
  • Fixed a bug which caused challenge 8 to be unbeatable
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