Welcome to PJJ Deathmatch!

PJJ Deathmatch is a never-ending deathmatch with random abilities largely inspired by JoJo and other various media.
Each player spawns with a random hero, 2 abilities (called fusion and enchant), and a trait which will give them an edge in battle.
Some fusions have passive abilities, while others require you to press buttons (most commonly interact) to use.
Rarely, final blows can get you an additional ultimate fusion which will power you up even further.
Excluding ultimate fusions, there are over 19,600 different combinations you can acquire!
(Don't start the gamemode!)

Additional Mechanics

Name Effect
One shot override One shots go through non-hero damage reduction.
Heal on kill Final blows grant 100 health.
Passive Regen Heal 3 health per second.
Keep ultimate Ultimate charge is kept after dying.
Points Obtained through final blows and dealing damage. Lose some on death.

Type Key

Name Usage
Utility Provides some sort of utility, such as immobilization, invisibility, movement, or healing.
Damage Increases your damage output either directly or through an ability.
Defense Reduces the amount of damage taken or keeps you alive longer.
Hybrid Performs more than one role.
Special Obtained through random chance. Applied on top of your current abilities.

Ability List

Passive Fusions

Name Ability Cooldown
Highway Star Lifesteal 55% of damage on hit.
Smooth Operators Hits apply knockback scaling off of damage.
Ratt Final blows grant powerful regen for 7 seconds.
Harvest Receive 1.75x healing from all sources, and heal to full on final blow.
Hanged Man Final blows teleport you to the furthest player and grant invincibility and invisibility.
Atum Final blows grant 45% extra ult charge and resets cooldowns.
Shadow Edge Hits pull players towards you scaling off of damage.
Cheap Trick Standing still heals you.
Paisley Park Players you damage or take damage from are highlighted. Interact clears highlights.
Achtung Become invisible for 1 second every 3 seconds.
Survivor Gain massively increased regen for each player around you.
Metallica You are invisible but leave behind trails and sparkles.
Liable Sprocket Your melee attacks stun and knock back. 3 seconds
Diver Down Hits deal 2x damage over time.
Rolling Stones You have an orb which attacks players you look at. Attacks execute low health players.
The Sun Damage players in a radius around you.
The Hand Attacks deal more damage the stronger they are.
Ball Breaker Half of damage dealt chains to enemies. 15 seconds
Osiris Deal 1.4x damage for each kill in your killstreak.
Hallowed Final blows cause explosions which damage nearby players.
Divine Hits have a 25% chance to crit for 2.8x damage.
Anointed Hits deal extra percent damage.
Grateful Dead Deal 2x damage if your current health is lower than your victim's.
Kjaro's Band Hits will create a flaming tornado on the victim. 10 seconds
Mr. President Take 20% reduced damage and dodge 20% of attacks.
Killer Queen Dropping below 25% max health resets you to your spawn. 25 seconds
Vampire Final blows grant 125 shields.
Wonder of U Taking damage creates black flashes which damage the attacker. 7 seconds
Blood Dark After dealing 500 damage, your next hit steals lots of health.

Active Fusions

Name Ability Cooldown
Black Sabbath Phase through terrain and appear behind the target player. 6 seconds
Chariot Requiem Put very close players to sleep for 3.5 seconds. 10 seconds
Made In Heaven Slow down time and gain 200 speed for 3 seconds. 25 seconds
Kraft Work Root nearby players in place for 3 seconds. 6 seconds
Echoes Reverse the facing direction of the target player. Requires LoS. 8 seconds
Hermit Purple Pull the target player towards you. Requires LoS. 11 seconds
White Wedding Create an ionic bond on a wall, pulling in players and exploding. 12 seconds
Chocolate Disco Teleport nearby players to the furthest player from you. 13 seconds
The World Freeze yourself for 1.5 seconds, then freeze players around you for 3 seconds. 20 seconds
Catch The Rainbow Accelerate downwards. Your gravity is reduced. Jumping grants a burst of speed. 2.5 seconds
Zipcaster Extend a tether that pulls you towards where it hits. 8 seconds
White Album Freeze very close players for 2.3 seconds. 12 seconds
Yellow Temperance Copy the fusion, enchant, trait, and hero of the target player. 10 seconds
Smashing Pumpkin Teleport to the nearest ground in your facing direction. 2.5 seconds
Moody Blues The target player will have their ult stolen if they use it within 4 seconds. 10 seconds
Blue Hawaii Force the next player to hit you to walk straight for 1.5 seconds. 13 seconds
Mandom Set a checkpoint granting 40 speed for 6 seconds. Return when time's up or by pressing interact. 12 seconds
Jetstriker Perform an invisible dash. Your wall jumps are strengthened. 2 seconds
Cream Enter an orb that deals massive damage on contact. Hits deal 3x damage over time when close. 15 seconds
Kiss Deal 2.35x damage for 5 seconds. 15 seconds
Soul Jar Release the souls of killed players into a powerful beam. 25 seconds
GER Stun yourself and reflect damage for 3 seconds. 12 seconds
D4C Enter a separate dimension for 5 seconds. Attacking exits early. 12 seconds
D4C:LT Reflect damage randomly for 3 seconds. 18 seconds
Sacred Field Create a field of 70% damage reduction around you for 5 seconds. 12 seconds
King Crimson Go invisible, gain 50 speed, and create a clone that attacks for 2.5 seconds. 12 seconds
C-Moon Slam the target player downwards. Requires LoS. 11 seconds
Hydrangea Create a link to the target player which steals healing for 6 seconds. Requires LoS. 14 seconds
Pylon Create a pylon that rapidly stuns nearby players. 10 seconds
Mortality Create a mark which you heal and return to when dropping below 60% health. 17 seconds
Reaper Create an orb around you which lifesteals from players for 2.5 seconds. 16 seconds
Dawnwalker Teleport to a nearby player and unleash a barrage of light. 13 seconds
Soft And Wet Trap a nearby enemy in a bubble which pops after 3 seconds. 11 seconds
Arcwarder Equip a suit for 10 seconds which grants double jumps and 2 beam attacks. Interact fires an exploding beam. 12 seconds
Contractor Briefly stun yourself. If attacked, stun the attacker with strings. 14 seconds
Manus Dei Summon a rain of fireballs on the target player. Requires LoS. 13 seconds
Ride The Lightning Dash forwards in a ball of electricity, pulling enemies along. 12 seconds
Stone Free Create a point on a wall. Interact creates another point which forms a tripwire. 7 seconds
Tusk Glide in your facing direction, applying a powerful DoT when colliding with an enemy. 7 seconds
Flame Within Ignite yourself, gaining 1.4x damage and 50 speed. Interact extinguishes yourself. 14 seconds
Constellation - Y Conjure a powerful star which attacks players it can see. 16 seconds
Raging Demon Dash forwards and rapidly strike anyone hit. 14 seconds
Pyre Strike Launch a beam of light that stuns and damages enemies hit. 9 seconds


Name Ability Cooldown
Sorrow Receive increased passive regen.
Heroism You have increased walljump height.
Vampiric Lifesteal for 25% of damage on hit.
Displacement Being below 40% max health will grant invisibility for 3 seconds. 7 seconds
Proficient Your abilities have a 20% chance every second to reset.
Mending All healing grants additional ult charge.
Absorption Gain a portion of damage taken as regen.
Conduction Taking damage grants ult charge.
Attentive Looking at a player reveals their information.
Ethereal Players can't see your name or outline.
Adept Your ult can't drop below 40%.
Transcendence You reflect and deal 2x knockback.
Executive Shop purchases are free if you have the required points.
Lightweight Holding jump lets you hover in the air.
Withering You constantly take damage, but have 45% lifesteal.
Unstable Eliminations switch your fusion.
Zealous Eliminations grant a stacking jump boost.
Explosive Wall jumps explode, sending you further but damaging you.
Evasive Walk 50% faster when holding backwards.
Airborne Crouching midair dashes up to two times in your held direction, resetting on wall jump.
Chilling Hits slow players by 35% for 1 second.
Tension Gain increased passive ult charge for each player near you.
Lucky Final Blows grant luck, increasing over heaven odds.
Zephyr Damaging an enemy grants 60 speed for 3 seconds.
Greedy Dealing damage grants 3.33x points. Your ult has a 66% chance to be refunded.
Hierophant Gain 2 speed every 25 damage.
Withdrawn After not taking damage for 5 seconds, heal to full.
Kaze Gain 65 speed and low gravity while falling. Crouch to cancel.
Gravitic Hits pull the victim downwards.
U-Turn Melee hits switch your hero.
Limbo Hits rewind the victim to their previous position after 3 seconds. 7 seconds
Micro You are 25% smaller.
Halt Hits stop the enemy in place briefly. 5 seconds
Perfection Deal 1.33x damage while above 90% health.
Bloodthirsty Deal 1.6x damage while below 30% health.
Respite Deal 1.25x damage while standing still.
Precision Deal 1.25x damage to players with their ultimate ready.
Necromancer Summon a bot that moves towards and attacks whoever you look at.
Wind-Up Not dealing damage slowly charges up an explosion on your next hit. Max 3 charges.
Risky Damage is randomly modified by 0.75-1.4x.
Detonation Hits have a chance to explode, dealing extra damage and knocking enemies back, dealing more if they hit a wall.
Blazing Hits set the victim on fire.
ATG Hits have a chance to fire homing rockets.
Acrobat Melee hits while airborne launch you and cancel it. Multiple in a row deals extra damage.
Weathered Wall jumps throw homing shurikens at enemies. 1 second
Providence Being below half health grants invincibility for 1.5 seconds. 10 seconds
Cauterize You are unkillable for 1.5 seconds when you reach 1 health. 14 seconds
Shameless Taking damage from a different player than the last briefly makes you invulnerable.
Unbreakable Being knocked back grants a 50% damage reduction shield. Stuns last a maximum of 0.35 seconds.
Reinforced Every second, gain damage reduction based on how much damage you took during the last second.
Unaware Take 30% reduced damage from players you aren't looking at.
Graceful Taking damage while above 95% health makes you invincible for 1.5 seconds. 8 seconds
Executioner Final blows damage and stun nearby players for 2 seconds.
Draconic Dropping below 40% health causes a regenerative explosion. 12 seconds
Duelist Take 15% less damage from and deal 1.2x damage to the last player you damaged.
Crippling Hits deal extra damage and cancel actions.
Prismatic Every 5 seconds, gain a random buff.
Serrated Reflect a portion of damage taken.
Cameo You take 60% extra damage, but you have 2 lives. Each final blow gives you a life.
BFMV Dodge the next hit and teleport to the attacker. 10 seconds
Parano Create a random area that grants healing, damage reduction, and a damage boost while in it.
Storm Hits have a chance to strike lightning, stunning and damaging.
Assault Holding crouch for 1 second grants a damaging and stunning dash when you let go. 4 seconds
Mysterious Taking damage applies a random debuff to your attacker. 7 seconds
Backstab Meleeing an opponent in the back deals a powerful backstab. 3 seconds
Drunk Your ult charges faster and your cooldowns are reduced, but they may randomly get used.
Malachite Hits apply 75% anti-heal and damage reduction piercing for 5 seconds. 5 seconds
Shackled Hits create a tether that teleports the victim back to it. 7 seconds
Lament Create a lifesteal vortex that expands with health percent.
Shattered Dropping below 50% health calls down a beam of light to defend you. 10 seconds

Traits (not visible in game)

Name Ability
Speedy 25% Speed increase.
Strong 20% Damage increase.
Tank 20% Health increase.
Godly 10% Health, speed, and damage increase.

Over Heaven

Players have a small chance to gain an upgrade called Over Heaven upon getting a kill.
This chance increases with luck, a stat increased by getting kills.
Luck resets upon obtaining Over Heaven.
Once obtained, the player gains increased stats and unique fusion effects, but take 3% extra damage for each kill in their killstreak.
An icon is shown over their head. It may be wise to work together and take them down.


At the edge of the map, there is an orb that will randomly have fusions and enchants for sale. Buying a fusion or enchant will replace your current one for the cost of a few points.
Holding Crouch + Reload anywhere for 1.5 seconds will buy the current item.
Holding Crouch on top of the market will toggle whether or not it's on your hud.
The market refreshes every 10 seconds.

Item Cost
Fusion Cost 250 points.
Enchant Cost 150 points.

What to do if a bot wont despawn or a player has a permanent effect?

Tell the host player to press Melee + Reload + Interact.
This game has too many abilities and lots of strange combos can cause these bugs to occur.

Why are some heroes disabled?

Some heroes do not fit the deathmatch style or become too oppressive in some scenarios. Others have abilities that don't work with workshop.

Players | 2 - 8
Categories: Free for all
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 23 more...
Maps: Necropolis
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


Use Active Ability Fusion
Crouch + Reload
Buy From Market
Use Active Ability Fusion
Buy From Market
Use Active Ability Fusion
Buy From Market
Use Active Ability Fusion
Buy From Market
Use Active Ability Fusion
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