PJJ Deathmatch

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Welcome to PJJ Deathmatch!

PJJ Deathmatch is a never-ending deathmatch with random abilities largely inspired by JoJo and other various media.
Each player spawns with a random ability (called fusions), an enchant, and a trait which will give them an edge in battle.
Some fusions have passive abilities, while others require you to press interact to use.
Excluding ultimate fusions, there are over 5,880 different combinations you can acquire!
(Don't start the gamemode!)

Passive Abilities

  • Diver Down: Hits apply deteriorating poison damage of 0.5x per tick.
  • Cream: Hits deal 1.66x damage when close.
  • Rolling Stones: Attacks execute targets below 25% hp.
  • The Sun: Damages all targets in a radius around you.
  • Mr. President: Take 30% reduced damage.
  • Highway Star: Lifesteal 55% of damage on hit.
  • The Hand: Attacks that deal half the victims hp do 2.2x more damage, 1.2x otherwise.
  • Ball Breaker: Hits will chain to nearby enemies, dealing an additional 0.45x damage.
  • Spice Girl: Hits apply small knockback.
  • Ratt: Heal to full hp on elimination.
  • Osiris: Your damage is amplified by 1.33x for each kill in your killstreak.
  • Hallowed: Final blows cause explosions that deal 66% of the original target's max health.
  • Divine: Hits may sometimes crit for 2.8x damage.
  • Anointed: Hits that deal a third of an enemies max health will deal an extra 22% of their max health, 0.013% otherwise.
  • Killer Queen: Dropping below 25% hp will heal you to full and launch you in the air. (25 second cooldown)
  • Hey Ya: 1/4 Chance to dodge a non-lethal attack.
  • Harvest: Recieve double healing from all sources.
  • Vampire: Gain extra hp on final blow.
  • Hanged Man: Eliminations teleport you to players and make you invisible for 1.5 seconds.
  • Man in the Mirror: Final blows make you invincible for 4 seconds.
  • Catch The Rainbow: You have 50% gravity.
  • Transcendent: You dont take knockback and deal 50% extra knockback.
  • Little Feet: You are 75% size.
  • Atum: Final blows give you 25% extra ult charge.
  • Shadow Edge: Hits pull enemies towards you.
  • Cheap Trick: Standing still heals you.
  • Paisley Park: Shows an icon on the closest and furthest player to you.
  • Achtung: Become invisible for 1 second every 3 seconds.
  • Wonder of U: Players that damage you will see a black flash and take 14% of their max health as damage.
  • Survivor: Heal health over time depending on how many players are near you.
  • The Grateful Dead: Deal 2x damage if you have hp lower than your target.
  • Anubis: Reset cooldowns on kill or assist, and damage nearby players when you die.
  • Blood Dark: After dealing 500 damage, your next attack steals lots of health.
  • Metallica: You are invisible but leave behind trails and sparkles.
  • Liable Sprocket: Landing a melee will stun opponents. (3 second cooldown)

Active Abilities

  • Black Sabbath: Teleport to the closest player to your crosshair. (5 second cooldown)
  • Chariot Requiem: Put very close players to sleep. (10 second cooldown)
  • Made in Heaven: Slow down time and speed up yourself. (30 second cooldown)
  • King Crimson: Go invisible and create a clone that attacks for 4 seconds. (15 second cooldown)
  • Kiss: Deal 2.5x damage for 5 seconds. (15 second cooldown)
  • GER: Stun yourself and reflect damage for 3 seconds. (12 second cooldown)
  • D4C: Lose ult charge to change dimensions where you can't attack, be seen, or attacked for 5 seconds. (12.5 second cooldown)
  • Kraft Work: Root nearby players in place for 3 seconds. (6 second cooldown)
  • Echoes: Flip the facing direction of the closest person to your crosshair. (8 second cooldown)
  • Hermit Purple: Pull the closest person to your crosshair towards you. (8 second cooldown)
  • White Wedding: Randomly pushes nearby players. (12 second cooldown)
  • C-Moon: Slam the closest person to your crosshair down for 1/4 of their max hp. (11 second cooldown)
  • Chocolate Disco: Teleport nearby players to the furthest player from you. (13 second cooldown)
  • D4C:LT: Stun yourself and reflect damage randomly for 3 seconds. (15 second cooldown)
  • The World: Freeze yourself for 1.5 seconds, then freeze close players for 3 seconds. (30 second cooldown)
  • Night Blade: Fling the closest person to your crosshair up and deal 1/4 of their max hp. (11 second cooldown)
  • White Album: Freeze very close players. (12 second cooldown).
  • Yellow Temperence: Copy all the atributes of the player closest to your crosshair.
  • Bastet: Magnetize the closest player to you. (13 second cooldown)
  • Smashing Pumpkin: Use 10% of your hp to teleport forward 7 meters in the direction you're facing.
  • Moody Blues: Target the closest player to your reticle. If they ult within 3 seconds, stun them and gain max ult.
  • Hydrangea: Create a link between you and another player for 4 seconds, stealing any healing they recieve. (14 second cooldown)
  • Pylon: Create multiple pulses of electricity around you (7 second cooldown)
  • Blue Hawaii: Force the next person to attack you to walk straight for 2 seconds. (15 second cooldown)
  • Sacred Field: Create a field of damage reduction around you. (12 second cooldown)
  • Mortality: Create a mark you will return to and heal after dropping below 60% hp. (17 second cooldown)
  • Reaper: Create an orb around you which lifesteals from enemies. (16 second cooldown)
  • Mandom: Create a mark which you return to with your previous health in 6 seconds. (16 second cooldown)
  • Soul Jar: Killing players grants souls. Interact will release the souls into a beam which does large percent damage based on the souls stored.


  • Perfection: Deal 1.25x more damage when at full hp.
  • Bloodthirsty: Deal up to 1.33x more damage the lower your health is.
  • Sorrow: Your passive regen is faster.
  • Providence: While below half hp, become invincible for 1.5 seconds. (5 second cooldown)
  • Heroism: You have increased walljump height.
  • Executioner: Kills stun nearby players.
  • Vampiric: Lifesteal for 16.6% of damage dealt on hit.
  • Displacement: Being below 40% hp will make you invisible for 2.5 seconds. (7 second cooldown)
  • Draconic: Create a small explosion and gain rapid regen when reaching 40% hp. (12 second cooldown)
  • Proficient: Your abilities may randomly come off cooldown.
  • Perseverance: Stuns can only last a maximum of 0.35 seconds.
  • Mending: All healing grants ult charge.
  • Absorption: Gain a small portion of damage taken as regen.
  • Conduction: Taking damage grants small ult charge.
  • Cauterize: You are unkillable for 1 second you reach 1 hp. (18 second cooldown)
  • Ethereal: Players cannot see your name or outline.
  • Respite: Deal 1.18x more damage while standing still.
  • Attentive: Looking at a player reveals their fusion.
  • Precision: Deal 1.18x damage to players with their ult ready.
  • Shameless: Taking damage from a different person than the one that last damaged you phases you out for a duration based on the damage taken.
  • Duelist: Take 15% less damage and deal 1.2x damage to the last person that damaged you.
  • Unbreakable: Being stunned or knocked back gives you a 50% damage reduction shield.
  • Adept: Your ultimate can't drop below 40%.


  • Speedy: 20% Speed increase.
  • Strong: 20% Damage increase.
  • Godly: 10% Health, speed, and damage increase.
  • None: No increase.

Ultimate Fusions

Players also have a small chance to gain an ultimate fusion upon getting a kill.
Ultimate Fusions gives large stat boosts or strong abilities to the player for one life and alerts everyone else.
It may be wise to work together and take them down.

  • Requiem: 2x Damage, 2x Health, 1.7x Speed.
  • Ascension: 1.7x Damage, 1.7x Health, 1.5x Speed. Passive: Gain the max hp of anybody you kill as shields, take 4% extra damage for each kill in your killstreak.
  • Whitesnake: 1.6x Damage, 1.8x Health, 1.5x Speed. Passive: Your fusion randomly changes every 5 seconds, enemies you kill take damage upon respawning.


At the edge of the map, there is an orb that will randomly have fusions and enchants for sale. Buying a fusion or enchant will replace your current one for the cost of a few points.
Points are obtained through getting kills and dealing damage.
The market refreshes every 20 seconds.

  • Fusion Cost: 300 points.
  • Enchant Cost: 200 points.
Players | 1 - 9
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 21 more...
Maps: Necropolis
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


Use Active Ability Fusion
Use Active Ability Fusion
Use Active Ability Fusion
Use Active Ability Fusion
Use Active Ability Fusion

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