Junkertown Dungeon


With a team of 5, (1 Tank, 1 Healer, 3 DPS) take on three challenging boss fights throughout Junkertown! Every death increases the respawn timer. If all players are dead, the game is lost. Tank's job is to maintain a high threat level so the boss focuses primarily on them. Healer's job is to keep everyone alive. Damage's job is to... deal damage... Random gear will drop from the first two bosses to help prepare for the next battle!

My Workshop Discord: https://discord.gg/QEdgSdB

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Update Log (10)

  • (All Dungeons): Replaced "Boss Health: x%" HUD Text with Progress Bar showing boss health.
  • Increased Junkrat Boss's health in phase 2.
  • (All Dungeons): Reworked hero selection/team comp enforcement. Still 1 Tank 3 DPS 1 Healer, but this now allows players to swap heroes when in the spawn bubble. Additionally, if a player selects a hero and leaves the game, the next player who joins that slot is no longer forced to play that hero. If that player comes back, they will be forced to play the hero they picked, preventing players from leaving/joining to swap heroes in the middle of the dungeon.
  • (All Dungeons): Uncapped Aggro(Threat Level) while ulting. This way DPS heroes will receive a little attention while dishing out huge amounts of damage with their ultimates.
  • (All Dungeons): Added New Gear "Hammond's Growth Serum" which adds a certain amount of armor to your health and increases your hero's size while ulting.
  • (All Dungeons): Added New Gear "Molecular Reduction Serum" which sets your aggro(threat level) to 0 and prevents you from gaining aggro while ulting.
  • (All Dungeons): Added New Gear "Shield Projector" which adds a small overshield to your heal target for a brief time.
  • (All Dungeons): Changed any text that included a button to actually show your bound key/button. For example, "Press Interact to pick up gear!" will now show up as "Press [F] to pick up gear!" if you have Interact bound to F.
  • (All Dungeons): The game can no longer be started manually multiple times by pressing Interact in the red circle.
  • (All Dungeons): Reduced Player Genji's damage to 110% (Doesn't need as much help after his big buff earlier this year)
  • (All Dungeons): Reset Ashe's ult duration back to 100% (Someone convinced me wayy back when I was making Rialto that she needed more ult time but no.)
  • (All Dungeons): There is now a 5 second grace period after bosses die where no one can pick up gear
  • (All Dungeons): There is now a notification that will pop up if you attempt to pick up gear while you're on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with the Junkers where they would stop performing abilities if their ultimate wasn’t ready yet.
  • Reworked the second stage of the Junkers fight. Both Junkers will increase in size if the other dies
  • Decreased both Junkers damage received in the second stage of the fight.
  • Replaced Roadhog boss’s “Hookwhip” ability with “Hookslam”. Roadhog jumps high into the air, attempts to hook a player. If the hook is successful, he pulls them under him and slams them into the ground, dealing damage and applying knocked down for a few seconds.
  • Added “Titan Gas” ability for Roadhog boss’s second phase. Roadhog uses take a breather, summoning a cloud of gas that provides invincibility as long as he is within the cloud.
  • Properly spaced out the timing of Junkrat boss’s “Bombs Away” ability such that they can actually hit players.
  • Replaced Junkrat boss’s trap ability in his second phase with “Jamison Surprise”. Junkrat throws an enormous bomb up into the air. Any player in the bomb’s range when it lands takes massive damage.
  • Increased Junkrat boss’s projectile speed in his second phase
  • Junkers now properly jump to avoid obstacles.
  • Increased Bastion boss’s size and max health.
  • The turret Bastions now spawn in new locations. Additionally they are smaller, stick to the wall, and have more health.
  • Turret Bastions now aim at the closest player they can see, instead of the player with highest aggro(Threat Level)
  • Decreased the amount of time Hammond boss is knocked out when hit by player’s bombs. Previously it was very easy to just chain the bombs together and keep Hammond knocked out for a long time.
  • (All Dungeons): Added a cap to the respawn timer. The respawn timer will no longer exceed 60 seconds (30 seconds on Easy difficulty)
  • (All Dungeons): Respawn timer will now incorporate Mercy's Blessing, showing you the correct respawn time if you have the gear.
  • (All Dungeons): Dying with Mercy's Blessing gear no longer contributes to team deaths.
  • (All Dungeons): Mercy's Resurrect now pulls massive aggro.
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