Rialto Dungeon



With a team of 5, (1 Tank, 1 Healer, 3 DPS) take on three challenging boss fights throughout Rialto! Every death increases the respawn timer. If all players are dead, the game is lost. Tank's job is to maintain a high threat level so the boss focuses primarily on them. Healer's job is to keep everyone alive. Damage's job is to... deal damage... Random gear will drop from the first two bosses to help prepare for the next battle!

My Workshop Discord: https://discord.gg/QEdgSdB

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Update Log

  • (All Dungeons): Removed "Team Lives". Instead of a finite amount of lives, every death increases the respawn timer. As usual, upon a full team wipe, the game is lost.
  • (All Dungeons): Changed "Mercy's Blessing" range to fit with the new respawn timer system. Basically it provides shorter respawn times than before.
  • (All Dungeons): Increased damage received of most bosses, but increased max health. This helps for players gaining ult charge quicker.
  • (All Dungeons): Fixed an issue where Crusader's Helmet gear was giving too much health. That's my fault, I multiplied something twice...
  • (All Dungeons): Added a tooltip when players are near gear that tells you how to pick it up OK MYSTERY SOLVED GUYS IT'S THE INTERACT BUTTON
  • (All Dungeons): Increased Bastion's damage received (With his new buff he is a little too powerful)
  • (All Dungeons): Increased Mei's ammo (With her newish nerf freezing was legitimately impossible in dungeons)
  • (All Dungeons): Increased Hammond's damage (He should be able to keep aggro more consistently now)
  • (All Dungeons): Increased Genji, Sombra, and Doomfist's damage dealt
  • Improved all of D.va Boss's ability effects and performance
  • D.va Boss's "Quantum Boosters" ability now works properly
  • Reworked D.va Boss's "Self Destruct", completely eliminating the issue where it would reset her health
  • Lowered D.va Boss's base damage
  • Reduced the frequency of the Superchargers during the Pharah fight
  • Fixed gear spawning in inaccessible locations after D.va and Pharah fights
  • Pharah will now get pushed out of the room under the stairs if she is caught in there. (Sorry, it was too easy to cheese her that way...)
  • Fixed pathing issues with Pharah after she got knocked out
  • Slightly increased the activation time of Reinhardt boss's "Hypercharge" and "Earthshatter" abilities
  • (Global Dungeon Change): Heroes who do not have any (significant) projectiles no longer see the Projectile Accelerator gear drops (Doomfist, Mccree, Widowmaker, etc)
  • (Global Dungeon Change): Reduced Crusader Helmet potential life given to 1%-25%
  • (Global Dungeon Change): Reduced Hard Light Armor potential damage reduction to 1%-25%
  • (Global Dungeon Change): Gear that has already dropped now has a chance to drop again on the second boss
  • Reverted the Pharah change where the knockdown/nuke depended on her health. I'm 99% sure why that's why the fight was crashing. 99%....
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash upon Pharah boss spawn
  • Added Difficulty. Normal by default, but players can change to Easy, Hard, or Hardcore. Boss stats adjusted based on difficulty. Hardcore difficulty sets team lives to 0 and disables gear drops.
  • Pharah boss will now be knocked out and call nukes at set health points instead of counting damage. This way it will be more consistent every time.
  • Decreased Reinhardt boss's damage resist by 25%
  • Moved location of Reinhardt boss's Torbjorn turret
  • Fixed Projectile Accelerator drop text to correctly show the drop's value
  • Added gear
  • Increased Brigitte's healing by 10%
  • Decreased Roadhog's Healing by 5%
  • Increased Roadhog's hook cooldown by 50%
  • Increased Winston's damage by 20%
  • Increased Zenyatta's healing by 8%
  • Increased Zarya's damage to 100% (I accidentally set it to 15% along with the Zarya bot's damage)
  • Adjusted aggro system
  • Fixed team lives
  • Fixed Reinhardt boss's Firewave ability, was stacking itself by activating itself
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