Bullrush (AKA Run From Rein)


Basic Information

The classic game recreated in Overwatch with added mechanics! As a runner, your goal is to reach the other side and evade the Reinhardts. As Reinhardt, you must hit opponents with your hammer to convert them. The game ends once there is 1 runner remaining. NOTE: This gamemode requires 3 players at minimum to start otherwise it won't work.

Stage Effects

There are 4 different effects that randomly appear around the map. Players run into these to receive a benefit or a detriment.

Speed Booster

The speed booster is a pink ring where if a runner touches it, they are launched forward in the direction they are facing!


The shield is a blue sphere where if a runner touches it, they are surrounded in the effect. When they are attacked by a chaser (or hit by the trap) the shield breaks, pushes them forward and grants temporary invincibility.


The trap is a red vortex where if a runner touches it, they are stunned for two seconds. After being touched, the position of the effect changes.

Energy Field

The energy field is a set of sparkles where if any player touches it, their cooldowns are reset and receive 25% ultimate charge. After being touched, the position of the effect changes.

Warp Panel

A warp panel is a ring effect where if any player touches it, they are teleported to the one adjacent to it. Runners receive invincibility for 1s after using it and there is a two second cooldown between use.

Hero Abilities

Some heroes have custom abilities or certain limitations!


Using ultimate grants him tremendous speed for 2 seconds


Rocket Punch cannot be fully charged


Using Guardian Angel pushes her forward in the direction she's facing


Using ultimate gives him the shield! Fails if someone is holding it though


Can double jump, cancel charge by pressing the button again and fire strike slows enemies hit by it


In the workshop settings tab, players can adjust certain elements of the gamemode to let it better suit their experience. The following options are available:

  • Max Games (Determines the maximum amount of games needed to be completed before the match terminates)
  • Stage Effects (Determines whether stage effects should spawn)
  • Timer Multiplier (Applies a multiplier to round timers - DO NOT SET TOO LOW)
  • Reinhardt Custom Abilities (Determines whether Reinhardt has access to any of his custom abilities. There are three settings for the three abilities he has)
  • Custom Abilities (Determines wherher any non-Reinhardt hero has access to their custom abilities)
  • Extended Maps (Deterimes whether Warp Panels and extended maps should load. Havana and King's Row overrule this setting)
  • Player Loses Shield Upon Round End (Determines whether the shield's position should randomise at the end of a round if a player is currently holding it)
  • Echo Has Access To Duplicated Target's Custom Abilities (Self explanatory)
  • Deaths By Environment Converts Runners (If the game detects the player dies via falling off the map or being hit by a car, this option will determine whether they should be converted)
  • Camera Effects (Determines if camera effects will play at the conclusion of a game)
  • Display Alternate Title (Changes the HUD text to say "Run From Reinhardt")

Known Issues

  • Sometimes Reinhardt's double jump activates incorrectly
  • There's no ingame text that describes Reinhardts' custom abilities
  • Rarely, all players can be simultaneously hit by a stage effect
  • Sometimes when starting the game, the game will spontaneously declare a winner and return to hero select

Other Information

To coincide with the release of this gamemode, Teh Footian Network is now public! Join here to provide feedback, suggestions or report bugs for all the gamemodes made by yours truly.


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Update Log (7)

General Updates

  • Reworked the game completion code
  • When a camera effect triggers, hero HUD and gamemode HUD is now hidden until it concludes

Configuration Updates

  • Added the following options:
    • Randomise Hero Size
    • Randomise Voice Modifications
  • These settings will set a player's voice and size to a random value upon spawning. If the map is either Workshop expanse variants, then the size range is increased to include large sizes
    • This criteria is added to prevent the chances of a chaser getting stuck in some maps and for server load concerns

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the game would end spontaneously
  • Fixed a bug where the first player to spawn in in a new game would see the "You're the last runner" message
  • Fixed a bug where in rare instances, hitting a runner as chaser with the hammer would ignite them instead of converting them
  • Fixed a bug in Workshop Expanse and Workshop Expanse (Night) where a player in hero select would constantly trigger the border rule

General Updates

  • Upon collecting the shield, a player will have majority of their health converted to shield health
    • The health will return to normal once the shield is lost
  • At the end of a game, a camera effect will play on the highlighted player
    • If no runners are alive, the highlighted player will be the chaser who eliminated the last runner
    • If the runner reaches the end, then that runner is the highlighted player
  • When a runner touches an endpoint, their outline will change colour to match that endpoint's colour
    • This is to provide better clarity to chasers that the player is safe
  • Removed a dev tool
    • Some hosts would enable this tool to cheat
  • Unified the rate the endzone shrinks at the start of the round
  • Increased the time before an endzone disappears at the start of the round


  • All configuration settings have been moved to the workshop settings tab
  • Removed the configuration HUD as the changes can be seen in the regular settings list
  • Added the following configuration settings (all are default to ON):
    • Lose Shield After Round (determines whether a player will lose the shield at the end of the round)
    • Echo Access To Custom Abilities (determines whether Echo has access to a target's duplicated abilities)
    • Deaths By Environment Converts Runners (determines whether a runner will be converted if they die via the environment)
    • Camera Effects (determines whether the camera will move at the end of a game)
    • Display Alternate Title (changes the HUD text to display the more commonly used name for this mode)

Hero Updates


  • Now has access to Configuration: Sentry


  • When duplicating Lucio, the wallride timer is regenerated at 6.5x Lucio's rate


  • Deflect cooldown increased from 20s to 30s


  • Steel Trap cooldown reduced from 50s to 20s


  • Movement gravity decreased to 100%
  • Increased innate speed penalty from -10% to -5%
  • Wall Ride now has a time restriction
    • The maximum amount of time for Lucio to be allowed to wall ride is ~1.2s
    • The timer freezes whenever Lucio is not on a wall
    • The timer is represented by Lucio's ultimate bar (the fuller, the longer the time remaining)
    • When on the ground, the allowed time is slowly given back to Lucio (from 0% to 100% it takes approximately 15s)
      • The rate is 3% per half second
    • This time restriction is affected by the "Custom Abilities" configuration setting
    • Touching the Energy Field will replenish the timer entirely


  • Wraith cooldown reduced from 20s to 15s

Soldier: 76

  • Increased innate speed boost from 15% to 20% (most heroes have 50%)


  • Grapple cooldown reduced from 10s to ~7s

Map Updates

  • Added warp panels to Dorado
  • Added warp panels to Paris

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Tracer's blinks would not receive any charges when collecting the energy field
  • Fixed a bug where if the timer reaches 0, the players currently at the end point would permanently become immune to the timer
  • Fixed a bug where a round won't end while in debugging mode if only one player exists
  • Fixed a bug in debugging mode where the inspector was disabled
  • Fixed a bug where if a player hits a trap with the shield they would be invincible for twice the intended duration
  • Fixed a bug where D.va couldn't generate ult charge
  • Fixed a mistake where Sombra's ability HUD said "ability 1"
  • Fixed a mistake where Doomfist's ability HUD said "secondary fire"
  • Fixed a mistake where Mercy's ability HUD said "ability 1"
  • Fixed a mistake where Torbjorn's ability HUD said "ultimate"
  • Fixed a mistake where Bastion's ability HUD said "ultimate"
  • Fixed a mistake where Baptiste's ability HUD said "ability 1"
  • Fixed a bug where if the initial chaser didn't spawn in, then the player with chaser immunity could become the initial chaser
  • Fixed a bug where if the initial chaser didn't spawn in they would still get chaser immunity
  • Fixed a grammatical error where if there was 1 runner safe, it would still say "runners"
  • Fixed a grammatical error where if there was 1 runner not safe, it would still say "runners"
  • Fixed a grammatical error where if there was 1 chaser, it would still say "chasers"
  • Fixed a bug where Junkrat's concussion mines would not receive any charges when collecting the energy field
  • Fixed a bug where Hanzo's lunge would not have its cooldown reset when collecting the energy field
  • Fixed a bug where Pharah's fuel would not be refilled when collecting the energy field
  • Fixed a bug where D.va's Defence Matrix energy would not be refilled when collecting the energy field
  • Fixed a bug where all players would be afflicted by a stage effect when the randomisation returned an empty value
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

General Updates

  • Optimised gamemode
  • Added DEBUG function
    • When this setting is enabled, most elements of the gamemode are disabled
  • The "hurry up!" message now only displays to players who are not at the endpoint


This feature gives the host player options to change the game to provide a better experience. Access these options by expanding the configuration rule below the developer rules. The options available are as follows:

  • Maximum Games: sets the amount of games needed to complete before ending the match (default is 5)
  • Stage Effects: enables/disables whether stage effects (shield, trap etc.) will spawn - DOES NOT EFFECT WARP PANELS (default is True)
  • Timer Multiplier: applies a multiplier to the current round timers (default is 1)
  • Reinhardt Double Jump: enables/disables whether Reinhardt can double jump (default is true)
  • Reinhardt Cancel Charge: enables/disables whether Reinhardt can cancel charge (default is true)
  • Reinhardt Firestrike Slow: enables/disables whether Reinhardt's firestrike slows enemies (default is true)
  • Custom Abilities: enables/disables any custom abilities on all heroes aside from Reinhardt (default is true)
  • Warp Panels: enables/disables extended maps and the use of warp panels (default is true)


  • Certain configuration options if set to too high or low values can cause some issues. For instance:
    • Setting the game count to an extremely high number may eventually cause the server to crash (although unknown if this actually will happen)
    • Setting the timer multiplier too low renders the game to be unplayable
  • Disabling custom abilities can have certain consequences. For instance:
    • Sombra's stealth has no limitations, making her undeniably overpowered
  • Configuration options will not be considered when making hero balance decisions
  • When the game detects that an option has been configured, a HUD text will appear to the left detailing the kinds of changes made
  • The warp panels setting will always be active if the map is either Havana or King's Row
    • This is because these maps are too small when played in the regular FFA boundaries

Hero Updates


  • Can now passively generate Self-Destruct


  • Added a detector for when Echo falls off the map with Duplicate active
    • This should prevent the bug where she can respawn and continue to be a runner


  • Increased movement gravity to 133%
    • This change is intended to make it more difficult for Lucio to wallride to high altitudes


  • After using a warp panel, he cannot deal damage for 2 seconds
    • This is to prevent chasers from jumping through a warp panel to achieve a cheap kill

Wrecking Ball (Hammond)

  • Can now passively generate MineField

Map Updates

  • Redefined extended maps, categorised by a number 1) A partially extended map. This is a map where some warp panels spawn to increase the size of the map by a small amount. Timers are not increased for these maps 2) A fully extended map. This is a map where warp panels dramatically increase the size of the map. Timers are increased for these maps
  • The following maps are now defined as Partially Extended
    • Temple of Anubis
    • Blizzard World
  • The following maps are now defined as Fully Extended
    • Havana
    • King's Row
    • Eichenwalde
  • Added warp panels to the folowing maps:
    • Eichenwalde
    • Blizzard World
    • Temple of Anubis

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Ashe's Dynamite cooldown was incorrect
  • Fixed a technical bug where the game attempted to provide invincibility to runners in the "no runners alive" scenario
  • Fixed a bug where if Echo falls off the map with Duplicate active, she would not convert to a chaser
  • Fixed a bug where the chaser would not respawn at the respawn point if they were converted due to falling off the map
  • Fixed a bug where extended maps would not have the initial timer increased
  • Fixed a bug where the border wouldn't work on Workshop Expanse (Night)
  • Fixed a bug where players could switch heroes by entering a spawn room on an extended map
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