Run from the Sun (Phases) - by Voxcae

Credit: Voxcae
v1: CrimsonRisin#1707, Legendhero | Old Anti-Join: HazelStorm#1315. Clout/major v2 development: Guacamole#11106 | Balance Assistance/Certain Heroes: Angel#110934

Setup Instructions

Before opening the preset, rename team 1 to "protostar" and team 2 to "red giant. If you have already opened the preset, swap the game to a team gamemode, and then swap back.

Sun Behaviour

The sun chases the closest player to it, violated by Widow using ult, in which it will instead chase the closest person to her crosshair. The sun has a damage speed, and a linger limit. The damage speed is normal damage, while the linger limit will kill regardless of health, with a single exception, you can probably guess which hero I'm talking about. All the star's properties are different based on each phase. The star will constantly grow throughout the match.

Phase Details

Nebula (Star Clouds)

The first phase, pretty, and barely a threat, however, should you die to it, the clouds will preserve your max health, converting it into mass as it changes to the next phase. The clouds may look big, but the hitbox is a fraction of the visual size.


The second phase, it's blue, and HOT. The star's kill time is 3x faster than an average star, or red giant, and the damage output is as well. The star will also send out solar a prominence at anyone nearby, dealing a hefty 50 damage.

Average Star

The third phase of the star may resemble that of our sun. Fun fact, this was what the original star looked like when this mode only had a single sun. Fully updated, the star emits UV radiation, damaging anyone within LOS of the star. The damage is small, but will scale depending on your character's max hp. The star will also send out solar winds to the furthest player, should the player be over 80 meters of the star's surface. Mind the red ring around it indicating the 80 meter mark.

Red Giant

The fourth, and one of the scariest stages. Renowned for its immense size, make sure to find a wide- open space if you want to rotate. The phase also holds access to solar flares. These will damage the person who it chases should they be within radius of the surface. However, the radius is relatively large, so don't get your hopes up about not getting hit. The flares will damage you for 25 every 2 seconds.

Final Phases

These phases are significantly more powerful than the previous. There are 3 options, randomly chosen via the Workshop's will.

Black Hole (Vortex)

Massive, quiet, and powerful. Should you enter the event horizon, and linger for any more than 1.2 seconds, there are no hopes of escaping. The Black Hole has a kill time equivalent to those of the red giant, or average star, but unless you aren't the only one being spaghettified, the kill time should not matter to you. Everyone will gain a 50% movespeed boost during this phase.

White Dwarf (Torb) Star

Small, but strong. Do not underestimate it, even if the Torbjorn icon in the HUD text makes it appear underwhelming. There is a large radius, indicated by a white circle, surrounding the star. Should you find yourself within it, you will take excruciating damage, and be subject to its gravitational field. Though weaker than the gravity of the Black Hole, it will not wait for you to escape before pulling you in. If you touch the White Dwarf directly, it will have no mercy, killing you instantly.

Neutron (Dead) Star

The White Dwarf's baby cousin. However, it is even more potent. The star, while having a weaker pull, has an infinite pull radius. Instead of having a pulling ring surrounding it, it has a ring in which it will forcefully impulse you inwards at a 5 second interval. It has an even smaller ring, in which you will be subject to some of the most damaging forces in the cosmos. As does the White Dwarf, the Neutron kills you instantly, with a smaller size to compensate for its otherwise superiority to the White Dwarf.

Major Hero Changes

If not for hero changes, some characters would be near useless. Here are the details.


The most complex, yet possibly the most effective hero, IF the enemy does nothing to counter you. Harmony orb has been re-created, and can be applied to you yourself by aiming down. If Zen emotes, and the harmony and discord orbed targets are within 40 meters, after a short duration, the positions of each target will be swapped. By harmonied targets, this includes Zen himself. However, if either target presses crouch while on the ground, Zen will be stunned, most likely dooming him. Yes, an easy counter, but many do not take this into consideration. Should people start paying attention, Zen may be buffed, but if people do start to catch on, Zen will still hard counter any aerial-reliant heroes.


Energy converts into velocity. Yeah, you read that right. Zarya will gain around 38% energy from a full use of this. Zarya will gain 0.33% movespeed per 1% charge. During Black Hole, she will gain 0.5% per 1%. Beware, as the star's lingering limit will kill Zarya through her barrier, and after it ends if she cannot escape in time. Zarya also has increased knock-back on her particle cannon.

Wrecking Ball

Hammond's grapple has a 5 second limit, and his gravity is increased, with jump height increased in compensation. Hammond also has a slower movement speed multiplier. Health significantly decreased.


Widow's ultimate is her only change. It is also the coolest change in the game. Using her ultimate will cause the sun to chase the person she aims closest, regardless of how close she aims to them, or if she even aims at them at all. This will have a natural delay of ~1 second after casting it. Widowmaker also has slightly less gravity.


Torbjorn's turret will steal the healing of whoever it targets, and transfer it to him, in double the magnitude. It also increases the target's damage received by 25%. That is it for Torb.


Symmetra's turrets have been disabled due to not being able to destroy them. However, Sym's charged shot (10 second CD) will tether the person it hits to the closest player within a short-medium distance of the target. This includes herself. It has increased speed so it's easier to hit.


Invis has its classic 6 second limit, and trans activates instantly to prevent cross-map camping. However, trans goes pretty far before it activates. Stealth will make Olivia invulnerable to ultraviolet.


Kinetic will increase Sigma's speed by 20% (this increases during Vortex), and will allow him to absorb stellar ejections such as solar flares, and solar a prominence, converting them into health. Keep in mind, just because this is a Workshop feature, doesn't mean you don't have to face the sun to absorb its ejections. Accretion will deal self-knockback similar to that of Coach Gun.


Scrap gun headshots deal self and enemy knock-back. similar to McCree, but shooting has a longer delay.


Rein can literally break a wall. Ok, not literally, but he can phase through one wall per charge usage, hold crouch to cancel this. To compensate, Rein has a decreased charge speed relative to his movespeed percentage.


A plethora of changes, this one has! Free-for-all stylized Guardian Angel has been implemented, hold the regular Guardian Angel button to fly to an enemy (or I guess teammate in this context? Idk.) Resurrect has been reintegrated, YET implemented differently. Press the regular rez button no more than 2.5 seconds BEFORE dying (no rez while dead), to come back with full heath. (Note: It is not recommended to save rez til final 2 players remaining, the results will not be what I call satisfying.) Valk, due to having incredible power, has been nerfed. If you are over 80 meters, a solar wind/relativistic jet will be fired at you, regardless of the stage of the star. Additionally, glide has a 7 second limit.


Fan Hammer will knock you back, as if firing 6 less powerful coach gun shots. Headshots will knock both you and the enemy back, similar to Hog.


Wall ride will deal 9 damage per 2 seconds, you will be slowed and your heal will be disabled for two seconds after touching a wall, this will loop in accordance with the wall ride damage. Your movespeed is slower than average. In compensation, you take less ultraviolet damage.


Firing a fully charged sonic arrow will fire a shock arrow. The radius of the detonation is small, but will increase after 0.7 seconds of being fired. The arrow will have the total stun time of a McCree stunner. The arrow is removed as each phase passes, and the maximum time the arrow can be out for is 8 seconds. Wall-climb will not launch you sky-high.


Wall-climb will not launch you sky-high.


Rocket Punch will instantly activate and apply a self-stun due to launching you light years forward. Seismic can be cancelled by pressing primary fire.


Shield pack transformed into a self-heal for 100, 11 second CD.


Extremely fast ult gain, shorter ult, higher knock-back.


Dynamite will make victim take 50% more damage, mustn't be detonated with coach gun and must be detonated quickly. Primary fire is disabled until using dynamite.


Nano-boost will increase walkspeed by 50%. During Vortex, it will increase walkspeed by 125%.

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