Blizzard World Escape! || Fast Paced PvE || (BACK IN BUSINESS BB)


Setup: Mei, Zenyatta, Roadhog, Reaper, Ana (all hard mode)
!WARNING! Opening workshop with BWE on will probably lag a lot.

Blizzard World Escape

You and 3 teammates are trapped in Blizzard World and must face overwhelming odds when corrupted variations of the original cast start appearing everywhere around the amusement park. Travel across the thrilling yet haunting park and face all odds if it means being able to escape.

With customizable content so the suffering is endless!

Difficulty Levels
Ranging from easy to hard, difficulty levels offer progressively harder difficulties for those seeking a challenge.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode is a special toggleable mode in the workshop that when enabled, will add 3 new mechanics (Abyssal Lock + Purity) and enemies that explode when killed. All of these mechanics well get changes depending on the difficulty the game is set on.

Cursed items that appear in-game and when activated enable crazy rules that can lead to bliss or demise.
(All relics can be on at once)


  • Hyperventilation helped me with a lot of hard decisions and was there to watch when this code hit the top of the popular list >:))))))
  • TaxCollector + Rustle + BadPlayer0 for playtesting and suffering with me
  • CrimsonRend (Sorry just wanted to be with the cool kids)

Now that all the chit chat is done with, I hope you enjoy Blizzard World Escape!
Please give comments + feedback if you want, every little bit helps!

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Update Log

Update 1.35 Changes

Hey! I know I said I was done with this custom game, however a lot of new games I have I decided weren't worthy of being put on the website. So I'm gonna start working on this game again! (Insert party popper)

This update isn't much, it just touches up on some old things and adds QoL thingamajigs and just things to make the game faster so that the "fast paced" part isn't false advertising.


  • Made the in-game menu much more polished.

Made all objective capture times per tick much faster.

Objective 1: 4 -> 2.5
Objective 2: 4.5 -> 3
Objective 3: 5 -> 3.5
Objective 4: 6 -> 4
Objective 5: 6.5 -> 4.5

Increased all stats across all difficulties (except normal obviously)

-20% damage -30% speed -> -15% damage -10% speed

+35% damage +25% speed +25% Health -> +55% damage +35% speed +50% Health

Exit Key

  • Made the Exit Key destination a little farther away
  • It now takes 5 seconds to obtain the Exit Key
  • Taking the Exit Key now teleports all players to the Exit Key destination to avoid cheese.
  • All enemies are now teleported near the players when the Exit Key is obtained.

Replaced Content

A relic that has been underused and is boring to use was the "Cursed Clock" and has been replaced with the Dual Sided Flamethrower.

Dual Sided Flamethrower

  • If any player (ENEMIES INCLUDED) deals damage, the receiver will start to burn and take extra damage.

  • The burn does 16 damage over 5 seconds and can be stacked indefinetely.

  • Iron Heart has been removed from the game, don't worry! It'll be replaced with something cooler later on.

New Content is on the way!

There will be new content coming in hot! Here's a spoiler.

  • There will be a secret "true" ending. IT WILL PRETTY HARD
  • Compatibility for ALL bots, not just the selected few.
  • A bunch of bug fixing and enemy balance changes

1.3 Overhaul Update Changelogs

The update changelogs will now be in google docs because if they were written in the update notes they'd take up a lot of space.

! This workshop game won't be updated for while !

This may be the last version of Blizzard World Escape to ever reach the public, sorry if you liked this gamemode. Just that this game is getting old and is being lost in the abyss of modes to the point where it may not be worth updating anymore. However more projects may be on the way!!

New Feature: The Omega Sigil

A cursed sigil has entered Blizzard World promising blessings and curses if activated. Introducing the Ω Sigil!

The Ω Sigil is located in a room to the right of the hall of fame near the 2 entrance statues, when activated the Ω Sigil comes to life, and will actively effect the game with various events that can help or completely wipe out the heroes.

All possible sigil events

"Ω A being of immense power is watching you... Ω"

  • The Ω Sigil will cause an event soon

"Ω You feel restored... Ω"

  • All heroes are restored to full health and become immune to damage for 4 seconds

"Ω Adrenaline rushes through your veins Ω"

  • All heroes' Adrenaline meters are filled to 10 and instantly activate.

"Ω You feel cleansed... Ω"

  • All heroes' corruption meters are emptied to 0 immediately.

"Ω You feel protected... Ω"

  • All heroes have -50% damage reduction for 10 seconds.

"Ω The Sigils cosmic power is released... Ω"

  • All heroes lose gravity and are shot upwards along with taking 100 damage within 4 seconds, and get violently slammed down taking an additional 50 damage.

"Ω Corruption spills through your veins... Ω"

  • All heroes gain 5 corruption immediately.

"Ω You feel sick... Ω"

  • All heroes only deal have damage and healing for 12 seconds.

"Ω The Sigil demands sacrifice...Ω"

  • No matter where they are, the person closest to the Ω Sigil will die however all of the enemies die with them.
Update 1.2.0 Notes

New Difficulty: Easy

Everyone has to start somewhere! Even normal can be hard for some people trying this game out for the first time, hopefully this'll make the game just a tad bit easier on the players.

In easy mode the enemies do 25% less damage and have -10% movement speed.

New Feature: Relics

For those who REALLY want a challenge, relics are cursed items that when picked up they add cool new mechanics and gimmicks into the game that really make the game feel special and not like anything else. At the time of release there are 3 artifacts as of now. The Iron Heart, the Crucible of Souls, and the Cursed Crown.

These 3 artifacts can be found near the start of the map, if touched by the player the artifact will activate.
Expert Mode must be enabled to be able to use Relics!

Iron Heart

  • Players take 200x damage if their health is NOT full.
  • Players explode when dead, damaging both teammates and ememies upon death.

Crucible of Souls

  • If a player dies, they cannot be resurrected.
  • Mercy's resurrection ability is disabled.
  • If a player dies, all other players are damaged and weakened for a short duration.

Cursed Clock

  • Timer is set to 10 minutes.
  • If a player dies, the timer goes down by 30 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where dead players could capture objectives.

Balance Changes


  • Changed keybind to activate Adrenaline to interact key (F by default)
  • Corruption reduction when activating Adrenaline decreased from -10 to -6
Update 1.1.5 Notes

Introducing: Performance Score!

A neat quality of life change added to the game to make it feel more polished.

Score goes up in 3 main ways

  • Damaging enemies (0.7 - 3)
  • Healing allies and/or yourself (1 - 6)
  • Getting a FINAL BLOW in an elimination (8 - 13.5)

Eventually, you will start earning stars at certain points of score raising.

I hope this makes the game at least a LITTLE more fun and more rewarding!

New Challenge!

Boy am I excited to show you a brand new challenge that comes out with this update! "The Perfectionists"

Utilizing the new performance score feature, with The Perfectionists enabled the door that the players need to touch to end the game is blocked unless your team has 5 stars. Best of luck!

Difficulty + Expert Selection has Changed!

Before this update in order to change difficulties or enable expert was to manually change them by disabling and enabling over and over which could drive some people insane, this process has now been simplified and is more welcoming to non workshop users!

Now above the difficulties and the expert mode changes are rules called "switches" now all you have to do is go into the rule's actions and you will be given instructions on how to enable/disable certain options and how to select desired option.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the escape key could be obtained before the 5 objectives were captured.
  • Fixed a bug where the HUD text to the right of the screen would move with the kill feed.
Update 1.1.0 Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Default difficulty when loading Zombie Rush for the first time set to normal.
  • Expert mode is no longer always on when Zombie Rush is opened.
  • Swapped the gate unlock % HUD and the difficulty HUD so that the difficulty text is not blocked by voice chat icons.
  • Fixed a bug that would put the resurrection circle where players died in areas players could not normally reach

Game Changes

  • When the key is collected after getting all 5 objectives, all players are teleported to the key and the corrupted are teleported near the exit door.
  • Significantly lowered the stat increases in the 6 harder difficulties to make the game more possible.
Update 1.0.0 Notes

1.0.0 Changes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game from finishing when all players died.
  • Fixed a bug that made a resurrection circle appear when the game started.
  • Edited the description with even cooler details!
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