Overwatch: Storm Rising PVE

Hello again! I have gone out of my own way again to recreate another of the PVE modes! I have created my own take on Storm Rising which usually comes around in the Archives event! This game mode includes all the enemies that you would see in the normal Storm Rising, but obviously they don't look the same! I will now list all the available enemies:

  • Baptiste - Trooper
  • Reaper - Enforcer
  • Widowmaker - Sniper
  • Wrecking Ball/Reinhardt - Heavy Assault
  • Genji - Assassin

How it works

In this version you have to push the payload through all the checkpoints, with contestion points all the way through to stop and fight Talon! At the end in which the payload blows up, you have to arm the payload then escort it closer to the end to make it blow up. It will then go slow-mo and you win!

What does BETA/WIP mean?

It means that the game mode is fully functional, will all 4 difficulties and All Heroes. WIP means that the game is not yet finished, and needs more additions such as the team score and other things such as AI improvements or balance changes. It can also mean that I will be adding new modes like Challenge Missions . So I hope you enjoy what I have made, please share and comment any issues!

Cursor menu by Josbird and pathfinding by ItsDeltin

Cursor Menu: https://workshop.codes/cursor-menu
Pathfinding: https://github.com/ItsDeltin/Overwatch-Script-To-Workshop/wiki/Pathfinding


Please do not let anyone join mid-game as it seriously kills the immersion and may create some difficulties, such as bots randomly disappearing even though they haven't been killed!

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Boss Mode, Survival, PvE
Heroes: Winston, Genji, Tracer, Mercy
Maps: Havana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 5



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