Overwatch: Retribution PVE

Beta means the game mode is open to large updates so be aware when saving your preset!

I have recreated the last of the Archives! This one is Retribution, the game mode is different in some different ways that I'll explain later on in How it works. The game mode has two Challenge Missions, a Night Sky, All Heroes, and Damage = Heal. The two Challenge Missions are Surgical Strike and Close Quarters. Here are the replacements for each of the class of Talon:

  • Baptiste - Trooper
  • Reaper - Enforcer
  • Wrecking Ball/Reinhardt - Heavy Assault
  • Widowmaker - Sniper
  • Genji - Assassin

How it works

In this version of Retribution, you start in a small spawn room. Then once you start the breach, you will have to kill of waves of Troopers and Enforcers to make the breach explode. After this, you will be teleported into the main area in which Troopers, Enforcers and Snipers will have to be killed, then the same again for the bridge area. After the bridge area has been killed, the Assassin spawns in with Troopers and Enforcers, after these are killed the Heavy Assault spawns in with Troopers and Enforcers. Then you will need to enter the large circle area I keep forgetting the name of to wait for the portal to arrive to exit Rialto in which a victory is gained if all living players enter the portal (it's a portal since I can't do drop ships and the portal is inside the building behind the Heavy Assault)

Cursor menu by Josbird and pathfinding by ItsDeltin

Cursor Menu: https://workshop.codes/cursor-menu
Pathfinding: https://github.com/ItsDeltin/Overwatch-Script-To-Workshop/wiki/Pathfinding
Map Editor: https://workshop.codes/map-editor

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Boss Mode, Survival, PvE
Heroes: Cassidy, Genji, Reaper, Moira
Maps: Rialto
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3



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