Fires If Either Target Visible While Not Invisible Or Target Visible While Invisible With A Cube

When Theres No Cube Disable Onjetcive/Target Pathfinding And Start Pathfinding To Nearest Health Pack To Place Cube (Which Is Tracked)

Goes Invisible Whenever Possible
Leaves Invisibility To Cap Point

Uses EMP When 3 Or More Targets Within 20 Meters

Tracks Hacked And Enemys Under Half HP Through Walls

Hacks Medkits However Does Not Go Out Of Its Way To Do So Just Whenever It Can
Tracks Medkits That Are Hacked, By What Team, And For How Long

Hacked Enemys Medkits Will Not Be Pathfined To While Trying To Heal
The Cooldown On Hacked Medkits Is Reduced By 400%

Hacks Enemys When Possible

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: ai sombra
Heroes: All
Created at:
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