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Soldier: X is a 8 player, Soldier: 76 only, FFA, RPG game mode where you can level up and choose different talents that will change the way you play and make you stronger each level. Each playthrough is unique because the talents offered in the shop are randomized!

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  • Get experience by dealing damage, getting kills or picking up XP orbs that players drop on death by walking near them.
  • Get enough experience until you level up. The yellow bar at the top of your screen represents the amount of XP.
  • To enter the shop, use your Hearthstone ability which can be used by holding the reload button. You automatically enter the shop if you die with enough experience.
  • When inside the shop, navigate the shop by pressing primary fire button and secondary fire button. Choose 1 out of 3 offered talents by holding the interact button.
  • Some talents have extra instructions on how to use them which can be seen in the top left hand side of the screen.
  • Continue to level up and choose talents and upgrades.
  • First to score 100 kills wins!
  • There is also an Endless Mode which can be enabled inside the Workshop Settings that will allow you to switch talents and just keep playing.

  • [Bloodthirst] (Follow Up Talent: Can only appear in shop after learning Berserker.) Heal yourself based on how much damage you dealt during berserker. Overhealed health will decay over a long period of time.
  • [Purity Field] Activate to exit combat, become immune and increase your healing received. Can not use damage abilities while immune.
  • [Shadowstrike] Pierce through the shadows and swiftly strike all enemies you sweep through.
  • [Cybernetics] Add permanent shields to your health. Shields regenerate automatically and can't be healed with healing abilities.
  • [Engineer] (Unique Talent: Ignore Pain will not appear in shop after learning Engineer.) Gain scrap when dealing damage with your primary fire and picking up xp orbs. When at 100% scrap, turn it into armor.
  • [Stealth] Enter stealth when crouching out of combat. Melee from stealth: damage & stun. Targets hit can't heal for 4 sec. Damage dealing abilities will break stealth.
  • [Juggernaut] Activate to start charging. Hitting a player will stun them and pick them up. Hitting a wall will damage players around you.
  • [Dive Bomb] Gain the ability to dive down on players from the air. Targets hit will be knocked away and take damage.
  • [Cryogenics] Your secondary fire will slow enemies. Affected targets can't use sprint during the slow.
  • [Railgun] Replace your secondary fire with a railgun attachment. Railgun will count as your secondary fire.
  • [Predator] When the cooldown of predator is ready: Low health targets will light up and your melee will execute them.
  • [Soul Siphon] (Follow Up Talent: Can only appear in shop after learning Predator.) After using predator on a target, stand near the victim to siphon their soul and heal youself over 5 seconds.
  • [Jetpack] Equip a Jetpack that will let you fly.
  • [Lifesteal Ammo] The damage you deal with primary fire or secondary fire will heal you.
  • [Health Regen] Passively regenerate health over time. Healing is tripled in stealth. Can not regen health if you are poisoned.
  • [Health Potions] (Unique Talent: Poison Vials will not appear in shop after learning Health Potions.) Buy 3 Health Potions. Each potion vial refills one at a time after 15 seconds.
  • [Poison Vials] (Unique Talent: Health Potions will not appear in shop after learning Poison Vials.) Targets hit will take damage over time and will be unable to gain the benefit of the talent Health Regen for the duration.
  • [Crazy Alchemist] (Follow Up Talent: Can only appear in shop after learning Health Potions or Poison Vials.) Reduces the cooldown of your Potions or Vials and gives you a chance to pick up another when picking up XP Orbs.
  • [Ignite] The damage you deal with primary fire has a chance to explode and deal extra damage to the target and nearby targets.
  • [Overclock] (Follow Up Talent: Can only appear in shop after learning Railgun.) Increases the charge amount of your railgun.
  • [Shadowstep] Step through the shadows, become invisible and dodge attacks against you for 0.5 sec. XP Orbs resets the cooldown.
  • [Burning Soul] Deal fire damage to nearby visible players. The orb you drop on death will explode when picked up or after 4 seconds.
  • [Berserker] Activate to Deal 25% more damage and receive 10% more damage temporarily.
  • [Fireball] Install a weapon attachment that will let you launch fireballs.
  • [Pyromaniac] (Follow Up Talent: Can only appear in shop after learning Fireball.) Your Fireball will heal you if you stand near the explosion radius.
  • [Ignore Pain] (Unique Talent: Engineer will not appear in shop after learning Ignore Pain.) Resist a lot of damage while you are reloading, sprinting or is stunned. Also works during Juggernaut.

Can you add an endless mode?

There is an endless mode available in the workshop settings. I do not recommend turning it on as I believe it has more negatives than positives than the default mode.

When players reach max level, they are not motivated to continue and there is a high chance that players will leave the game. Having no win condition can make it feel purposeless. It is also refreshing for the map to change once in a while and new players that join are more likely to stay if they know that the map will reset soon. There's also a chance that higher-level players will be on a server for a long time, demotivating a new player that joined in leveling up as they can feel they have no chance.

There is also a core pillar that makes this game mode fun that I would like to continue strengthening. And that is that each play-through should feel unique. I want players to feel "Just one more game!" to explore a new combination of talents and feel the excitement of "What talents will I get this time?". This is the reason that there are a lot of talents and that there's only a maximum of 5 talents and you can't upgrade every talent to the max in the default mode.

Will you add more talents?

I will add as many as I can as long as I can keep the game mode running stable in terms of performance.

Will you port this game mode to OW2?

If there's any work needed to be done when OW2 is out, I will make sure to port it!


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Players | 1 - 8
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Heroes: Soldier: 76
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Current version: 2.611



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