Holidays, Hymns & Havoc - Winter Themed FFA

Welcome To Holidays, Hymns & Havoc

Made by LemonAid#11644
Discord: [https://bit.ly/fruitbowldiscord]

Holidays, Hymns & Havoc is an FFA winter-themed gamemode featuring a multitude of festive figures and delivering cookies around King's Row. The goal of the game is to collect and deliver as many cookies through the marked Factory and Delivery zones.
Clash out with up to 8 players in a lobby, and do anything to keep reigning champ, while stopping others from succeeding you.

How It Works

There are 2 Factory Zones and 1 Delivery zone. Gain cookies by standing in Factory Zones, gaining 1 cookie per cycle. Earn points by delivering your cookies in the Delivery Zone. You gain points equivalent to the amount of cookies delivered.
While inside a Factory Zone, you will be immune to damage, but still susceptible to non-damage effects, such as stuns, knockbacks and slows. However, in order to prevent camping and easy cheesing, players inside Factory Zones will deal 50% less damage, and move 35% slower.
Factory and Delivery zones will rotate locations periodically, changing up the main battlegrounds.
Whenever you defeat an enemy, you steal half of their cookies from them.
But be careful! Greed comes with consequences! Holding on to 8 or more cookies will reduce player defenses by 20%, and carrying 16 or more cookies will reduce player speed by 20%! Everybody has a number above their heads stating how many cookies they have. Stay cautious as you will be a big target for other festivities if you are carrying too many cookies.

Festive Figures

Play as one of many different well known holiday figures, each with a different unique set of abilities to gain the upper hand, including (more heroes will be added soon!):

Ebenezer Scrooge

Button Ability Action
Passive Greed McCree gains twice as many cookies from Factories.
Passive Shatter McCree deals 30% more damage to frozen enemies.
Interact Penny Pinchers McCree loads his next clip with special bullets, stealing 3 cookies with every shot. Doubles if enemies are frozen.
Ultimate Cold Hearted Deadeye deals less damage, but charges faster and freezes enemies struck.

The Ghost of The Christmas Past

Button Ability Action
Passive Alter The Fates If Echo eliminates an enemy, she steals all of their cookies instead of half.
Interact Time Fold Echo emits a large pulse that can hit enemies through surfaces. Enemies hit will take much longer to generate and deliver cookies.
Ultimate Mist Of The Past Echo diffuses a massive fog around her that lasts for a long duration, blinding, slowing and damaging enemies in the area.

The Ghost of The Christmas Present

Button Ability Action
Passive Gift The Fates Tracer gains +2 extra points every time she delivers cookies.
Interact Time Lapse Tracer speeds up her cooldowns and cookie generation rate for several seconds.
Ability 2 Vortex When using Recall, nearby enemies are rooted and dragged towards the activation point.

The Ghost of The Christmas Future

Button Ability Action
Passive See The Fates Reaper can see nearby enemies through walls.
Interact Time Mirror Reaper instantly shuts down all Factories and Delivery Zones for a long duration. All players gain points by eliminations. This ends early if Reaper dies or if Torbjörn uses Jolly Command
Ability 1 Float Of Wraith Reaper gains zero gravity and increased speed during Wraith Form.

Good Ol' St. Nick

Button Ability Action
Passive Naughty List When eliminated, Torbjörn can see the enemy that eliminated him, suffering from 25% more damage. This lasts until Torbjörn eliminates that enemy back.
Interact Jolly Command Torbjörn forces a rotation for all Factory and Delivery zones. This will cancel Reaper's Time Mirror if it is active.
Ability 1 Hot Coals Instead of a turret, Torbjörn fires a ball of burning coals that leaves a lingering field of fire behind, igniting enemies over it.

Santa's Sleigh

Button Ability Action
Passive Storage Space Orisa can hold up to triple the amount of cookies before penalties start applying.
Interact Stampede After a short cast, Orisa charges forward at high speeds, knocking down and damaging enemies.
Secondary Yield Halt! steals 2 cookies from every enemy caught in the snare.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Button Ability Action
Passive Guiding Light Lúcio can see when zones will swap and how many players are at each one.
Interact Nose So Bright Lúcio emits a bright pulse after a short cast, blinding and slowing enemies who see the flash.
Secondary Boop Bonus Lúcio gains +1 bonus cookie for every enemy hit by Soundwave.

The Nutcracker

Button Ability Action
Passive Floating Zenyatta is immune to the cookie penalties.
Interact In Harmony Zenyatta links to an enemy, forcing both him and the target to be unable to hurt each other for a short duration.
Ultimate Thrive Generation and Delivery rate is doubled while Transcendence is active.

The Sugar Plum Fairy

Button Ability Action
Passive Snow Angel Become immune to damage if frozen.
Interact Hushpuppy Mercy fires a magical puff that explodes in an area, putting enemies to sleep.
Ability 1 Fairy Wings Mercy flies into her current moving direction.
Ability 2 Resurrect Mercy revives on the spot, but lost cookies are not compensated.

Jack Frost

Button Ability Action
Passive Spirit Of Ice Gain immunity to freeze and ignore player collision.
Secondary Glacial Grenades Helix Rockets instantly freeze enemies that have more cookies than you, otherwise they slow.
Ultimate Hailstorm Fire a bonus Helix Rocket every 8 shots during Tactical Visor.

The Polar Express Train

Button Ability Action
Passive Derailed When Barrier Field breaks, gain a temporary boost in damage, speed and armour.
Ability 1 Choo Choo! Charge can pin multiple enemies at once.
Ability 2 Steam Strikes Fire Strike shoots 2 adjacent steam bursts that explode on impact.

Mrs. Claus

Button Ability Action
Passive Cookie Expertise Ana deals +5% more damage per cookie she has (max +50%).
Crouch Sleeping Gift Crouch on a sleeping enemy to gift them an explosive present.
Ultimate Surely It's Sugar Nano Boost grants a speed boost and 1 cookie per second while active.

The Snowvereign

Button Ability Action
Passive Icebreaker Enemies eliminated by Mei explode and damage other nearby enemies.
Interact Snow Jammer Mei fires an ice ball that freezes enemies. If it hits a zone, it temporarily disables it.
Ultimate Polar Vortex Blizzard no longer freezes but deals more damage and charges quicker.
Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Orisa, Reinhardt, Echo, Cassidy, Mei, and 8 more...
Maps: King's Row
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2

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