Greetings to all this is a description of the partners mode
first, I recommend going to the match settings and clicking on the orange icon

here you can change the contour of the player on command and select or disable smoke grenades (I think to add molotov later)
example of a contour:

each hero has exactly 100 health units and you will not be able to replenish it in any way
McCree has a power scale that affects his damage
the scale looks like this(upper left corner):

if the power scale is completely filled, you will kill any opponent in the head from any distance
the scale is restored independently, but it takes a little time(if you do not move, it will fill up faster)
the scale will be spent if you jump or shoot

after playing with the players, people often played a bunch of widowmaker + sombra. because of the widow's ability to deal a lot of damage to the body, which opened up a passive ability for sombra with a machine gun that finished off the enemy quite quickly

Players | 2 - 4
Heroes: D.va, Ashe, Cassidy, Mei, Pharah, and 8 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.4



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