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All For A Brawl is a Free-For-All game mode a mix of Valorant, Overwatch 2 and bad ideas.

Preferably played with 4+ people, up to 8 max

The objective of All For A Brawl is to be the one to purchase the most items from the shop. To buy stuff from the shop, you must use points as currency, gained through earning eliminations. For every purchase, you will gain +1 cookie.
Once you have collected 20 cookies, a hunt will start for 30 seconds, and you will be marked to everyone across the map. If you survive the entire 30 seconds, then you will be declared as victor. However, if you fail to survive during this hunt period, then you will lose 2 cookies and the game continues. Only one player can be marked at a time.

Now what are the things you can unlock?

Each player will start out with their basic weapon, and their secondary fire if applicable; abilities and ultimates locked. In order to unlock them, you must purchase them from the shop. To buy them, hover over the Blue sphere and press the corresponding button you'd like to unlock.

You are also able to unlock hero talents! Each hero has 3 purchasable talents that are one-time buy, and will carry over as you swap heroes. To buy them, hover over the yellow spheres and purchase.

Lastly, you are able to purchase stat buffs. As of now, you can increase your health by 5%, or increase received healing by 5%. These have no purchase limit and are you main ways of gaining your cookies once you have unlocked everything else. To buy them, hover over the orange spheres and purchase.

Current available maps:

  • Kanezaka

Hero Notes

  • Mercy's Guardian Angel will be a movement ability that instantly boosts Mercy into the direction she's moving
  • Mercy's Resurrect will be an ability that will revive Mercy on the spot after a long cast

Hero Talents

The following below is the list of unlockable talents for each hero:


Talent Name Info
Disrespect T-Bag a sleeping enemy to plant an explosive on them.
Still Got It Scoped shots deal 35% more damage against targets 25m+ away.
Nano Bolster Nano Boost lasts twice as long.


Talent Name Info
Helicopter Hold JUMP while in Sentry Configuration to start flying upwards.
Bomblets Sentry Configuration bullets are explosive.
Tank Treads While in Tank Configuration, rolling over enemies will deal damage.


Talent Name Info
Extra Chain Store an extra charge for Whip Shot.
Heavy Iron During Rally, all damage will root and inflict knockback.
Endeavor When your barrier breaks, gain a boost in speed, damage and armour.


Talent Name Info
Voltage Grid Defense Matrix damages and slows enemies that it casts on.
Shooting Star Boosters set enemies on fire.
Adaptive Missiles Micro Missiles regenerate health and Defense Matrix resource.


Talent Name Info
Venomous Strike Swift Strike inflicts bleed damage; heal for bleed damage.
Dragon's Breath Dragonblade launches long-ranged explosive charges.
Assassinate Attacks from behind deal +50% more damage.


Talent Name Info
Clocked! Deadeye will stun enemies struck, duration scaling through damage.
Undertaker McCree deals +25% more damage against stunned enemies.
Salvaged Bullets Every primary fire shot that lands will refund 1 bullet.


Talent Name Info
Angel Wings Mercy can freefly indefinitely.
Angelic Blessing Regeneration is always active.
Holy Light Missiles Mercy periodically launches explosive blasts during Valkyrie.


Talent Name Info
Head Trauma Concussive Blast damages enemies for 20% of max HP.
Helix Enhancements Take 50% less damage when above 75% HP.
Emergency Refuel Refuel hover jets whenever using an ability.


Talent Name Info
Shadow Streak Shadow Step creates a beam that damages and slows enemies who pass it.
Creepy Harvest The Reaping heals an additional 25% health.
Taunt Wraith Form taunts enemies in front; taunted enemies cannot damage Reaper for a short duration.


Talent Name Info
Fire Blast Fire Strike explodes as it deals damage, igniting other enemies.
Epicenter Earthshatter travels in all directions.
Crusade Charge can pin multiple enemies at once.


Talent Name Info
High Density Nearby enemies have high gravity and are slowed.
Hyperdeath Enemies eliminated by Sigma explode and damage other enemies.
Gravity Channels Gravitic Flux damages enemies for 70% of max HP.


Talent Name Info
Energize Killing blows grants a temporary boost in damage, speed and resistance.
Energy Source While Photon Barrier is active, regenerate health and ammo.
High Voltage Increase Sentry damage and damage against barriers by 25%.


Talent Name Info
Combusta-bubble Particle Barrier explodes once it expires.
Time Snare Projected Barrier becomes a projectile snare ability.
Knuckle Sandwich Quick Melee attacks deal +100% more damage.


Talent Name Info
Prayer A fatal blow will be nullified and heal zenyatta to full health. This then is put on a cooldown.
Heavy Discordance Every 5 seconds, a critical hit will apply the Discord effect to enemies in an area.
Perfect Balance Transcendence will damage enemies around Zenyatta.

More are to be added soon. Made by LemonAid#11644
Join the Discord: [https://bit.ly/fruitbowldiscord]

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Sigma, Zarya, Bastion, and 9 more...
Maps: Kanezaka
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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