Overwatch but every (some) hero(es) has(ve) a gimmick (gimmicks)!

This is normal 6v6 overwatch, but I've added gimmicks to some heroes! (The ones without gimmicks have been disabled, sorry if i left out your main, but my discord is at the bottom of this description so please do dm me suggestions)

List of heroes and their adjustments:
Orisa: Upon crouching, heals all nearby teammates by 50 and then damages orisa 125 damage (Orisa only takes 75 damage because they get healed as well)
Sigma: Slower projectiles, 300% knockback rock but 200% cooldown, 200% recharge rate for shield and 0% cooldown for shield, 130% damage, NO flux.
Winston: Can only leap, but leap has no cooldown and does a LOT more damage but no knockback.
Zarya: No self barrier, 50% cooldown on projected barrier, no primary fire, larger clip, and projectiles fly much faster.
Doomfist: More move speed, no abilities, but has extra damage dealt.
Hanzo: Can only use Storm Arrows and leap, deals more damage, and leap travels a lot farther with a larger cooldown.
Junkrat: No rip-tire or steel trap, but primary fire is a sniper.
Reaper: Moves very fast, has no abilities except for a death blossom that charges very very fast and melee, deals much less damage.
Ana: Less clip size, faster Nano, more healing, no damage dealt, 175% damage recieved. Also slower sleep dart cooldown.
Brigitte: 25% whip shot knockback, 80% whip shot cooldown, 50% combat ult gen, 200% passive rally ult gen, 30% repair pack cooldown, no shield or bash.
Moira: Doesnt recharge healing, but has 500% reserve. 33% CD orbs with less damage. Faster combat ult gen, slower passive ult gen.
Sombra: Hack teleports all Sombras to the hacked target. 240% ult gen, 115% damage.
Zenyatta: Fires only every 0.75 seconds. Deals 250% damage (no secondary fire)
Lucio: 100 shields passive.
Genji: 80% damage, always using ult
Reinhardt: Gets launched upward when using hammer.

Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: Orisa, Sigma, Winston, Zarya, Doomfist, and 6 more...
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